Three Greatest Secrets of Vehicle Maintenance

THE THREE GREATEST SECRETS for vehicle and equipment maintenance

PLUS, how to get the most benefit from these secrets

I confess to being somewhat of a whistleblower on the automotive industry.  Why do engines wear out? Why do transmissions and differentials fail?  Why do power steering units fail?  The real answers are summarized below, and you’ll be surprised at how much these failures have in common.  Although this isn’t new information, very few people have ever pulled it together so simply and so clearly as on this page. Fewer still are a mechanical engineer who spent more than 15 years in automotive including as an engineering manager and senior engineer in Tier 1, Tier 2 and OEM headquarters. (more about me)  Maybe less than five in my shoes have ever built their own website to explain these secrets for free.

Enough introduction. Here are the three greatest secrets of vehicle, fleet and equipment maintenance, and how you and your company can benefit:

Secret #1:

True synthetic lubricants are ALWAYS better lubricants than petroleum oils, in every way, in every category, in every test.  AMSOIL introduced synthetic lubrication technology over 40 years ago to change your engine oil every 25,000 miles/ 1 year, while increasing wheel horsepower and fuel economy, and cutting wear rates by more than half. (Mobil 1 seems to have been introduced in response, only so that petro-oil could pretend to be synthetic technology leaders and could control the synthetic oil market.)

Caution: the two greatest frauds in engine oils are the 3,000 mile oil change, and fake “synthetic” oils that would still be fraudulent advertising if the petroleum industry hadn’t quietly redefined “synthetic” to include Group III petroleum oils.

Secret #2:

Your engine benefits gigantically when you switch your oil and/or air filtration to nanofiber technology.  Although modern nanofiber filtration technologies are widely proven in the battlefield, and in the electronics, aerospace and medical industries where filtration efficiency is ALWAYS considered a critical essential, not one OEM publishes a specification for the level of oil and air filtration efficiency that your engine needs. Isn’t that remarkable?  In fact, it’s far too remarkable to be an accident.

Automotive OEM’s continue to silently benefit from the suppliers of paper/cotton filtration technologies that are more than 40 years old – despite the undisputed facts published in 1980’s SAE research, that if you could ever filter engine oil to the level that AMSOIL’s nanofiber filtration has provided since 2006, that it would reduce wear rates by 70%.

Secret #3:

Your transmission, differential, and power steering systems all need high-quality synthetic lubricants, and they need them far sooner after buying a new vehicle than most people ever suspect.  The overwhelming reason that transmissions, differentials and power-steering units fail after the warranty ends is because their lubricant failed long, long ago.  This is why OEM’s alternately ignore/hide/dodge the questions of how often these lubricants should be changed and what lubricants should be used for optimal long life, and conceal/downplay the honest engineering answers.

What if you switched your vehicle’s engine, transmission, and differential to the leading-edge AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, and changed those fluids at optimal levels?  We have a pretty good idea of the results you’ll get: consider the lessons of the Million Mile Van. It traveled over 1.2M miles without missing a single one of its expedited deliveries. (How does your fleet’s uptime and vehicle life compare?)

How to Benefit from the Three Secrets:

Today AMSOIL offers 25,000 mile / 1 year oil filters with Absolute Efficiency 15 micron nanofiber filtration and a combined wear rate reduction of over 70% compared to conventional lubricants and filtration while getting a 2-10% boost in fuel economy (not including additional benefits from synthetic transmission & differential fluids), reducing environmental waste oil, and spending less money!  In addition, a special 2-micron absolute bypass filtration system is available to add to your vehicle.  Commonly used for diesel engines, it allows you to change filters once a year, but in many cases rarely or never change the engine oil.

In fact, when I investigated synthetic lubrication I discovered that AMSOIL is the global technology leader in synthetic lubricant and nanofiber technology in consumer/commercial applications.  No-one comes close to AMSOIL’s long history as the first innovator in every synthetic lubricant application, no-one else publishes legally-binding competitive performance comparison data, and no-one else aggressively reformulates when new additive component technologies allow improving the performance of an oil.  AMSOIL does all of that, and manufactures and bottles their own lubricants in Superior Wisconsin.

For our best recommendations on how you can benefit from these three secrets, visit our ultimate vehicle maintenance page.

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