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A Small Sample of AMSOIL Customers
who are Thrilled by Superior Results:

RV Motor home Owner – “Full-timer” Traveling Evangelist

A Major Michigan Municipality Fleet

Interstate Battery System of Detroit, Inc.

Action Tree Service Inc. of Oakland County

Eastwood Excavating of Traverse City, MI

Cinjo Racing

Harley Davidson Owner 1

Storm Chaser Professional – Severe Duty

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RV Owner – Traveling Evangelist Testimonial:

37ft Winnebago Elandin 37-foot 1991 motor home with a 454 Chevy engine got 20% improvement in fuel economy.
37-foot Winnebago Elandin motor home got 20% increase in fuel economy

Hi All,
We’ve had dramatic results in our gas mileage for our motor home.  We’ve increased by a minimum of 20%!  We have switched both the motor home and the tow car (2001 Malibu) over to Amsoil Synthetic fluids and we’re so impressed that we have become dealers.  You can check out our new web page at:  When you go there, you will get a real education.

How about this?  I don’t have to change the oil in the Malibu every 3000 miles!  By using their new 0W-30 weight oil and their top of the line oil filter, I can actually run this car for 35,000 between oil changes!  On the motor home, I can go 25,000 miles!  Besides the savings on fuel, I am saving a ton on oil changes.  So often I have to pay to have the motor home changed, as often you can’t do it yourself in an RV park.  Oil changes on motor homes average between $90.00 – $100.00!

The motor home is running like a new one!  I am running 3 – 5% Cooler.  It is climbing hills like never before, and seems to be much more quiet in running.  And… our new record run is 13.3 miles per gallon!  The previous record was 10.3. This is a 30% increase!  And our other mileage checks have proved to be no less than an 20% increase.  This often depends on road conditions, wind conditions and how often we have to run our generator, which the fuel comes from the main gas tank as well.  Never the less… switching our fluids and filters over to Amsoil was the smartest thing I’ve done in a long, long time!  

Take some time and check out my new website.  It is an education!  And… if you like what you see, you can order right from this site.  Again the link to the site is:  … if it’s time for you to get an oil change, take a little time, spend a little more money upfront, but save yourself a lot of money and time!  Plus you will be impressed by the the great performance and increased longevity of your vehicle, like no more dry starts.
One last thing… jet fighter airplanes use synthetic fluids.  Humm…. there might be a reason!

Oh, something else about our motor home was that another huge benefit was how much cooler our Chevy 454 ran.  Anyone familiar with gas motor homes knows how heat is a huge enemy!  We very seldom over heated, and that includes a lot of mountain climbing.  We immediately saw the difference on the temp gauge.  We also began using Amsoil brake fluid and again were very impressed at how much cooler our wheels were after descending mountains and in heavy congested traffic.  Before Amsoil we were constantly plagued with  very loud squelchy brakes after just a few stop lights.  After the change over we never had brake noise again!  After the change I could actually hold my hand on a hub after traffic or mountains.  It was amazing!

Blessings,  Larry Silverman

[Larry’s 37-foot motor home is a 1991 Winnebago Elandin with a 454 Chevy engine.]

UPDATE (2-10-06):  “…the other day i pulled the dip stick on the tranny.  The ATF was as red as the day when Dave and I put it in!  That is 4825 hard miles, mountain climbing, heat, etc.  Plus I would have normally had 2 oil changes by now at $100 each, if I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself.  Plus close to a savings of nearly $400 on gas saving.”

1-YEAR SUMMARY: Here’s a little of the results that we’ve experienced in the motor home since changing just about all fluids/filters over to Amsoil.  We did this (Dave Ensley in Mansfield, OH), a year ago prior to hitting the road for last year’s trip.  We changed the air/oil filters, ATF, gear oil, and the tag axle bearings over to Amsoil products.  Our results have been outstanding!  We have increased gas millage dramatically.  Dave also did some ignition work, so some of that may have helped fuel economy as well, but the Amsoil engine oil really helped.  We used to get 6-8 mpgs, now our lowest in mountains seems to average 8 mpg.  We get many 10 plus readings, with several 13 plus tanks of fuel.  When leaving N. CA for S. CA we actually got one tank at 24 miles per gal., but that one was cause some people were praying, notthing to do with Amsoil… grin!  See, we need more intercessors!
About heat:  Prior to switching to Amsoil, the engine used to run on a normal day, without much climbing and decent outside temps, over 195 degrees, and in mountains, extreme outside heat, about 210.  Now our normal range for prior to noon running is holding at 188-189 degrees.  When the day warms up, we run at about 191.  Our trip from Cedar Springs to Mansfield Thursday was exactally this pattern.  When we were in S. CA in 110 outside  t degrees and climbing steep grades, etc., we got as high as 205.  I kept expecting it to climb higher, but never did.  One time decending a very steep grade I downshifted into 2nd gear for a long ways…. I knew in that outside heat I could be in trouble.  Near the bottom of the hill I could smell the tranny, but when we stopped for the night the ATF was just about as red as the day we put it in, with no smell.  Yesterday I pulled the tranny dipstick as Dave had a tag axle wheel off, and the ATF was just about as red as the wheel grease, with zero smell.  Normally I would do a tranny serice every year.  By now, especially with all of the mountain climbing we did over the past few months, the ATF would smell like brown sugar.  
Oh, one last thing… on the tag axle wheels, our book says they should be serviced yearly and normally the grease is pretty broken down.  Last Sept. we changed it to Amsoil and when we pulled the first wheel yesterday, the grease was just as red as the day we squeezed it from the tube!  Dave lost a little when he pulled the bearings, but the new stuff that he put back in was no difference from the stuff we put in a year ago.  I was impressed!

I am very impressed with the results that I’m getting from the Amsoil products, I don’t feel that there is one bit of “hype” in their statements. Larry

Keep in mind that it’s an older 37’ gas motorhome with the 454 engine, always towing a car, AND sometimes running a generator off of his main gas-tank.  They travel the United States as full-time RV’rs about 9 months out of the year, so as far as I can tell, that’s “real world”.  However, keep in mind that they changed all three fluids to Amsoil: tranny, diff, and engine. Here’s an update I got from him on June 12th 2008, which means that this is a 3.5 year summary of how his RV is running:
”Mileage on Pilgrim I (what he calls his motorhome):
mountains 6.9 – 7.9 mpg
some hills 9.9 – 10.9
flat lands with tail wind 13.3
Most motor homes, much newer ones might get 8 tops in all conditions.”

[How Amsoil Improves Fuel Economy

A Major Michigan Municipality Fleet:

This letter is a summary of a letter written by the Superintendent of Motor Pool. Please contact us if you would like the full letter mailed or faxed to you.

This Municipality has switched its entire Police and City Hall Fleet (approximately 350 vehicles) to AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants.

History: In the past, all marked and unmarked police vehicles would come in monthly for an oil change, lube and safety check. As a test, we switched two marked Chevrolet Caprice vehicles over to 100% synthetic AMSOIL engine oil and extended the drain intervals to 20,000 miles, with a new oil filter installed at 10,000 miles. The vehicles were still scheduled to come in monthly for a safety inspection (tires, brakes, suspension, lights, etc…), but the oil is not drained, only a sample is taken. When the two test vehicles reached 70,000 miles, the municipality service technicians removed the oil pans and also removed the main and rod bearings to check for wear using the plastic gauge test. The bearings showed very little wear. the same procedure was performed on two marked cars, same year, make and model, using petroleum oil. The wear on the two vehicles with petroleum oil, changed monthly at about 2,500-3,000 miles, showed slightly more wear in the plastic gauge test. The results were well within specifications in both cases.

Currently the city is using all Ford Crown Victorias in its police fleet. With the help of oil analysis, we were able to extend our oil changes to 18,000-20,000 miles with a new filter installed at 9,000-10,000 miles. We are currently using AMSOIL synthetic engine, transmission, and rear differential oil in all vehicles serviced out of the city hall facility.

SAVINGS: Savings have been noticed due to the decrease in number of oil filters and quarts of oil purchased and disposed of. Labor time to complete a preventative maintenance (A or B) on a vehicle has been reduced, allowing up to 50% more vehicles to be serviced each day. To date, we have not had to re-build an engine or transmission with the new extended oil change intervals.

Interstate Battery System of Detroit, Inc.

This letter is a summary of a letter received from the President of Interstate Battery of Detroit. Please contact us if you would like the full letter mailed, faxed or e-mailed to you.

I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the AMSOIL program that you helped set us up with. For the past 25 years our fleet of trucks, mostly Navistar/International 4600 Series trucks, have been using regular petroleum-base lubrication products. We thought that we were happy with our lubrication program until we were introduced to AMSOIL.

I was very reluctant to switch from regular lubricants to fully synthetic lubricants because the benefits of AMSOIL seemed too good to be true. To be honest, when I was told that the motor oil could go as long as 100,000+ miles without changing, I didn’t believe it. I can tell you now I am a true believer.

We have been using AMSOIL now for about 4 years and have changed the entire fleet to AMSOIL synthetic lubricants. We use the By-Pass oil filtration system on all of our trucks with the Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine 15W-40 oil. We use AMSOIL grease and use the 75W-90 gear lube for the manual transmissions and differentials and the synthetic ATF transmission fluid for the automatics.

What do I get out of using AMSOIL? A lot!! After becoming fully synthetic on all of my trucks, I picked up an average of 5% in fuel savings. I haven’t had to change my oil since I switched…4 years ago! I can’t tell you how much money that has saved me in time alone. I have several trucks with over 100,000 miles on the oil and I am still getting high marks when I send the oil in for analysis But the best benefit is the decreased wear and tear on my equipment such as the pistons, cylinder heads and walls, transmission gears and differential gears. That is the most important to me because it means I can leverage my fleet longer, which translates into saved dollars. It means I can put those extra dollars to work in another area of my business. My average truck life has gone from 7 years to more than 15 years! UNBELIEVABLE! I have estimated the savings from better leverage alone will save me over $20,000 per year.

Thanks for all the help as I’ve implemented this new program. I am absolutely ecstatic about the results so far and I look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with you and AMSOIL.

Action Tree Service Inc. of Oakland County:

Action Tree Service Inc, is one of the premier tree service companies in the state of Michigan and is often called upon to handle some very tough jobs. Action Tree is well equipped for routine tree care, logging, climbing, large lot clearing and emergency storm response.

All light, medium and heavy duty trucks, chippers, loaders and other equipment has been converted to AMSOIL lubricants and filtration systems. Action Tree has some of the most specialized equipment in the business, including a custom designed 80 foot in reach aerial lift bucket truck which is a 2000 model year, 4900 Series International DT466 275 H.P. diesel with an Allison New World transmission. The company also has several large swaploader diesel trucks and Ford Powerstroke Diesel trucks.

All of Action Tree’s vehicles and equipment use only AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and filtration systems. Every truck is equipped with AMSOIL 15W-40 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel Oil, Dual-Gard (for large diesels) or Dual-Remote (for Ford Powerstrokes) filtration system, AMSOIL gear lube and AMSOIL synthetic automatic transmission fluid. Each of the large diesel trucks has 77 grease fittings and lubrication points which are all lubricated with AMSOIL GHD Heavy Duty Moly Fortified Synthetic Grease. Since switching to GHD, Action tree has drastically reduced the frequency of required greasing due to the greases superior performance, while providing much improved lubrication and protection to critical components. All chippers and stump grinders use an autolube system with AMSOIL GLA and 00 Grade synthetic multi-purpose grease.

Owner Adam Camden states that one of the biggest improvements that they have noticed has been drastically improved cold weather starting and significantly reduced maintenance and downtime along with the security of knowing his equipment is protected with the best lubricants available anywhere.

An interesting side note is that owner Adam Camden spends a great deal of time researching, testing and going to industry trade shows seeking out the very best products and equipment. Adam states that AMSOIL is the very best there is and continuously promotes AMSOIL products to his friends and other commercial businesses he works with and proudly displays AMSOIL decals on his equipment, shop facility doors and hangs the large AMSOIL banner at the company facility. Adam is extremely pleased with the personalized service and technical support he receives with AMSOIL.

Eastwood Excavating of Traverse City, MI

Thank you for introducing us to the AMSOIL product line. Although this is our first construction season using AMSOIL products, we are experiencing a lot of good things. I will try to highlight some of the things that we’ve experienced to date. First of all, we had changed all of our fluids to AMSOIL in February 2000. We have yet to experience an oil change. To date all we’ve had to do is change the filters and draw a sample, send it in, get the results and experience more extended oil service life. Consequently, we’ve not had to dispose of any oil. Our services are so simple. We now perform them in the field instead of in the shop as we used to because all we need to do again is draw a sample, change the filter and top the fluid off. While the initial cost of the change over from our past oils to the AMSOIL system was expensive, it was certainly worth it because of the change over, we have a much better filter system providing us with much less equipment wear which provides longer equipment life with less overhauls and rebuilds.

Dave, you really made it easy for us starting with the first introduction to the AMSOIL product working with us, guiding us and actually working hands on with our mechanic to help us through some of the change-overs was a fabulous experience. The technical support that you provide us with helps us a lot and we really appreciate it when you just stop in to see how things are going making sure everything’s okay and it’s nice to know that your support is just a phone call away. This has been a very good experience. Thank you for your help.

Cinjo Racing

The Performance Oil Technology AMSOIL sponsored Michigan-based Cinjo Racing Team competes in the American Race Truck Series (ARTS). ARTS is based out of Phoenix, AZ but sanctions racing across the country. The trucks are very similar to those in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series. Cinjo is also connected to the prestigious Roush Industries of NASCAR fame. John Neece from Cinjo calls AMSOIL, “The recognized leader in synthetic engine oils, automatic transmission fluids, and rear axle lubricants for high performance applications”

Harley Davidson Owners Testimonials:

Dear Dave…..How’s it going? Fine I hope. I just wanted to bring you up to date. I received my AMSOIL 20W-50 Motorcycle oil today via UPS. I wasted no time, and changed my H-D 20W-50 oil to your 100% synthetic. I can already tell a definite change in how my transmission shift’s smoother! My engine sound’s quieter, and I notice the throttle response is better, and more responsive. Although my H-D 2002 V-Rod only has 1976 mile’s, and is still very new, I feel more confident for the future life of my fine machine knowing it now has adequate protection in the engine, transmission, and final drive. The wet clutch seems to be easier to operate as well. I showed my Harley pal’s your wear test’s specification’s, and how poor a quality H-D 20W-50 really is, and some of them are now interested in switching their motorcycles to AMSOIL as well! One of my Harley pal’s is a Master Diesel Mechanic, and he quit using H-D oil year’s ago. He knows there are many better quality regular petroleum oil’s out there than the way over-rated H-D brand! I will happily promote your product to other enthusiast’s down the line. Thanks Again……Charles Graham

Storm Chaser Testimonial – Tim Samaras:  (severe duty)


National Geographic – April 2004


Kansas – May 29, 2004
High Resolution File (104K)

*The National Geographic series “Explorer” on the National Geographic Channel aired the new show called “Secrets of the Tornado” on Sunday evening, September 18th. The show featured the research/probe deployment work of AMSOIL sponsored storm chaser Tim Samaras and his colleagues over the past couple of years.

My name is Tim Samaras, and I chase the most powerful storms on the planet. My passion and research is to intercept tornadoes in progress and deploy small probes directly in their path to record the extreme weather conditions inside the tornado core. Last year our team measured the largest barometric pressure drop ever recorded on June 24, 2003 of over 100 millibars as it destroyed the small hamlet of Manchester, South Dakota. The data has revealed several “secrets” of the inside of a violent tornado. I’m also featured in the April 2004 issuNationalGeo3_200pxe of National Geographic magazine, where a photographer was with me during the deployments and has captured some of the most astounding tornado images ever on film.

Every year my pursuit takes me to the great plains where I journey over 35,000 miles over 12 states within a period of two months. Using a petroleum-based motor oil, I used to change my motor oil every couple of days! Based upon these frequent changes, I decided to switch to AMSOIL synthetic motor oil, where I have extended my oil changes to over 7,500 miles! My vehicle has already seen some incredible abuse so far this year with over 15 tornadoes intercepted, where I’ve only had to change the oil three times, as my vehicle has already accumulated over 24,000 miles in May alone!

Tim Samaras
June 2004

R.I.P. Epilogue.   The tragic El Reno, Okla., tornado of May 31, 2013, was 2.6 miles wide – the largest ever recorded in history – and packed peak winds of 296 mph. It killed eight people, all of whom died in vehicles. Three of the chasers who died, Tim Samaras, his son Paul Samaras, and chase partner Carl Young made up the TWISTEX Team.  To our knowledge, TWISTEX used AMSOIL for those entire ten years.  Their unprecedented and historic contributions to the scientific understanding of tornadoes is legendary: what was learned from their releasing of sensor instruments into tornadoes has enabled saving of countless lives.  Tim, Paul and Carl, rest in peace.  Our thanks for the benefits of your passion.

Many additional references and contact phone #’s are available upon request. These include excavating, construction, fleet, police, ambulance, fire, landscape, logging, racing teams and other companies. . 

We are at your service. Please contact us for a presentation or for a free literature and information packet or to meet with our engineers at your facility. We are a team of experienced Truck/Automotive Engineers and Lubrication Specialists utilizing superior time tested and proven technology to increase the life of your equipment, reduce downtime and increase your profits.

We offer several options to receive information on AMSOIL. We welcome the opportunity to work with your personally as your servicing AMSOIL Dealer. Our AMSOIL Dealer Group is led by a Truck/Automotive Engineer and Lubrication Specialist with over 19 years experience. This exceptional benefit is unavailable elsewhere.

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