Ea Nanofiber Air Filters

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AMSOIL EaAU universal conical filters replace filters on custom induction systems made by K&N, Injen, S&B, Green, AIRAID, AFE, TrueFlow and Banks

If you are looking for details on AMSOIL EaU Universal cone air filters, which replace the filters on most aftermarket cold air intake systems with superior high-performance nanofiber technology, click here.


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AMSOIL exclusively offers Absolute Efficiency Ea Air Filters (EaA) with Nanofiber Technology for Automotive and Light Truck Applications

In 2005 AMSOIL INC. of Superior, WI announced the introduction of new premium, high efficiency air filters utilizing nanofiber technology with a four-year/100,000 mile service life guarantee and superior air flow. Positioning itself to be the world class leader in filtration, the AMSOIL Ea Filter remains incomparable in both design and performance: it’s the best in the world, it’s cheapest in use, and it can multiply engine life by three times or more.

In lab testing Ea media with nanofibers removed 5 times more dust than the average cellulose filter and 50 times more dust than the average wet gauze (oiled) media.  Ea media also has 3 times the airflow of cellulose filters and is equal to wet gauze filters at the very low 0.5 inches of restriction.  The proprietary Ea media held 15 times more dust than the average wet-gauze type oiled filter.  In short, AMSOIL Ea Filters offer superior performance in all three of the critical performance benchmarks of efficiency, flow and capacity.

Fast Facts:  A nanofiber is less than one micron in diameter.  A human hair is 80 microns.  A micron is one millionth of a meter, or 1,000 nanometers.  

AMSOIL Ea Nanofiber Air Filters last 4 years or 100,000 miles - Guaranteed

Nanofiber Filter Media – Overview of How It Works

  • Traps sub-micron size particles on the nanofiber surface
  • Prevents particles from lodging in the filter media depth

Sub-micron photograph of synthetic nanofibers spun onto cellulose fibers, showing why there's a vast difference in filtration performance





Nanofiber Filter Media 

Traditional Cellulose Media
Microscope photo of nanofiber filter web shiows scale using red dots of 2 and 5 micron size Microscope photo of cellulose filter media shiows scale using red dots of 2 and 5 micron size
1000 x Scanning Electron Microscope Images
Red circles represent the diameter of a 2 micron and a 5 micron particle
Graph shows Ea Air Filter Efficiency is 99% at 2 microns - far better than OEM cellulose 90% efficiency at 5 microns

What are the Benefits of Ea Nanofiber Filter Technology?

  • Extends service intervals through increased Capacity
  • Better Capacity than wet cotton gauze or cellulose (all standard filters are cellulose)
  • Offers a high level of engine protection, reducing wear through high Efficiency
  • Better Efficiency than wet cotton gauze or cellulose
  • Highest Efficiency rating in the industry has power to triple engine life
  • Maintains high Flow throughout its’ life cycle
  • Advanced “Cleanable”  properties and attributes (reusable and dry: no oil)
  • No-oil, dry filter: Elimination of MAF contamination & potential OEM warranty issues
  • 100,000 mile/4-year AMSOIL guarantee / Extended Service Intervals
  • Cost effective / Reduced operation costs
  • OEM Certified Fitment = no unfiltered engine air

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The AMSOIL EaA Air Filter Breakthrough
AMSOIL achieves Absolute Efficiency with this new filter line.  Filters are 100% efficient on 3 micron particles, and have 98% efficiency at 2 microns.  That stunning performance can eliminate most engine wear. 

The introduction of AMSOIL Ea Air Filters represents a major breakthrough in filtration technology. For the first time, revolutionary nanofiber technology is available to the auto/light truck market. It’s another first for AMSOIL!

Nanofiber Air Induction Filters Improve Performance

Nanofiber Ea Filters Save You Money

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Nanofiber technology has been used exclusively in cleanrooms and heavy duty applications, including the US ARMY Abrams M1 tank. Now AMSOIL has brought this exclusive technology to the auto/light truck market.  AMSOIL Ea Air Filters provide the absolute best filtration and include an unmatched 4-year/100,000-mile guarantee.  What’s just as surprising as the superior performance?  Nanofiber filtration costs less to use: AMSOIL Ea Air Filters save money!

Traveling at high speed in lengthy battle engagements is the ultimate test of engine air filter performance, and the Abrams is equipped with a nanofiber filter to deliver high air volume while holding 500lb of dust, and is completely self-cleaning with 3 minutes of engine idle time.

Revolutionary Technology Details –
How Nanofiber Filters Deliver Ultimate Performance

Nanofiber is a phrase generally referring to a fiber with a diameter less than one micron. Cellulose fibers, on the other hand, are hundreds of times larger than nanofibers and have larger spaces between the fibers.  So with standard filters, contaminants load up throughout the whole depth of the media and slowly plug the airflow paths, resulting in higher restriction and less capacity.

AMSOIL Ea Air filters incorporate a specially constructed cellulose media with exclusive synthetic nanofibers applied to the surface. Dust and submicron particles are trapped on the nanofiber surface, preventing them from lodging in the filter media depth.  Because the particles stack up on top of each other, the physics of micro slip-streams allows great airflow through even thick dust coatings.

Here’s how it works: Imagine two filtration media, a chain link fence and a mosquito net. Each is required to stop contaminants, in this case tennis balls.

Illustration of the high restriction with cellulose filter mediaA tennis ball will fit quite nicely into an opening of a chain link fence, but will obstruct the hole almost 100 percent. Now, imagine a tennis ball covering a mosquito net. The tennis ball, at the point of contact with the netting, will obstruct much less filter area than the chain link fence example. In fact, air will flow around the tennis ball all the way to the point of contact. It will take many more particles to obstruct the netting surface area than the chain link fence.


Above: AMSOIL Ea Air Filters have more than three times the airflow of cellulose. Both wet gauze and Ea are below 0.5 inches of initial restriction.
Above: AMSOIL Ea Air Filters hold 15 times more dust than a wet gauze type filter.
Above: AMSOIL Ea Air Filter media removes 5 times more dust than traditional cellulose filters and 50 times more dust than wet gauze.

Air Filter Basics
An engine needs air in order for combustion to occur, but the air drawn in through the induction system is loaded with contaminants. There are over 400 tons of suspended dirt and other contaminants in a cubic mile of air over a typical city. The concentration can be even higher in rural areas where there is frequent travel on unpaved roads. The dirt and contaminants drawn into an engine cause 50-90% of the engine wear in typical engines.  

Wear particles are mostly those between 5 and 25 microns in diameter, and particles smaller than 2 microns do not cause measureable wear. The function of the air filter is to trap and hold these wear causing contaminants without restricting air flow. As the filter traps more and more contaminants, air flow becomes restricted, smothering the engine and diminishing performance. The more wear causing contaminants a filtration media traps and the more contaminants the filtration media holds, while still allowing optimum air flow, the better the filtration media is.

The new nanofiber technology used in AMSOIL Ea filters surpasses all other technology in efficiency, capacity and service life. With AMSOIL Ea Air Filters, dust and submicron particles remain on the surface and are trapped in the nanofibers, preventing particles from lodging in the filter media depth. This produces higher efficiency and higher capacity which extends engine and filter life and reduces engine wear.

Ea Air Filters Capture More Dirt
Efficiency is the ability of a filter to stop dirt and other airborne contaminants from entering the engine. The more efficient a filter is, the more dirt and contaminants
it stops. Extensive testing proves that AMSOIL Ea Air Filters are more efficient than cellulose and wet gauze air filters.

Allows More Air Flow
Proper air flow is vital to maximize performance and engine life. Air is required to release the energy from the fuel being used. It takes 1,200 cubic feet of air to combust one gallon of gasoline. Inadequate air flow can cause serious loss of power, poor performance and excessive fuel consumption. Tests show that AMSOIL Ea Air Filters have more than three times the airflow of filters that use cellulose media alone.

Holds More Dirt
A filter’s ability to contain trapped contaminants determines how well an engine will run and how long the filter will remain effective. If the capacity is too low, the filter will have to be replaced constantly. When the filter is full, air cannot pass through at the rate necessary for proper engine performance.

AMSOIL Ea Air Filters hold up to five times more contaminants than cellulose air filters. Since the nanofibers in the media are so small there are more pores per square inch, allowing for higher dirt-holding capacity and lower pressure drop when compared to cellulose filter media alone. Thinner media fibers produce more uniform pore size distribution, improving the filter’s overall quality and ability to capture and retain particles. Testing shows that Ea Air Filters hold 15 times more contaminants than a wet gauze type filter. 

The capacity is so great, in fact, that the new AMSOIL Ea Air Filters remain effective for a full 25,000 miles or one year before cleaning. This coincides with the AMSOIL 25,000-mile/one-year motor oil drain interval, adding even more convenience for motorists by consolidating routine maintenance.

EaA Nanofiber Filters = Perfection      ||     OEM Filters = Constant Compromise
When they are new, OEM filters are very inefficient and pass many large wear particles.  Standard paper and “synthetic fiber” filter technologies immediately begin plugging up because they rely on “depth” filtration and a “dust cake buildup” in order to capture medium and small wear particles.  This process of slowly becoming an efficient filter also slowly reduces engine power, efficiency, and fuel economy.  Yet when they are able to capture most medium-sized wear particles, the pressure drop across the filter is costing fuel and power.

AMSOIL Ea Air filters avoid both problems to deliver ultimate performance: they provide extreme 100% efficiency at  3 microns when brand new, and when it’s well past time for cleaning they still equal the flow of a brand new OEM filter.

AMSOIL Ea Air Filters also provide greater security than other filters, because recommended service intervals are conservative and performance does not significantly degrade over time.  Independent lab testing shows that the filters performed extremely well after 4 cleanings at 5 times the normal particulate loading levels, and still flowed at 99% efficiency after the equivalent of 120,000 miles between cleanings!

EaA filters should be cleaned every year or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Filter Cleaning Instructions:
  • Carefully remove filter from the housing. Clean the housing with a shop towel being careful not to knock contaminants into the air inlet.
  • Cleaning can be done by two methods:
    • Vacuum Cleaning: Place the filter on a flat surface and carefully vacuum the filter media on the dirty side where the incoming airflow enters the filter. Be careful not to rub the filter pleats with the vacuum cleaner attachment too aggressively as this may damage the filter. Using a vacuum with too much suction may damage the filter.
    • Shop Air Cleaning: Hold the filter with one hand and carefully blow the filter media at a 45-degree angle on the clean side of the filter using low-pressure (15 to 20 psi) shop air. Be careful not to rub the filter pleats with the air nozzle as this may damage the filter.  Using too high of air pressure will damage the filter media.
  • Reinstall the filter into the air filter housing and secure.
$$     Save Money With Ea Filters     $$
Retail Cost
Number of changes/
cleanings based on 25,000 miles/year 
Cost for
4 years
Cost per year
Purolator cellulose $23.75
2 changes
$190.00 $45.00
FRAM cellulose $24.95
2 changes
$199.60 $49.90
K&N wet cotton gauze $54.97
2 cleanings
$134.77* $33.69
General Motors (OEM) cellulose $23.85
2 changes
$190.80 $45.20
AMSOIL Ea nanofiber $38.10
1 cleaning
$38.10 $9.53
* includes additional purchase of cleaning and oiling kits

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