Tips and Recommendations in Cyber Security for Wise Kingdom Warriors

Cyber-security is huge, and everyone thinks of hackers or thieves.  But perhaps even more threatening is cyber censoring, blocking, filtering, active personal data mining and dossier-building.  Overt censorship is being exercised in social media including Facebook and Twitter. In recent months and weeks, both of those platforms have increasingly suspended and blocked access to major accounts getting millions of visitors, because of unnamed non-specified “policy violations” like:

  • The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17Informing people of critical information that’s being censored/blacklisted in the “mainstream” media.
  • Telling the truth about crucial issues that are being widely “misrepresented” with “false narratives” (in other words, they are being propagandized with organized boldfaced lies in the media).
  • Presenting highly credible information which is difficult to refute, that goes opposite to the “narrative” in the news media and PC (politically corrupt) speech rules and “truth” rules.

In addition, earlier in October I personally witnessed an unusual and suspicious Facebook behavior on my own computer that I found alarming.   I was “on a roll”, under inspiration from the Holy Spirit, writing away on a comment on a private Christian men’s group FB page – about this very subject of Christian responsibilities as American Citizens.   Somewhere 10 to 20 minutes into my typing/editing, that FB tab in my browser closed in an instant.  Everything I had typed… lost.   None of the four other browser windows or 50 other webpage tabs, or three other FB page tabs were affected.  No browser errors.  No freeze-up.  No warning.

As a long-time “power user” I’ve NEVER seen that behavior before in a browser.  It struck me as being characteristic of a planned, commanded program response – not a program error.  And I realized that if someone wanted to write a program script that occasionally saved typed entries and monitored posts being typed in near-real time, and scored them according to content and length criteria, that they could use a certain score-point threshold to trigger forced closure of that website tab.  That possibility may or may not be the reality of what happened, but it is consistent with the censorship direction that FB has been deliberately taking, and it is an easily accomplished scenario that is far more believable than many of the Orwellian things that are reliably documented to ACTUALLY be going on.

So, this is a privately owned domain with encrypted https certificate that cannot – at this point in the censorship environment – be silenced.  It’s politically innocuous, and I’m setting this page to not be indexed by the search engines.  So feel free to post and send people to this article page on a politically harmless website.

A final related caution:  for all practical purposes, Google IS the NSA, and numerous sources have confirmed that the feds are building a cradle-to-grave dossier on everyone.  The purpose of citizenry dossiers, throughout global history, is always to sort citizens into categories for purposes of dictatorial monitoring and control, beginning with warnings/threats/coercion, progressing to the permits your business can’t get (or has revoked), the scholarships that your kids will not be awarded because they are on an exclusion list, and the medical treatments that your family won’t get or will be assigned to incompetent medical personnel, and perhaps your even getting on an isolation quarantine evacuation to a remote camp during a “national medical emergency”.  The possibilities are endless, and most of the effects will be invisible and impossible for ordinary citizens to investigate and prove.

The excuse for illegally compiling personal information on every America citizen is always related to either terrorism or crime concerns.   However, after more than a decade of this, it has become very clear.  The target for the data is law-abiding American citizens, and they are gathering EVERYTHING that they don’t need and everything they have no right to without a warrant.  As many times as they have been prohibited by Congress and the Courts from gathering all your data, yet they persist without penalty, they clearly have criminal intent for it.  As the editor of Wired magazine pointed out a few years ago, the technology, software and spyware is a totalitarian dream that’s ripe for exploitation.

In addition, despite ever more sophisticated hacking and data and ransom theft from China, Russia and Islamic jihadi, the government has deliberately done NOTHING of consequence to stop or restrict this.  Doing nothing in the face of attack (like pretending that jihadists motives for killing a dozen people) is a standard Marxist/communist ploy.  Letting it get worse gives them another excuse to ask for or take more power.  This is the reason behind the insanity of the Obamacare website, which deliberately had not one design element or feature that the entire business and financial sector automatically builds in for cyber security.  It was intentionally constructed to have horrible, nearly non-existent security so that every American’s health and financial data could be hacked and their identity stolen. And experts testify that it is so bad that it’s impossible to ever secure it: the only real option is to create an entirely new website to modern security standards.

The point is this.  Everyone should take wise precautions for the sakes of your family, those you know, and the effective warfare of the Kingdom against darkness.  Assume that everything that passes out of your home electronically will be used criminally.  My suggestions after years of research (though admittedly many talented IT guys might provide better insights):

  1. Wise precautions are not just for you, but for your family, and to protect others in the Kingdom, so that they are not hindered in what God assigns them to do.
  2. It’s ok to have a Google account, but don’t use it more than needed.  Definitely don’t use your gmail for any non-business or non-politically-corrupt exchanges.
  3. Don’t use a phone with the Android system.  Google owns and controls the Android OS for many reasons.  Android forces you to back up into “the cloud”, and they harvest everything in your phone. So whatever notes you have about someone in your contacts, they do too.  And since they have your contacts cellphone numbers, they can easily map how often you are in close proximity – and where.  (At one point, about 2013 and prior, if you hunted very very hard you could find a weakly documented, unsupported way to sync and backup an Android device to your computer, but I don’t know whether that still exists. It was clear that Google’s search was deliberately not finding anything to let you sync and backup to your computer.)  In contrast, iPhones do let you opt out of the Cloud, and allow you to backup and sync to your own computer.  Still no real guarantee there when it comes to iTunes interface, but it’s more protected than Android.
  4. Don’t back up to a cloud.  If you must, do the absolute minimum (if its even permitted).
  5. Don’t use the Chrome browser.  Unfortunately if you have ever had it on a computer, you can’t really uninstall it because it’s intended to be permanent spyware.  The real solution is to get your OEM system disks and software disks lined up (order disks if you need to, and print out your licenses for purchased software as a backup precaution),  manually copy your personal data (pictures, documents) to an external drive.  [Only use a backup program if you’ve set it up to make a separate backup of just your personal files, AND you’ve confirmed first the it does correctly perform a restore of files.  Then, reformat your hard drive and do a new installation of your operating system (OS), software programs and files.
  6. Stay away from Windows 10 if at all possible. This is designed for spying as well, and Microsoft is now deliberately including deceptive tricks to get you to do or approve what you aren’t realizing you did.

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