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Serving the United States and Canada with superior optimized-engineering recommendations for fleet and commercial operations.  This is easily done by e-mail and phone.  However, for customers in the greater Raleigh, NC area, we can often schedule personal onsite visits.

DMT Technical Engineering Services – Mission: 

To help you achieve maximum, optimal results in your total family fleet or company fleet and equipment, by progressively shifting 15-50% of your total costs into profits, with no fees, no charges, no downside. 

Our goal for retail vehicle service centers is to help you progressively shift into higher profitability and expand into a far more loyal customer base than your competitors can enjoy.  (Note: in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area, we are in need of additional vehicle service centers who we can send new retail consumers and small business fleets.)

My automotive OEM-headquarters and systems-supplier expertise includes extensive experience in troubleshooting and optimization within complex manufacturing processes and fleet operations, and a heart for America’s soul of Kingdom ministries and her economic heartbeat of ethical small-business ownership.


Brian Dobben – Senior Engineer

106 Teak Circle, Garner, NC  27529

Phone: (800) 240-0365


Best Options: Use the Contact Form at the bottom of this page.

Due to an intensive daytime engineering schedule and noisy environments, you may go into voice-mail, so don’t hesitate to leave a message.  To coordinate a phone consultation, we suggest supplementing voice-mail details by texting directly to the same 800 number above, using a text-capable device.

*Be sure to add us to your approved senders list so you receive our response!

A few examples of the impact we can deliver:

A few examples of the impact we can deliver:

[These are realistic engineering results, created by leveraging our expertise in applying technologies of benchmark superiority, using basic PM and RBM principles.]

  • Cut your rebuild/replacement costs by 30-80% in equipment or components you periodically rebuild or replace due to wear (chainsaws, generators, engines, differentials, bearings, etc). 
  • In fleet capital equipment costs, we commonly enable slashing downtime by 50% while extending service life over 50%.  In most cases you can double service life while also enjoying superior reliability. Additionally, average fleet fuel economy improves 4 to 9% when engine, transmission and differential fluids are all changed.
  • If you have an equipment history of occasional or periodic failure in demanding service conditions, LET US KNOW!  We excel in eliminating these pains FAST.  In just days or weeks, we can enable you to easily implement solutions to cut your failure rate by 50 to 90% (multiplying service life by 2 to 10 times).  Eliminate the stressful and costly fire-drill shuffling of staff & equipment, the road-trip recovery plans, exhausted employees, frustrated-customer apologies, lost contracts and late-delivery contract penalties.  Please don’t put up with these pains – we can shift your world! 
  • For remote field equipment maintenance, we can cut your workload and costs in half and STILL improve equipment performance and lower its operational costs. 
  • For mission-critical system components (example: paint-chain drive-power gear boxes), we can substantially lower gear-box operating temperatures and energy consumption while doubling service-life performance.  

How is it possible to deliver such phenomenally superior performance to boost your bottom line?  

We deliver through a blend of superior expertise, superior technologies, “insider” knowledge, and an old-world philosophy of profiting through your savings by delivering measurable reductions in your medium and long-term operational expenses, and indirectly enabling you to deliver better customer service.  In other words, we select and deliver highly engineered, robust benchmark-best technologies, to create real advantages in your everyday working equipment and operations. 

Skeptical?  No problem!  We challenge you to be a true, wise skeptic by testing the results of our advice: give us the opportunity to resolve your toughest problem, or one fleet test-vehicle for you to convert and monitor.  We don’t charge for our advice and recommendations because we are confident that you will value the results we deliver. *

*Regarding equipment or fleet oil sampling analysis, we provide advice/evaluation/recommendations at no cost, but do not maintain a laboratory or provide free testing.  We set businesses up (no fees or purchase requirements) to purchase recommended lubricants and filtration at the most steeply discounted commercial (or retail sales) account pricing structures, with additional discounts in purchase volume and shipping-costs.  This includes access to one of the most qualified oil analysis laboratories, but their services are optional and recommended for operations which do not yet have an oil sampling analysis program.  For established oil analysis programs, we recommend continued use of your existing laboratory unless customer-service, testing capabilities or competency in high-performance lubrication/filtration technologies are concerns.


 Filtration and Lubrication Gold-Standards


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