Why are Synthetic Oils met with ignorance and skepticism in a high-tech world?

Are Synthetic Oil Ignorance, Skepticism and Myths the results of Corporate Strategies and Technology Censorship?

Why use synthetic oils?It’s a valid question, because choosing high-performance synthetic oils for your personal vehicles and fleet is as much of a slam-dunk decision as buying a 4k Ultra HD TV instead of a 1970’s CRT TV like your grandparents watched.  And everyone should be using nanofiber oil filters instead of 1940’s paper media.  But why isn’t the decision just that clear, that simple?  It should be.  After all, you can buy a video drone at Walmart, we carry smartphones linked to watches, and computer programming is in every bit of technology we touch and hear.  With such high technology everywhere, there must be better filtration technologies than wood-pulp filter paper, and better lubricants than what can be separated from 3% of the decayed-plant remains of underground crude oil.

It’s not a big stretch to believe that, is it?  The fully trained experts know it’s true.  So why don’t all engineers, motorists, power-sports riders, and fleet managers trust synthetic lubrication technology? Why don’t they all know the superiority of specific constructed-molecule designs in true synthetics, and how anyone can spin on a nanofiber oil filter for an instant 70% wear-rate reduction?  They should know, because synthetic oil technology has been in the US market since at least 1970, and nanofiber filtration was already available for most vehicles before the iPhone 4 was introduced.

But they don’t, and it’s not plausible that this technical blind-spot is mere unguided coincidence.

Let’s pull back the curtain and consider what’s really going on in the automotive lubrication and filtration market. I’ve been puzzling over these things and investigating during my 15+ years as an AMSOIL dealer with 25 years in automotive engineering.  How can it be that the vast majority of engineers and drivers know so little about the far-superior  synthetic lubrication technology that was introduced to the US automotive market by an American company 45 years ago?  (Here’s a good review of the differences between petroleum and synthetic oils.)

What if, like the Wizard of Oz’ throne room in Emerald City, those in control hide the machines they have constructed with mechanisms to allow them to appear impressive and cool, while sounding wise and being helpful, and seemingly above any question of expertise or honesty, but hiding their agenda to censor technology awareness and guide consumer and corporate spending into their pockets. Maybe?  But, that’s crazy because a long-term PR campaign like that might cost… billions?  No person, corporation or cartel has that much money and that big a motive… or do they?

Since the 1890’s, the petroleum industry has invested hundreds of trillions of dollars in removing and processing ancient underground deposits of crude oil into fuel, lubricants, and thousands of products including plastics.  They have oil wells, pipelines, tanker ships, offshore drill platforms, and of course massive refineries with huge tank storage volumes.  It seems as if in the 1970’s, “big oil” realized they have immense built-in profit motivation to keep people from learning about synthetic oil and fuel technologies, and they had untold fortunes they could spend on psychological marketing strategies and legal tactics to keep everyone in the dark, harvesting the technology facts and locking them in controlled environments with limited, restricted public access.

For example, Exxon-Mobil produced just one synthetic oil – Mobil 1 – in limited quantities with high pricing, perhaps partly to overshadow AMSOIL’s market introduction two years earlier, and to control the market messaging about synthetic oils to limit the market adoption rate. The overwhelming petroleum-oil response was to badmouth, downplay, and spread fearful myths about the risks of trying synthetic engine oil, for more than 20 years.  Not until the 1990’s did all the major oil brands finally have a synthetic oil, yet many were hard to obtain without special order, and were mainly limited to racing use and exotic imports.

If such conspiracy seems too theoretical, consider these known examples of big-oil interference invisibly blocking and censoring real technologies, behind the scenes:

AMSOIL protects turbochargers 3 to 4 times better than Royal Purple and Mobil 1, and had ZERO LSPI events in GM’s dexos1®Gen 2, the auto-industry’s best available engine test as of Sept 2018.

Do you know that better, cheaper fuels exist than standard gasoline and diesel fuel?  About 2005, two global companies from Germany and South Africa came to Montana at the invitation of Governor Brian Schweitzer – a former research scientist.  After coal sample testing and economic analysis, they presented that they could build plants to turn America’s vast quantities of cheap, unwanted high-sulfur coal into sulfur-free diesel fuel of higher quality than petroleum diesel, and profitably sell the CTL diesel fuel for less than $1.50 per gallon!

Developed in the 1920’s, coal-derived jet and diesel fuels were part of Germany’s war machine in the ’40’s.  Germany and Africa have refined the technologies for years, and the USA has the world’s largest coal reserves which could power the entire globe for the next 250 to 500 years.  Despite compelling facts, big profit incentives, and Governor Schweitzer driving his diesel pickup on this fuel, not one single plant was built in the U.S.

Fracking vs coal mining: Care to guess which one is environmentally better, and cheaper?  Advanced “clean coal” technologies are real, but you wouldn’t know it because the oil industry and socialists have a war machine to keep them from going mainstream and providing better, cheaper power generation than natural gas (petroleum well out-gassing) which had been so worthless that it was burned off 24/7 in huge flames beside the oil-wells, even into the 1970’s).

Did you know that for at least three decades the rule-of-thumb in the Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) has been that synthetic oils have 10 times the film strength of petroleum oil base stocks?  This means that synthetics inherently, unquestionably provide better wear protection – especially valuable during the zero oil pressure of engine starting, and drivetrain shock-loading events such as from pot-holes and railroad tracks. Obviously, the oil companies all knew this.  Evidently they didn’t want their captive markets to learn they had better options. 

But here you are!  So, let’s do an end-run around Big Oil’s technical-knowledge blockade and plunge into facts, shall we?

AMSOIL has guaranteed the 25k mile/1-year drain interval since the 1970’s.  Europe has used 15-25k oil change intervals for nearly two decades, and various European and OEM companies have acknowledged that 30,000 mile drain intervals are probably realistic – including General Motors.  Yet surprisingly, I observe that most people not only know nothing of this, but struggle to wrap their brain around how AMSOIL can legitimately guarantee and warranty synthetic oil protection performance with 25,000 mile drain intervals (severe service at 15,000 miles).

An even greater struggle for vehicle owners is to believe they can responsibly use 15k mile and 25k mile drain intervals in their own vehicles, despite the fact that while they do it they are lowering their engine wear rates by more than 75% – thereby QUADRUPLING the remaining available life of their vehicle for mechanically trouble-free miles.  Several have admitted to me that while they believe intellectually that it’s ok, they can’t shake the FEELING that if they don’t change their oil frequently, they are being irresponsible or at least neglectful, in not taking proper care of their car. 

That’s completely illogical, since cutting engine wear by 75% IS taking the best care of their engine, and clearly the most responsible choice.  But then, since they are conditioned to fear and reject 2x to 5x longer drain intervals, and since they don’t take the fuel economy improvement into account, they never realize that the best synthetics are cheaper to use.  They see per-quart cost, then assume that using high performance synthetics would be too costly.

I’m convinced that the main obstacle to owners making smarter vehicle maintenance choices is a psychological bulwark of FEELINGS and emotional perceptions which have been created by entrenched long-term campaigns of petroleum marketing strategies to keep consumers captive through ignorance and fear. It appears that we’ve been the unwitting target of head-games.

So, let’s cover the simple, basic question that everyone asks:

Why are AMSOIL Motor Oils capable of extended drain intervals?

Essentially, there are three reasons which combine together:

  • First, AMSOIL synthetic oils, fluids and greases are designed for maximum possible protection and performance.  All AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil “base stocks” are made of purpose-built molecular structures of specific designs whose character includes very high resistance to the destructive effects of heat and shear stresses.  These are uniform molecules which lack the huge variations and poor characteristics in random petroleum-oil structures that can be readily chopped apart or oxidized.  AMSOIL synthetic oils do not break down like petroleum oils because they are NOT petroleum oils.  Because an ideally designed synthetic lubrication molecule has vastly superior robustness, it naturally lasts far, far longer than a petroleum oil ever could.
  • Second, to complement the high-performance synthetic base-stock oil, AMSOIL assembles the highest quality additive packages possible: more costly additives which are proven to retain their beneficial properties for a long time without breaking down, even under the worst possible conditions.
  • Third, AMSOIL’s EaO nanofiber oil filters remove 98.7% of 20-micron wear particles at a 20 micron level, and a large percentage of 15 micron particles.  SAE automotive research published in the 1980’s proved that a 70% wear-rate reduction would come from 15 micron filtration, if it was ever made practical.

Together, this triple-crown of ultimate synthetic performance in base-stock, additives and filtration means that AMSOIL Motor Oils can provide far longer drain intervals than conventional lubricants, without ANY compromising of superior performance and protection.

THINK YOUR WAY TO FREEDOM:  If AMSOIL engine oil, after 25,000 miles, still exceeds competitor performance from a new bottle, and the wear particles are being superbly filtered out of the engine oil, then… why should you change your oil any sooner?

WHY does AMSOIL still recommend their top Signature Series synthetic oils for 25k-mile/1-year or 15k/1-year drain intervals, and still warranty their oil performance at those long oil changes?  Even more crazy, how can they warranty their performance for an unlimited time when oil sampling analysis is used to verify the oil condition?  Here’s the secret:

The warranty costs AMSOIL nothing, because ALL the data proves that their oils haven’t broken down and still prevent engine damage, while minimizing wear.  Oh, and since the annual warranty claims average roughly … zero … except once per decade when AMSOIL covers repairs for a customer while the OEM delays before admitting that the problem was a defect in either design or manufacturing – and had nothing to do with the engine oil.

You might say that AMSOIL can provide their insane warranty because they have so superbly designed their lubricants that they have engineered all the risk out ! 

It’s not theory, it’s not marketing.  Their global-benchmark engineering excellence is constantly proven over and over by AMSOIL’s most critical customers with the most severe lubrication service demands.  Since the highest horsepower boats, motorcycles, cars, diesel trucks, ATV’s and racing machines of all kinds trust AMSOIL to provide exceptional superior lubrication protection and performance, I’m pretty sure you and I are well covered, my friends!

The reality of technical facts turns skeptical concerns completely on their head: overall, the combined AMSOIL oil and Ea nanofiber filtration typically delivers wear rate reductions well over 80%.  Two current examples are the Nordic Waste diesel fleet, and the Vegas taxicab fleet.  But ANYONE can prove it to themselves with data from their own vehicle, simply by taking a sample of the AMSOIL synthetic oil when you change it, and sending it to a lab for analysis.  (Cost is about $30.)  If you want to get serious about this, take a sample of your current oil as you drain it to install AMSOIL – with that baseline, it’s much more eye-opening.


Save up to 25 percent and get exclusive offers as an AMSOIL Preferred Customer PLUS exclusive help from a former OEM headquarters senior engineer

Here’s how: Use oil sampling analysis data to convince yourself.  It’s a powerful way to free yourself from marketing manipulation: if you can do it, make yourself do ONE full extended drain interval, and pull an oil sample after 1 year or 15k/25k miles, then see what the laboratory analysis tells you.  If you can’t handle that the first time, then test your first sample when you are getting uncomfortable – but don’t change the oil unless the testing shows you need to. Then test your AMSOIL motor oil every 5k miles until you find it approaching the end of its service life, but change your EaO oil filter at the 15k or 25k for it’s type, or 1 year, whichever is sooner.  Yes, you can change your oil filter without changing the oil.  Just spin it off, partly fill the new one with fresh oil, spin it on, run the engine for a minute, then top off your oil.

That valuable scientific exercise will do the trick: countless drivers who do a lot of highway driving have found that the lab tells them to keep driving on the same AMSOIL synthetic engine oil after 25,000, 30,000, 35,000, sometimes even 40,000 miles.  The owner of the Million Mile Van was pretty nervous about 25k mile drain intervals until he pushed his first AMSOIL synthetic engine oil change to the point where the lab report told him to test the oil again with 43,000 miles on it!  If you have wondered how ordinary people can become passionate about AMSOIL’s engineered performance, imagine being in their shoes!

Slowly it dawns on them why AMSOIL not only warranties their synthetic performance for such long drain intervals, but also warranties their synthetics for a much longer drain interval or none at all, if that’s done with the safety of oil sampling analysis: the truth is that in most cases AMSOIL’s mileage life is much longer than what it’s rated for, but AMSOIL is conservative in order to protect drivers in worst-case severe duty applications.

The results of using AMSOIL synthetic lubrication technologies are very predictable, proven weekly in more than a million fleet miles with hundreds of oil samples, while delivering 5-15% better fuel economy, lower operating temperatures and reduced operational costs: wear-metal ppm’s are very low and the drained 
AMSOIL still outperforms most name-brand oils when they are poured from just-opened bottles.

If your mind isn’t blown yet, here’s even better news.  How about using AMSOIL for free, or being paid to use it!

The stunning reality for the majority of vehicle owners and fleet managers, is that the fuel savings are far more than, or equal to, the cost of the AMSOIL synthetics. Calculations like those below show how annual oil changes are actually less expensive than with petroleum oil, but that’s without 2-10% fuel economy improvements.  So, despite the per-quart price and the $15 or $20 oil filter, using AMSOIL may not only be free – it probably pays you to use it.

Are you still SURE that staying with your “trusty” petroleum oil is a wise idea?

AMSOIL Savings Cost Calculator 2015

In closing, please understand:

Our mission is to arm you with the technology-knowledge to make better, lower-cost decisions about your vehicle maintenance and operating expenses – including spending less money on fuel and repairs.  Decisions that benefit YOU, as well as the environment, by using up to 87% less engine oil and 2-10% less fuel.

That’s the purpose of our free vehicle maintenance page. It helps you easily look up info for optimally maintaining your vehicle while spending less money than you do now, explains what your options mean, and even tells you the key secrets on how to drive 500,000 miles while avoiding ever repairing your transmission, differential, or hydraulic power steering.  Plus, we tell you the secret options on buying at wholesale pricing and having products delivered to your door in 2-4 days.

Perhaps most importantly, that page also tells you what shouldn’t be a secret but is never talked about and is rarely addressed even by dealer service personnel: a simple, inexpensive annual maintenance item that will make your vehicle safer, reducing accident risk and damage severity by avoiding the biggest silent, invisible contributor.

AMSOIL – the First In History and In Quality

    • First to develop an API rated 100% synthetic motor oil (1972).Amsoil Research Orange Dragstrip Car

    • First to introduce the concept of extended drain intervals, with a recommended 25,000-mile/12-month drain interval.

    • First to produce synthetic motor oils for diesel engines.

    • First to produce synthetic motor oils for racing engines.

    • First to produce synthetic motor oils for turbocharged engines.

    • First to produce synthetic motor oils for marine engines.

    • First to manufacture synthetic gear lube for automotive use.

    • First to manufacture a 100:1 pre-mix synthetic 2-cycle oil.

  • First to manufacture a synthetic automatic transmission fluid for automotive use.

More about AMSOIL’s Excellence and Amazing History

AMSOIL - the Official Oil of the Diesel Power Challenge and the Ultimate Callout Challenge


  1. Standardized test data from the most reliable & trusted tests in industry.
  2. Personal experience.

Combine those two, and when they both agree, you will have no doubt about the superior performance of AMSOIL products.

We’ve got the data. Why not combine that data with YOUR personal experience, so that you KNOW the results are as accurate as you made them yourself? Contact us, and we’ll help.

Sure, you can keep buying the mediocre performance of the famous mainstream brands that fill most store shelves. But know that when you do, those oils are costing you a lot more money per year than buying the high-performance AMSOIL solution.
Bottom line? AMSOIL saves you money.

(We save a LOT of money with these AMSOIL “secrets”, and thought you’d like to know them, too.)

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Typical advantages of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils and filters:

  • Save time and money with extended oil drains;AMSOIL is Devoted to Protection
  • boost fuel economy 2-10%;
  • lower operating temperatures;
  • reduce engine and component wear by over 70%;
  • triple the remaining life of your lubricated mechanical systems & components (“triple” is conservative).

In nearly every case, AMSOIL‘s synthetic lube and filter products provide best-technology solutions that far exceed OEM specifications. And they provide optimum solutions considering the three greatest automotive insider secrets for vehicle maintenance. That is why we recommend AMSOIL products.

You will not get any of these benefits with conventional petroleum oil !!!!!

AMSOIL is proudly made in the U.S.A.

AMSOIL is privately owned by patriotic Americans

My AMSOIL Garage tracks your oil changes and maintenance for ALL your vehicles for FREE

AMSOIL 75% better protection against wear and horsepower loss

A view of some of Lavon Miller’s most impressive Firepunk Diesel trophys – all won using AMSOIL diesel oil, ATF, and gear oil. Click to scroll down to Lavon’s video interview.

Preventing the LSPI Super Knock Grenade in Turbo TDGI Engines

LSPI Super-Knock Will Soon Damage Newer Turbocharged T-GDI Engines in Your Neighborhood, Maybe In Your Driveway

How do you protect your 2013+ turbocharged gas engine from “super-knock”, or Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) damage, which is caused by normal driving?

Vehicle manufacturers know LSPI damage in new T-GDI (turbocharged gas direct injection) engines is a serious risk and have temporarily programmed vehicle software to “detune” the engine below the intended level of engine horsepower and fuel economy, in order to avoid LSPI-inducing conditions. Doing so, however, limits fuel efficiency.  The SAE, API, ASTM and OEM’s will soon issue a new oil grade with new tests to prove oils prevent LSPI (as it turns out, it’s one of the most difficult tasks that engine oils have ever been called upon to do).

Soon afterward, to extract maximum efficiency from their advanced power plants, OEMs will implement software updates (expected in 2019) to unleash more power and improved fuel economy, along with much higher susceptibility to LSPI. New cars sold after this will have the updates, and vehicles serviced by dealers will get the updates.  But I don’t know that we can control this as consumers, or even that we will always know.  It’s possible that some of these updates may happen wirelessly overnight, as your vehicle sits in your garage or driveway.

We are pleased with how AMSOIL has worked hard to fully prepare for these future OEM updates, protecting their customers’ cars, trucks and fleets by reformulating their engine oils long before new testing standards are finalized.  Proving it can fully protect turbocharged direct-injected engines, AMSOIL entire new line of synthetic engine oils have all achieved 100 percent protection against LSPI in the engine test required by the GM dexos1®Gen 2 specification.

We are pleased with how AMSOIL has worked hard to fully prepare for these future OEM updates, protecting their car, truck and fleet customers by reformulating their product line long before new testing standards are finalized.  Proving it can protect turbocharged direct-injected engines, AMSOIL entire new line of synthetic engine oils have all achieved 100 percent protection against LSPI in the engine test required by the GM dexos1®Gen 2 specification. (AMSOIL protection goes further than that, too, with important protections that other oil companies don’t consider. We’ll explain.)

dexos1® oils vs. dexos1®Gen 2 oils

Please know that hundreds of oils have passed the older dexos1®Gen 1, often just shown as dexos1® on labels.  Beware, because dexos1® oils don’t come anywhere near passing dexos1®Gen 2.  If it does not say “Gen 2”, it must NOT be used in a T-GDI engine.

What does it really mean to pass dexos1®Gen 2 testing?  Gen 2 tests for very low turbo deposits, PLUS low LSPI occurrence. While several dozen oils are already certified to GM’s spec, ahead of an official industry standard test, dexos1®Gen 2 certification does not require 100% LSPI protection.  Few people understand what this means, but we think this point will eventually prove to be crucial for vehicle owners.  Here’s why:

  1. Oils can have a specified number of LSPI events and STILL pass GM dexos1®Gen 2.
  2. Other than test data provided by AMSOIL, consumers will NOT be told how well an oil perform:  concealing lubrication performance in the industry’s standardized testing is how petroleum companies keep consumers from understanding the need and value of true constructed-molecular-design synthetic lubricants.
  3. Because the piston-stresses of LSPI events can be severely high, there is potential for occasional LSPI events to create cumulative microstructure damage in the pistons as mileage gets higher, leading to sudden fatigue-fracture piston failure.

Premature Timing Chain Wear in T-GDI Engines

Still another growing T-GDI issue is rapid timing chain wear on some of these engines.  In fact, a Ford technical service bulletin (#14-0194) acknowledges timing chain wear as a problem in certain vehicles equipped with its popular 3.5L EcoBoost® engine.  (However, the bulletin does not reveal that switching to AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic engine oils will eliminate this wear problem.)  The wear due to occurring due to oil soot generation levels which can run on the level of older diesel engines, soot content which most oil formulations besides AMSOIL have not protected for because these engines aren’t diesels, and because even the latest oil specs have not addressed it.  What this also means is that the size of diamond-hard agglomerated soot particles in many oils will eventually be recognized to be causing more T-GDI accelerated wear areas than just timing chains!

For all these reasons, for best protection against soot wear and accumulated LSPI fatigue failures, we recommend using only AMSOIL engine oils, and to NEVER add any oil additive to ANY engine oil in TGDI turbo’d engines, and to regularly use a high-performance fuel additive like AMSOIL P.I.

That’s the short summary.  But we need to dig into the crucial details, and sobering facts, before you really wish you had known more.

Why is LSPI such a big deal, when engine knock has been around since at least the 1960’s, mainly in hot-rod tuning which included advancing the ignition timing?  Because it’s different and worse, and it may already be sitting in your driveway.

The “super-knock” slang for LSPI hints at how its’ combination of new technologies mainstreams engine knock into commuter driving, and increases the damage severity.  The potential exists for ordinary drivers to accelerate from a stop-light to get in the correct lane, and find themselves paying the tow-truck a fraction of the costs they will soon face to repair or replace their engin

LSPI is somewhat like a rattlesnake with a missing rattle.  It’s as if you can go through your normal day unsuspecting of any risk, and suddenly with no warning like a rattlesnake bite, find yourself in a bad situation:  you don’t know how much venom was injected, but the painful news seems to grow worse by the hour.  But, a better analogy is a hand grenade.

Would you throw a grenade in your engine air intake and then start the engine?

Of course not!  And that’s why you don’t want LSPI – because it is an uncontrolled explosion, whose power to shred your engine comes from the worst possible combination of circumstances.

It’s agreed that under normal conditions expected by OEM engineers, LSPI should rarely, if ever, occur with adequate power to cause damage.  That’s the plan.  However, those “normal expected conditions” rely on a lot of sophisticated interactive engineering to create two new, novel achievements: that the combustion area will stay clean and free of deposits, and that both the fuel quality and the engine oil formulation will do their part to prevent deposits and small residue areas of unburned fuel.  And according to Lubes and Greases in early 2018, the industry still doesn’t understand LSPI yet: although they know some things that help, and other things that make it worse, they don’t understand why.  See any risk there?

To understand the importance of these questions and the magnitude of potential problems, consider that T-GDI engines are now dominant throughout nearly every OEM lineup as either the primary or an optional engine. (Think Ford, GM, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan… just name every OEM.)  Here’s one typical example that will help you understand LSPI severity: Green Car Congress reports that BorgWarner’s regulated two-stage (R2S) turbocharging technology is now improving the performance and fuel economy of Ford’s new 2.0-liter TDCi diesel engine, the first Ford engine for passenger cars equipped with a two-stage turbocharging system. The sequential bi-turbo setup boosts the lightweight 2.0 L engine to an amazing 207 hp output that 15 years ago took a 3.0 L engine that weighed over twice as much.  Yet in the 2.0L marketplace, 207 hp is a tame power level. The 180 hp 1.8 L in the 2002 Audi TT also had a factory-tuned version that put out 225 hp.


As the accelerator pedal is pushed, Direct Injection controls enable dynamically advancing the ignition spark timing and modifying the timing, volume and rate of gas injected, and a turbocharger boosts the pressure of fuel & air going into the cylinder, but pre-ignition explodes the fuel before spark-plug activation while the piston is still rising in compression, and Low Speed rpm puts the highest pre-ignition cylinder pressure near top-dead-center (TDC) where the piston can’t move quickly enough to lower the pressure spike.  The pressure spike is higher because more fuel was injected, and the ignition front is larger and much faster.  There are still more compounding factors, such as thinner, lighter pistons.  So LSPI is a combined worst-case situation which is the “perfect storm” recipe for engine damage, not only because the force applied to the piston and piston rings can be several times higher than they are designed to handle, but because broken piston piston pieces can bounce around the combustion chamber and out the exhaust port – into the turbocharger where the impact with multiple turbo-blades spinning at 10,000 to 250,000 rpm can send high-velocity turbo blades through the engine compartment and even completely through the car hood.

Of course that “cannot happen” because there are sensors and control logic to minimize the severity of what could happen, and turbochargers almost never explode outside of dyno/track race-tuning.  All true.  But this is the point: the power is there, the mechanisms are there, and engineers, sensors, and control logic cannot always predict and compensate for every situation without error.  However much uncertainty and risk lives in the combined synergic details of a particular turbo GDI engine model year and software revision is unknown. Let’s all hope the bigger problems are not under YOUR hood.

“Super-knock” has serious damage potential even when systems minimize or silence the catastrophic drama.  In less than two seconds, LSPI could scrap an engine block, heads, pistons, and one or two turbochargers.  Seconds later in a worst-case scenario that every OEM hopes cannot happen, the aftermath could even force you to flee your burning car.

AMSOIL protects turbochargers 3 to 4 times better than Royal Purple and Mobil 1, and had ZERO LSPI events in GM’s dexos1®Gen 2, the auto-industry’s best available engine test as of Sept 2018.

No, this is definitely NOT a situation that OEM engine chiefs want to be in.  But this is the corner where the mandated federal fuel-economy regulations have pushed OEM’s.  The required engineering intensity is on a level that used to exist only on the race track, the runway, or the launch pad. But the engine oil, the fuel, and the vehicle maintenance are all important interactive factors which can only be tightly controlled by a professional racing team.

Why Oil Additives are a VERY Bad Idea in the Brave New World of LSPI “Super-Knock”

After OEM installation of new software, engines running with a motor oil that is not formulated to combat LSPI will be at great risk of damage, and it can be severe.  The OEM’s and industry drivetrain engineers all agree on that fact.  But they also agree that engine oils which are developed to prevent LSPI will enable controlling and minimizing LSPI occurrence.

HOWEVER, one important risk factor which is getting little attention is aftermarket engine-oil additives.  At DMT Technical, we expect that many oil additives will imbalance the finely-tuned oil formulations, enabling LSPI either immediately or gradually as the engine oil ages before the next oil change, and creating a wave of super-knock engine rebuilds which WILL NOT be covered under warranty.  Vehicle owners who learn this the hard way will be shocked at the cost of engine repair or replacement.

Best Recommendations of DMT Technical and UltimateSyntheticOil to Prevent LSPI Damage

These three recommendations minimize the risks of LSPI damage in a turbocharged T-GDI engine:

  1. Use AMSOIL engine oils because as mentioned above, they have been rigorously developed to prevent LSPI.  In the best currently available industry testing (GM dexos1®Gen 2 engine test), all AMSOIL engine oils for recent gasoline engines didn’t simply “pass”, but had ZERO occurrences of LSPI and protected turbocharger performance at the highest levels.  And – shocking fact – AMSOIL is the only oil company who warranties their oil performance against damage.  Here’s where to get the best oil recommendations for your specific vehicle.
  2. DO NOT USE ANY engine oil additive.  For more info on the BEST way to get maximum engine protection, here’s the single best overview of oil additives – and many people agree.
  3. Use a very good fuel additive.  We recommend the extensively tested AMSOIL P.I. (performance improver), not only for its ability to effectively clean the entire fuel system, injectors, combustion chamber, pistons and piston rings whose cleanliness is important to avoid LSPI, but also for its easy use, low cost, and demonstrated fuel-economy improvements.

Uncertain about AMSOIL?  No problem, because we’ve done years of work to help you with that!  Here we pit Michael Phelps against AMSOIL’s performance, and explain why AMSOIL’s superiority is more impressive, more trustworthy and more highly credentialed than even Michael Phelps with more Olympic Gold Medals than any athlete in history. (Yes, really.)

Our Opinion of T-GDI Impact in the Oppressively Regulated Automotive Market

Turbocharged GDI engines have been coming into the market fast beginning about 2013, spanning 1.0 L, 1.4 L, 1.6 L, 1.8 L, 2.0 L, 2.4 L, 2.5 L, 2.7 L, 2.8 L, 3.0 L, and 3.2 L – to name a few. These are in most cases completely new engine designs, fielded not only by Hyundai, Kia, Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi, but also by GM, Ford, Chrysler, Fiat, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Audi, etc.  In some of the latest models they are coupled with 11-speed automatic transmissions (I wish they were kidding). Increasingly, the newest models use two turbos to maximize performance and fuel economy.  WHY?

Our studied analysis is that OEM’s have been given no choice.  They are all in the same global-market “boat”, hijacked in the same central-planning totalitarian coercion that has often destroyed nations and threatened the globe more than once.  No OEM wants to protest about durability concerns when their honesty could backfire and torpedo their sales in the face of their traditional competitors or the fast-rising electric vehicle (EV) market.  When taking this situation as a whole, analytical, technically-savvy consumers and engineers are bound to grow concerned about the medium and long-term cost-of-ownership viability and warranty viability of these engines.

Is this just alarmist “sky is falling” worry?  Maybe, but don’t bet on it.  The dark reality is that the totalitarian fuel economy mandates are forcing new vehicles to have intensively complex engineering requirements with loads of new technologies, rushed to market without adequate time to fully develop or understand the interactions of multiple radical changes in multiple system designs and technologies which are all being combined together for the first time.  To be clear: those CAFE mpg mandates carry crippling financial penalties which force the situation to get worse with every new model year.

To illustrate, one of the most effective design development tools in automotive engineering was displayed in the 2000’s era by Ford’s “D-FMEA with Robust Linkages” (Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis).  Ford found that by evaluating the interaction of every engineered sub-system with the content and design of every connected or adjacent system, they could make vast improvements in 1st-model-year vehicle quality and durability.  But in the mandated new climate, successfully retaining Robust Linkage analysis is unlikely. It will tend to become an OEM culture-casualty in the engineering wars that will ultimately prove very costly to both consumers and OEM’s.

Take this 2015 F150 truck with 2.7 L EcoBoost video story for example, that was purchased because it was cheaper than the 5.0 L engine (at the dealer) and got better fuel economy, has a graphite engine block, a plastic composite oil pan (adds strength and cuts weight) & lots of other new cool tech.  The owner reports that at 4,000 miles it had an oil leak, from the oil pan bolts, which the dealer replaced.  A thousand miles later, the same problem, the same fix again. (The forums know about the problems, but not the dealer?)  It towed great in the mountains, but then needed a fourth oil pan.

Then while towing again, something happened, the oil pressure dropped to zero. Added oil, drove it back to the Ford dealership, they wanted to run an oil consumption test.  Limp mode engaged, and it turned out that a chunk of exhaust valve had broken off.  [“Danger, danger Will Robinson!”]  Naturally, it scored the cylinder wall (and did other damage).  So they replaced the engine.   And it ran flawlessly for the next 10k miles, with some towing in Colorado. But the owner is concerned about keeping the truck past the 60k mile warranty.

This House Committee Report detailed the ugly saga of OEM’s new CAFE minefield, which taxpayers fund out-of-pocket at dealerships and repair shops.

It sounds as if the dealer made no mention of LSPI, and did not detail the full extent of the damage such as to the piston(s) and turbocharger.  But it’s likely that LSPI caused the damage, and essentially totaled the engine.

I’m not picking on Ford but using them as an example, because these issues will not be unique to Ford – they are unique to turbocharged gas direct-injection engines.  Do I think the OEM’s will “iron out” the T-GDI wrinkles?  Yes, but no, because almost every year OEM’s and their supply-chain are forced into another bunch of not-quite-fully-proven tech change combinations, all to drive average CAFE mpg upward fast enough to stay out of bankruptcy.

I see nothing that suggests it will get better, and the only glimmer of hope is that President Trump’s administration might decide to tackle this crippling situation, and might be successful.  Until the auto industry is rescued from this corruption which appears deliberately conceived and targeted to destroy the automotive industry, I expect the reality of the cool new technologies rolling off dealer lots will only get worse for everyone.

For those unaware, the North American auto industry was illegally hijacked by the machinations of the prior regimes “car tzar”  and coerced to sign up to what one congressman referred to as a slow-motion-suicide pact.  A congressional sub-committee staff investigative report (pdf link at right) which detailed the ugly realities was a significant factor in why I decided to not only leave OEM headquarters, but get out of auto industry design & manufacturing.


Lets compare AMSOIL to Michael Phelps

AMSOIL and Michael Phelps?  Why compare the most decorated Olympic athlete in history with the most awarded, highest performance synthetic lubrication company in the world?  

The reasons you should be using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants as the total you-win choice for your vehicle and equipment maintenance, are the same reasons you’d pick swimming lessons from Phelps in a state-of-the-art facility (instead of a high-school swimmer teaching at the YMCA).

So although it does sound strange, by reviewing Michael Phelps’ Olympic swimming domination from some ridiculous out-of-the-box angles, we’ll reveal the superiority of AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants in an understandable way that reduces confusion and eliminates many myths.

Let’s explore the factual logic behind that quick summary, and expose the difference between choosing your automotive and fleet lubricants based on engineering data, vs psychological marketing.

AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in vehicles and equipment are an equivalent parallel to the excellence and superior performance of Michael Phelps in the pool

Imagine that you’ve decided as a family to do triathlons competitively.  Suppose that for swimming lessons you have two options: either take YMCA pool classes taught by a random high school swimmer, OR, have Michael Phelps coach your family locally in a state-of-the-art dedicated swimming facility for an annual membership that costs less than a year of YMCA classes.  Your choice is a no-brainer, right?

Yes, pool water and engine oil don’t mix, and a person isn’t a corporation, etc.  But beyond the obvious, there are two main differences between Michael Phelps and AMSOIL:

  • Most people know 100 times more about Phelps’ world-class best-in-history credentials than they do about AMSOILs’.
  • Of those two untouchable, dominant track records, only your knowledge of AMSOIL’s will pay you and benefit others.  You may find Michael Phelps performance records interesting and inspiring, but knowledge about AMSOIL’s proven superiority will save you time while keeping money in your pocket, year after year… after year.  And by telling other people the secret, you give them the same advantages.  So, keep reading!

To refresh our memory, Phelps is recognized as the most decorated Olympian of all time, with 28 medals and 23 of those being Gold.  In 2016 in the Rio de Janeiro games, he wasn’t just taking home more medals than any other athlete.  In Rio, Phelps also became the only Olympian ever to win the most medals… in each of four straight Olympics.

The world was astonished, but his competitive swimming capabilities showed up in his boyhood. Michael Phelps set his first national swimming record at 10 years old for that age group, and about 12 of Phelp’s young age-group records still stand in 2018.  Then in 2000, barely 15 years old, he placed FIFTH in an Olympics final. His phenominal Olympic career launched to the world’s audiences when he arrived at the 2004 Olympic games at age 19, with audaciously ridiculous goals for how many medals he planned to win.  As of June 2018, six of Phelps’ individual and relay team world records still stand from the 2008 Beijing and 2009 Rome races.

With all that in mind, let’s go a bit hypothetically weird or ridiculous with Phelps – then bring it back to AMSOIL.  

What if, in 2018, Michael Phelps claimed that he is still faster than any high-school age swimmer from any Olympic nation? …with a serious face… then winked at the camera?

Phelps probably wouldn’t claim such a mediocre distinction, of course, even with a wink for humor.  But just suppose he did.  What would be the reactions to his claim?

  • Would anyone accuse Phelps of bias, and say his claim wasn’t believable because he was saying it about himself?
  • Would anyone ask Michael Phelps to show proof that he had raced and beat the best swimmer from the best high school team in every nation?  (like the Olympic games?)
  • Would anyone claim that only race times from the same swim meet or the current year could count?

Do those reactions seem… intelligent and logical, yet naive and uninformed?  Like a 5-year-olds’ ideas about how the world works?  Like the tangled technology perceptions among great-grandparents living in a nursing home?  Why is that?

Would ANYONE seriously question Phelp’s superior speed in a 2018 high-school swim-meet… unless they knew nothing about him or Olympic swimming competition?  Don’t such objections seem simple-minded because we already know so much about Michael Phelps, and about what a swim race is, and an Olympic-regulation-size pool?  We’ve watched Phelps win races and stand on the medal ceremonies podium, maybe across all four Olympics, followed by TV interviews, slow-mo analysis of his techniques, and discussions on why his Olympic Medal total is probably an unbreakable record.  Maybe we’ve seen more than one of his 12 Sports Illustrated magazine covers – especially the 2016 cover with all 18 pounds of his Olympic gold.

Michael Phelps modeled all 23 of his Gold Medals for the 2016 SI cover

But, how would we react if we didn’t already have so much exposure?  What if we just didn’t know enough about Phelps and Olympic swimming races to realize his hypothetical claim was only a humorous vast understatement?

Lack of exposure is truly the core obstacle that every new customer has with AMSOIL, because the #1 comment we hear from them is the same thing we said over and over: “I wish I had heard about AMSOIL years ago!”

So, for just a couple of backstroke laps in the pool, let’s pretend that – like most people’s awareness of AMSOIL – we have heard nothing about Michael Phelps except that he’s a fast swimmer.

Instead of already knowing about his Olympic records, let’s evaluate those possible reactions above to Phelps’ (hypothetical) claim, by considering some logical questions:

  • Aren’t Olympic race times and record-holder race stats publicly available as swimming world records, and aren’t swimming records in certified pools submitted into international database records?  (Yes, they are.)
  • Doesn’t a FINA regulation Olympic-size pool still have the same 50-meter lane length with nearly identical starting platform specifications since at least 1996?
  • Are Olympic race results untrustworthy because “the swimmer paid” (less than 1% of costs) for the pool, officials and race timing?
  • Can an Olympic swimmer manipulate race results by changing pool lengths, bending time, bribing officials, or rigging race clocks in Olympic competitions… without anyone realizing it?
  • With all the media video footage of every race, is it possible for anyone’s Olympic swim times to be inaccurate?
  • If any high-school or college athlete is “faster than Phelps”, isn’t it their responsibility to prove it in a certified pool, before their claim can be anything but laughable material for a stand-up comedian?
  • If any high-schooler in history ever posts a faster certified race time than Phelps, won’t it be all over the media?

Sure it’s all crazy talk.  Yet those questions mirror the “problems” and doubts that many people have about AMSOIL, simply because they’ve had no exposure to know better.  How could they?  There are no globally telecast lubrication performance competitions (not even for an hour, much less a week!). Even today, over 95% of car owners have no earthly idea how utterly dominant that AMSOIL is globally in the design and manufacturing of constructed-molecule synthetic lubricants – including synthetic oils, greases and hydraulic fluids.

So, as we did in reviewing basics of Michael Phelps as the most winning athlete for four straight Olympic games (16 years), let’s briefly review the parallel of AMSOIL’s four straight decades of test-proven, record-breaking, superior lubrication performance: 

AMSOIL is a corporation started by fighter-jet squadron commander Al Amatuzio.  In the cockpit and in airfield maintenance, he saw how R&D improvements in jet-engine synthetic oils were boosting engine power and fighter performance, while increasing engine life and reducing maintenance rebuilds and costs.  What about his car engine, and the automotive market?  He started by designing and making synthetic oil for his own engine and that of friends.  Then Amatuzio embarked on a visionary pioneering journey with great passion, and persistent determination, to accomplish what had never been done before – despite it being “impossible” to succeed against the petroleum giants. He brought engineered synthetic lubricant chemistry into the automotive industry, and refused to allow large adversarial companies to force him out of business with frivolous legal battles.

“The biggest thing I’ve always said is — anything is possible,” Michael Phelps said late Tuesday night in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. “I’ve put my mind on doing something nobody has ever done before and there is nothing that was going to stand in my way — of being the first Michael Phelps.” 

Phelps sounded much like Al Amatuzio, an official Lubrication Hall of Fame legend, talking about when AMSOIL introduced the first API certified synthetic motor oil (1972/’73), about twelve years before Michael Phelps was born:

AMSOIL’s History and Excellence Explained in one great, short video!

It’s worth watching that short video to understand the passionate drive, because Amatuzio embedded his DNA of passionate excellence and bulldog determination into AMSOIL’s operations and business culture.  From the earliest years, that became AMSOIL’s trademark of relentless R&D that was always pushing the envelope, raising the bar, and putting people in the winner’s circle in nearly every possible racing category. And still today AMSOIL remains privately owned, and manufactures most of their own product line in-house, in the USA.

Spoiler Alert!  Although both AMSOIL and Michael Phelps are the most highly decorated competitors in their fields, one of them is far more accomplished, with far more dominant superiority than the other.  If you don’t want to know which one it is, then stop reading right here.

Comprehending the Weight of AMSOIL’s Total Performance: Equating AMSOIL’s Lubrication Industry Domination with Michael Phelps’ Domination of the Olympic Pool

AMSOIL’s API certified synthetic motor oil was only the first of many first-place records they set, because they introduced the first synthetic lubricants to the automotive market in most categories (see list below).  Few people realize that ALL of AMSOIL’s first-product introductions were automatically FAR superior to anything available, because no petroleum oil can match the performance of a well-engineered fully synthetic (constructed) oil, especially in the 1970’s and ’80’s.  In fact the industry’s rule-of-thumb has been that a full synthetic has roughly 10x the film strength of a petroleum oil – a huge inherent advantage in minimizing the major engine-damage sources of dry engine startup and drivetrain shock-loading from pot-holes and railroad crossings.

Even the very first AMSOIL synthetic engine oil had a 25,000 mile service life compared to 2,500 – 5,000 miles for everything on the market. The oil filters needed more frequent replacement. However, 25k mile oil changes were zero “hype” both then and now — they were proven, conservative results of the inherent durability that was built into Amatuzio’s ultra-high-performance products because of their robust molecular designs.

The stunning performance of AMSOIL’s new synthetic oils in the world of petroleum lubrication has been hard for people to grasp.  But fortunately, it comes into focus if we simply convert AMSOIL’s introductory lubrication performance into an equivalent performance by Michael Phelps in the pool.

What is a good “Phelps” comparison?  You might say that each new AMSOIL synthetic lubricant introduction was the equivalent of Phelps breaking every world record in yet another swimming style, and winning races by half a pool length faster than the swimmers who set the prior world records – despite it being his first race in that category!  You might say that because it’s a good analogy, and impressive.  However, it’s also a gross understatement.  We need a better analogy, like this:

At five times longer service life with 25,000 mile oil changes, AMSOIL synthetic engine oils still cut engine wear rates in the 1970’s by WAY over 50%.  So, we could say that to equal AMSOIL’s performance margin, Michael Phelps would need to swim five times further than the 100M and complete those 500 meters at twice the speed of the world record pace for the 100-meter race.

[You might want to read that a couple more times, and let it sink in.]

AMSOIL has been proving their superior performance over and over against all the leading lubricants (not just Mobil 1) by publishing comparative certified laboratory ASTM test data for more than three decades, without ANY courtroom or lubrication industry challenge of the test data accuracy!   Why?  The superior performance is incontestable: since AMSOIL’s test data comes straight out of the arena of standardized lubrication industry testing, as performed daily throughout the global lubrication industry, the data cannot be legitimately challenged.

AMSOIL can claim to be the best, and publicly show unassailable data proving they are the best, for one simple reason: they ARE the best, THE performance benchmark, AND the value benchmark.

When someone discounts or questions the validity of published certified-lab ASTM test data of AMSOIL products, it’s no more credible than questioning the validity of Olympic world records. Certified timers in FINA certified pools DO prove Michael Phelps records are not illicit, and that his medals are not photoshopped fakes crafted for self-promotion like fraudulent war-medals.

When someone suggests that AMSOIL has to prove their designed and constructed synthetic lubricants are superior to a specific petroleum oil, it’s just as ridiculous as alleging that high-school swimmers should be assumed to be as fast as Michael Phelps unless he directly races them.

Lubrication performance specs and warranties in the global OEM arena 

Some car designs, especially European designs, include components or systems which are especially demanding on lubricants.  In cases where lubricant demands exceed the existing agreed automotive-industry-wide SAE Service Grade performance requirements, OEM’s state that only lubricants which pass their additional performance specification tests are acceptable. There are many reasons for the need for specialized lubricant performance testing, including higher performance, or simply the technical impact of the latest rounds of government demands for emissions and fuel economy.

In these additional high-performance OEM specifications, AMSOIL provides surprisingly dominant “Olympic gold medal” levels of performance. Consider these examples:

  • Independent testing shows that AMSOIL’s Signature Series 0W-20 provides 75% more engine protection against horsepower loss and wear than required by a leading industry standard*, extending the life of vital components like pistons and cams.  (*ASTM D6891 as required by API SN specification.)
  • General Motors created the additional new Dexos1 Gen 2 specification which it requires engine oils to meet for high-performance turbocharged engines, in order to (1) provide adequate turbocharger protection and to (2) avoid damaging Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI).  ALL of AMSOIL’s new gasoline engine formulations pass Dexos1 Gen2 tests at the highest performance level, far beyond the minimum requirements.

Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) Demonstrates AMSOIL’s Untouched Cutting-Edge “Overkill” PerformanceSave up to 25 percent and get exclusive offers as an AMSOIL Preferred Customer PLUS exclusive help from a former OEM headquarters senior engineer

LSPI is a critical-damage issue in the new turbocharged gasoline direct-injection (T-GDI) engines due to the combination of premature fuel ignition under high engine loading.  Most of the new 2.0L 4-cylinder engines in North American available cars are of this type, and are currently “de-tuned” below the horsepower and fuel-economy levels designed by the OEM’s, due to the lack of engine oils available to protect against the phenomenon of LSPI.

Is LSPI really that big a deal?  Yes!  Essentially, LSPI can blow apart your pistons and rods, in only a few thousand miles, just from accelerating from a stoplight.  (More detailed information on LSPI here.)

The extreme ignition timing advancement (for power and emissions) that creates the dilemma in these new OEM engines requires the engine oil to have unusual formulation-performance characteristics in order to prevent pre-ignition damage. GM (and the other OEM’s) know that none of the current SAE/API Service Grades are adequate to protect the latest turbochargers, and are greatly concerned.  As of mid 2017, only 10% of the oils on the market that passed the obsolete dexos1 had also passed dexos1 Gen 2.  Both the SAE and API needed the last couple of years to create a new SAE Service Grade and provide oils to meet it. The new SAE API SN Plus specification is expected to be released mid-2018, and ILSAC is expected to adopt it as an International Lubrication Standard.

However, LSPI is not a problem for AMSOIL customers.  AMSOIL saw this coming long ago and made sure that all its new Signature Series, XL and OE gasoline engine formulations pass the Dexos1 Gen2 at the highest level possible.  Here is a performance summary:

AMSOIL’s Signature Series oils protect Turbochargers 72% better than required by GM dexos1 Gen 2. 

AMSOIL’s synthetic engine oils for gasoline engines ALL provide 100% protection against LSPI, across all product lines and all viscosities including Signature Series, XL, and OE (for LSPI testing as defined by Dexos1 Gen 2).  Signature Series oils also excel in preventing combustion deposits, and maintaining engine power and fuel economy in these high-performance TDGI engines.

European Car OEM Specifications

In European cars the Autobahn is a primary EU reason for additional OEM specs because of its’ many long sections of highway with NO speed limits, where a “normal” car can be driven like a race car at wide-open throttle, for many kilometers.  In the petroleum oil realm, this is a serious OEM concern.  But with a truly high-performance synthetic like AMSOIL, Autobahn lubrication protection is not an issue.

AMSOIL Guarantees and Warranties protection performance using their Synthetic Oils recommended for your car – even if you drive a Porsche Panamera.  Even after the Porsche warranty ends, AMSOIL’s warranty still warrantees protection!

AMSOIL’s Signature Series Synthetic Engine Oils are engineered and warrantied for protection that meets or exceeds the most demanding specifications for nearly every production automobile imported to North America, even if you drive a Porsche Panamera with the optional monster twin-turbo 4.8L V8 under the hood.

Which option seems like a smarter choice for protecting your Panamera and maximizing its’ performance?

  1. Using a very expensive synthetic oil that meets only the Porsche A40 spec, or
  2. Using a less-expensive American designed & manufactured synthetic oil which is so rigorously engineered that it ALSO meets or exceeds the highest specification requirements from Renault, BMW and Mercedes Benz, to ensure an even higher level of protection than the A40 provides by itself?

    (By the way, nothing but AMSOIL lubricants simultaneously meet the highest levels of designed performance across so many top specifications. And, no-one but AMSOIL warranties their protection performance.)

So, shift back to Olympic-medal performance.  Is it reasonable to assert that AMSOIL can’t be considered superior to a specific lubricant unless AMSOIL is tested side by side in the same certified lab and machines (i.e. Olympic pool) for the calibrated ASTM tests (certified race timers)? Is that the only “legitimate” way to have measured test data?  No, it’s not.  Every single oil manufacturer already has their own certified data from the same standardized ASTM tests, and these test standards serve the same purposes as FINA specifications for dimensions of Olympic pool and starting-block platforms.

Let’s compare the similarities between performance to Olympic FINA standards and SAE/ASTM standards:

If a swimmer in a FINA-certified pool in Rome posts a faster time than the current record in Beijing, then there is a new record. Unless there are allegations of violations or deviations which disqualify the record, which are investigated before the record can be confirmed, it is regarded as fact.  That’s how it works because that’s how it’s rigorously designed to work.

Similarly, if a lubricant in a certified ASTM laboratory test posts a certain performance level, then the performance test record is fact.  Any concern is much simpler than a challenge and an investigation: simply buy some of that lubricant and have it tested in a certified lab.  If the results are closely similar, within expected/required ranges, then there is no basis to challenge the validity of the testing.  Results are expected to be closely similar, because that’s how ASTM testing is rigorously designed to work.

If you feel that ANY other lubricant is better than AMSOIL, or that ANY additive improves AMSOIL performance, or if their marketing claims seem to hold more than a thimble of water from an Olympic pool, then I call the bluff!

Lavon Miller, owner of Firepunk Diesel, won back-to-back Diesel Power Challenge championships in 2014 & 2015, then duplicated the feat in 2016 & 2017 in the Ultimate Diesel Callout, and set two Pro Street world records in 2017: Firepunk’s trophy-proud engine, transmission, and front/rear differentials are ALL protected by AMSOIL synthetic fluids. Firepunk recommends AMSOIL to all their customers.

Lay the cards on the table!  Post the Olympic pool lap times!  Try to prove the validity of your emotionally marketed loyalty to some lubricant that is “as good or better than” AMSOIL’s four decades of global dominance in lubrication performance.  AMSOIL’s cards are already down, so let’s see the ASTM data and compare lap times for the freestyle, butterfly, breast-stroke, back-stroke, and in the long races too – not just imply performance for the 50 meter race.

I already know what you don’t: you cannot show their full spectrum of performance data that compares to AMSOIL for the most important ASTM tests, because its’ all hidden.  Every legitimate product has full ASTM performance-testing data, but just like Mobil 1 has done for years, they won’t reveal the data even when they are asked point-blank by consumers, thousands of times.

  • Publicly published ASTM data on your favorite products’ performance DELIBERATELY DOESN’T EXIST.
  • What is your favorite lubricants’ performance/protection warranty against damage or excessive wear?  You can’t find it.  No-one can find their warranty, because it has NEVER existed.
  • How WELL does their engine oil pass the dexos1 Gen 2 requirements?  “It passed”, but how many LSPI occurrences happened (the testing counts them)?  All AMSOIL Signature Series, XL and OE engine oils had ZERO LSPI in dexos1 Gen 2.

How do we know that AMSOIL, or Michael Phelps, is the best and there isn’t any data to the contrary?

We know it because Phelps’ times are validated in official Olympic timing according to global standards which ensure accuracy.  And because high-school coaches have had over 20 years to post official race times faster than Phelps Olympic records.  The mere thought doesn’t pass the laugh-test, does it?  It’s not even plausible that a high-schooler can overcome Michael Phelp’s inherent advantages of training and competitive experience.  No high-school student has EVER posted a race time faster than Phelps numbers, because such a student never existed.

To our knowledge, every Diesel Power Challenge winner has won with AMSOIL lubricants. Lavon Miller of Firepunk diesel has run exclusively AMSOIL and urged customers to trust it, since before he became the #1 most winning diesel truck competitor three years in a row.  Like all racing competitors, diesel enthusiasts gravitate to AMSOIL because they find products whose extreme performance best protects theirs.

These are the same realities with the performance of automotive lubricants, including AMSOIL synthetic oils.  All the ASTM tests are performed for every valid lubrication fluid, long before it hits the shelves, and all that test data with measured performance values is filed.  “Competing” oils only publish Chemical and Physical Properties obtained with (of course) ASTM tests, but – LIGHTBULB ON ! – those only establish the most basic required characteristics, like showing the viscosity is in the claimed range.  Additionally, although those few published characteristics are what you have when you pour it out of a new bottle, they don’t show what happens to the oil after you start your engine: that’s what most of the other ASTM tests evaluate.

Consumers are deliberately kept in a state of performance-ignorance by the petroleum industry, so that you’ll assume that those basic characteristics tests ARE (all) the ASTM performance tests. They’re not.  Meeting the OEM performance requirements, as defined in the oil Service Grade or an OEM specification, can only be demonstrated across a group of a dozen (+) specific ASTM tests which validate by pass/fail whether the absolute minimum performance is met in many vital areas, or not.

[The ASTM Tests used globally for engine oil formulation development and API trademark licensing under the API 1509 EOLCS are listed at the end of this article.  Which tests are required, and what each minimum “pass” result is, are determined by the Service Grades or other specifications which are being claimed for compliance.]

In addition to printed brochures and test-data reports, AMSOIL has often included the ASTM data right on product labels and packaging boxes listing the major brands by name on the charts (rather than “competitor A, B, C”). AMSOIL has been paying certified independent labs to do those tests for DECADES, and the published data is prosecutable as fraud and/or false-advertising if it’s false (with both the lab and AMSOIL at risk of ruination), and AMSOIL’s competition also does regular product testing. Yet for over 30 years no-one has EVER challenged the accuracy of AMSOIL’s data. Instead, AMSOIL’s competitors don’t publish their test results, and DO NOT discuss their performance compared to AMSOIL products…

AMSOIL protects turbochargers 3 to 4 times better than Royal Purple and Mobil 1, and had ZERO LSPI events in GM’s dexos1®Gen 2, the auto-industry’s best available engine test as of Sept 2018

Even when Mobil 1 is directly asked for their ASTM test data comparing Mobil 1 to Amsoil, they avoid answering the question.  Who knows how many thousands of times consumers have asked them, but since October 16, 2006, the best public response they can offer is to distract their audience with irrelevant data showing how they perform against petroleum oils?  Notice their official response is not an engineering response: “distracting” or mis-directing the audience is the primary technique a magician or illusionist uses to control the audience’s perception and prevent them from understanding what is actually happening. (It’s not hard to make test data disappear when you only thought someone saw it!)

Here you can review the results of AMSOIL vs. Mobil 1 and many other top engine oils, in the global standard ASTM lubrication tests that all oil manufacturers and OEM’s use.

The gigantically superior technology advantage from AMSOIL synthetic lubricants is the opposite of an outrageous marketing claim – these are highly engineered results which are realistically modest when compared to many other technological advancements.  Think about it.

For example, 300 x 200 pixel CRT television screens from the 1970’s are hopelessly outclassed by the 3840 x 2160 pixels in true-black 4k OLED flat-screen televisions. A salesman can appeal to nostalgia and claim that “everyone knows” there’s no better TV than the proven “classic” 25-inch CRT model like your grandparents had in their living room, while saying that 4k TV’s are just “marketing hype”, but it’s not remotely true.  Not only does the 4K screen have a 138-times higher pixel count, and at least 4x the fps frame rate, but the contrast ratio (light-to-dark) is improved by more than 100,000 times.

With such video and smartphone advancements, plus genetic engineering, nano-scale machines that can be programmed and commanded, hummingbird drones, and countless other examples, isn’t it nearly certain that modern lubrication technology with engineered synthetic molecular construction is vastly better than refined fractions of crude oil?  

Am I a marketer trying to sell you something?  Or, am I an engineer working hard to unchain your mind, helping you understand vastly superior technology performance that pays you money to use it, by keeping more of your money in your pocket?

FACT:  The burden of performance proof is not AMSOIL’s – not any longer. AMSOIL has published their embarrassingly high performance records for decades, and several times has published the full broad-spectrum of comparative test data with all the leading, competing, or touted oils tested at the same time.  And “for some strange reason” (that engineers call “test data”), fleets with engineered maintenance programs always seem to change to AMSOIL after they analyze used AMSOIL from representative fleet vehicles.  For example, the Texas State Highway Patrol fleet did that over a decade ago, followed by the major municipalities in Texas.

AMSOIL has thoroughly earned our confidence with decades of ASTM test data and fleet field study results. They have an impeccable reputation which is globally acknowledged for both exceptional performance and continuous improvement, in pursuit of improved performance using the latest discoveries in molecular design and additive-package formulation.

AMSOIL has been in this position of extreme credibility for so long that they ARE THE BENCHMARK for industry experts and top racing teams.  Here’s how a true benchmark is used:  assume AMSOIL’s continued superiority until you have certified data that proves different.

Questionable?  What is highly questionable is the source of a consumer’s confident “feeling” of product performance which has been marketed to them with psychological techniques and invalid logic.  Like the Wizard of Oz hiding behind a curtain, the petroleum oil companies have incentives for consumer deception, and command an unwarranted, unearned level of public trust by using emotional marketing and dozens of psychological manipulation techniques.

AMSOIL both shows certified ASTM test data of theirs and other oils, and warranties their protection, while other lubricants give you neither of those.  Let that sink in, until its’ an acid eating through the psychological marketing chains that have been wrapped around your mind.

Anyone with confidence in “their” lubricant’s performance against AMSOIL should ask themselves an important question:  if my lubricant’s manufacturer doesn’t have enough confidence in their product to pull their ASTM test data out of the file drawer and post it online, OR to warranty the performance & protection of their lubricant… then is my confidence based on factual data, or on the psychological manipulations of emotionally effective marketing?Owners – Managers: Click Here to APPLY FOR AN AMSOIL COMMERCIAL ACCOUNT. Fleet – Facility – Equipment. Get the Best Pricing PLUS Expert Engineering Advice

AMSOIL’s engineering, technology and performance leadership are the lubrication industry equivalent of Michael Phelps’ untouchable, unchallenged status in his most dominant Olympic races – those where Phelps leads right off the blocks, and lap after lap pulls so far ahead that he has no challenger, and sets another Olympic world record.  Remember how the swimmers would all ignore him and were only racing each other, and how Phelps was ignoring them and racing to beat his own record?  That footage of Michael Phelps’ also EXACTLY pictures AMSOIL’s performance race, how their formidable engineering took the lead right out of the blocks, over three decades ago.  Lap after lap – year after year – AMSOIL has been racing virtually alone, running far ahead, and setting their targets on surpassing their own performance records.

Taken as a whole, AMSOIL’s are the dominant lubricants in several racing sports, used by most professional teams.  In NASCAR, AMSOIL is not the most dominant lubricant, until you narrow the field to the Winners Circle and the points leaders.  (Feel free to devote hundreds of hours of investigation to develop your own opinion.)

With adequate investigation it could be demonstrated that over the last three decades, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants have won more races, cups, awards, and medals than Michael Phelps, and AMSOIL has a much longer record of excellence which began more than a decade before Phelps was born!   The ranks of elite global swimmers shift over time, and tend to get a little faster as a group.  But there is little doubt that Phelps number of career gold medals and records will always be the benchmark for swimming pool performance.

Similarly, there is little doubt that AMSOIL synthetics will always be the benchmark for automotive lubrication performance.

Fortunately for us, AMSOIL hasn’t retired, and still hasn’t reached its “prime” – they continue to set new records, year after year.  WE get to benefit, and now so do you!

If you aren’t already benefiting from the superior performance of AMSOIL synthetic oils and nanofiber filtration, aren’t you glad you read this?  It’s time to keep more of your vehicle maintenance, repair, replacement, and fuel costs in your own pocket!  Converting to the best AMSOIL products for your vehicles isn’t hard, and you don’t have to figure it out on your own – that’s why we’re here.  To find the maintenance needs and optimal products for YOUR vehicle, here’s the perfect place to start.  E-mail us with any questions – we love to help!

Save money, receive exclusive offers as an AMSOIL Preferred Customer - and get exclusive help from a former OEM headquarters senior engineer

Don’t forget to be a hero, because an opportunity this big is rare!  Post and share this information with your friends, and tell them about Preferred Customer membership that lets them buy at wholesale and get it shipped to their door – they’ll owe you big-time, and will always respect you for it.  How do we know?  Because AMSOIL has one of the highest customer-loyalties of any group of products in the world, and 75% of AMSOIL dealers took that step because of their stunning experiences as AMSOIL users

BONUS:  Synthetics vs Petroleum Base stock oils

CONSUMER ALERT!  Several mainstream petroleum oils on store shelves used to be called “petroleum”, “semi-synthetic” or “tri-blend” until ~1999 when a legal battle between Castrol and Exxon-Mobil turned into an agreement that Group III “synthetic” petroleum oil is no longer fraudulent labeling because it’s made by breaking apart longer molecule chains.

Performance of the deconstructed Group III petroleums vary wildly compared to Group IV or V base-stocks, and with a high quality additive package they can sometimes outperform old Group IV formulations. This blurred line has been spread, so that putting a “synthetic” label on them is no longer fraudulent in most countries.

Some people assert that there is “nothing wrong” with mainstream petroleum oils or “full synthetic” petroleum oil, and that high-performance synthetics are an “unnecessary” “waste of money”.  But if you’d rather “waste your money” by having it pay you back in fuel economy savings and annual maintenance, while providing a large safety margin for unexpected problems, and reducing wear rates by 70% and more, then you want to use AMSOIL.

Here is a basic explanation of the different lubricant Base Stock Groups. If you want additional information and perspective, please review the many resources on our website.

AMSOIL Savings Cost Calculator 2015
Click on the chart for more details on cost comparisons including commercial fleets.

AMSOIL – the First In History and In Quality

  • First to develop an API rated 100% synthetic motor oil (1972).Amsoil Research Orange Dragstrip Car
  • First to introduce the concept of extended drain intervals, with a recommended 25,000-mile/12-month drain interval.
  • First to produce synthetic motor oils for diesel engines.
  • First to produce synthetic motor oils for racing engines.
  • First to produce synthetic motor oils for turbocharged engines.
  • First to produce synthetic motor oils for marine engines.
  • First to manufacture synthetic gear lube for automotive use.
  • First to manufacture a 100:1 pre-mix synthetic 2-cycle oil.
  • First to manufacture a synthetic automatic transmission fluid for automotive use.

More about AMSOIL’s Excellence and Amazing History


Standardized test data from the most reliable & trusted tests in industry.
Personal experience.
Combine those two, and when they both agree, you will have no doubt about the superior performance of AMSOIL products.

We’ve got the data.  Why not combine that data with YOUR personal experience, so that you KNOW the results are as accurate as you made them yourself?  Contact us, and we’ll help.

Sure, you can keep buying the mediocre performance of the famous mainstream brands that fill most store shelves.  But know that when you do, those oils are costing you a lot more money per year than buying the high-performance AMSOIL solution.
Bottom line?  AMSOIL saves you money.

(We save a LOT of money with these AMSOIL “secrets”, and thought you’d like to know them, too.)

Recommendations and Related Articles:

Typical advantages of AMSOIL synthetic motor oils and filters:

  • Save time and money with extended oil drains;AMSOIL is Devoted to Protection
  • boost fuel economy 2-10%;
  • lower operating temperatures;
  • reduce engine and component wear by over 70%;
  • triple the remaining life of your lubricated mechanical systems & components (“triple” is conservative).

In nearly every case, AMSOIL‘s synthetic lube and filter products provide best-technology solutions that far exceed OEM specifications. And they provide optimum solutions considering the three greatest automotive insider secrets for vehicle maintenance.  That is why we recommend AMSOIL products.

You will not get any of these benefits with conventional petroleum oil !!!!!

AMSOIL is proudly made in the U.S.A.

AMSOIL is privately owned by patriotic Americans

My AMSOIL Garage tracks your oil changes and maintenance for ALL your vehicles for FREE


For more specific info on oil selections and tips for turbodiesel pickups, we invite you to expand and turbocharge your knowledge when you…


DODGE RAM Cummins Diesel Owners Page
Ford PowerStroke Diesel Owners Page
Duramax Diesel Owners Page

UltimateSyntheticOil promotes the AMSOIL Filtration and Lubrication Gold Standards in the United States and Canada If you want to buy AMSOIL Products, visit our vehicle maintenance page, or the AMSOIL On-Line Store or download a clickable pdf e-catalog


AMSOIL and Dexos Compliance – and AMSOIL EA nanofiber oil filters

Is AMSOIL engine oil Dexos compliant? What about AMSOIL EA oil filter performance differences and warranty requirements?  A customer recently asked me these questions.
Just bought my wife a new “17 Yukon Denali with a 6.2 liter V-8 requiring Dexos compliant 0-20. 
Question #1: Is Amsoil Signature Series 0 – 20  GM Dexos compliant from a warranty perspective? (My GMC dealer was not able to answer this question but has assured me that Signature 15-40 is warranty compliant for my ’17 L-5 Duramax).
Yes, it is.  AMSOIL fully covers any warranty issue (unlike any other oil manufacturer), and the reality is that there never are oil-related warranty problems when you use a highly-engineered, dramatically superior lubricant.
Dexos is a licensing certification program that GM put together for a number of reasons, and hundreds of oils are on their licensed list because they use the same several pre-approved additive packages.  While all AMSOIL engine oils recommended for LSPI-sensitive engines do meet Dexos requirements, these AMSOIL synthetics are not in the Dexos licensed list of oils.  AMSOIL formulates their own packages for maximum technology protection and performance,  rather than maximum profits at minimum performance requirements.  One reason they don’t do licensing programs is because of the frequency of their formulation improvements (3 to 10x more often than everybody else): AMSOIL’s business model has always been to deliver the maximum protection and performance that technology will permit, and they are always raising the performance bar higher by creating or selecting new molecular constructions with superior performance.
The key concern for all the OEM’s is the rapid and extensive engine damage that can occur from LSPI, and this has become a central purpose for pushing Dexos.  The risk of engine damage in these TDGI turbocharged engines is very concerning because many, many oils on the market provide little or no protection against LSPI.  The problem the OEM’s face is that the relentless speed of the yearly fuel economy increases mandated/coerced by Obama’s car-czar doesn’t allow oil development to keep pace with increasingly severe engine technology demands. The oil industry has been trying to put together a new or revised SAE service grade to cover LSPI requirements, but the OEM’s need to avoid fuel economy tax penalties can’t wait for the completion of this project. Several OEMs including Ford, GM and Caterpillar have published supplemental oil specifications to fill this gap as a protection against warranty claims from LSPI damage.  
10 years ago, no-one would have dreamed that ignition timing would be advanced to such a hairline level that oil formulations would need to help prevent Low Speed Pre-Ignition.  AMSOIL’s oil formulations which are recommended for these advanced-timing engines not only pass all the industry’s LSPI tests, but they do it with ZERO occurrence of LSPI against the typical 5 events that are permitted during the testing.  In other words, AMSOIL engine oils are in the very highest performance category, still providing maximum protection against every type of engine damage, and boasting a 75% reduction in engine wear rates vs standard industry benchmark performance requirements.  What this means is that in every new wave of OEM engine designs, AMSOIL is already far ahead of performance and does not suffer failures due to unidentified additional oil stresses in new engine designs.  There is no better protection than AMSOIL Signature Series oils.  
Question #2: Same ? relative to the Amsoil recommended oil filter Absolute Efficiency Oil Filter  EAO17-EA fo the 6.2 liter gas.
When you use an EA oil filter, AMSOIL’s nanofiber technology automatically reduces engine wear rates about 50-70% vs standard filters. There is no better choice for protection, and the 1-year/15k mile life of an EA15k or 1-year/25k mile life of an EAO filter is unmatched in the market: the construction of the filter is absolutely premium in every aspect, including the most expensive gasket used on any automotive oil filter.  The HNBR gasket cost is about 10x that of standard filters, but fully seals with less effort/pressure, does not harden with high temp exposure, and as long as it is lubricated with an oil film when installed, it never freezes/sticks on the engine.
FYI, I think it’s still true that not a single OEM publishes any specification for engine air or oil filter performance.  It’s also important to realize that nearly all oil filters are constructed with wood-fiber-media held together by resins that begin breaking down after six months exposure to engine oil chemicals.
  This has been the case since the beginning of spin-on oil filters, and is another reason I highly recommend using AMSOIL oil filters for 1-year oil change intervals or any interval longer than 6 months. 

Question #3: What is the difference between the following Amsoil oil filters – Absolute Efficiency for my 6.2 liter gas and 25,000 Mile EA for my L-5 Duramax?
The first filter is an EAO17, and the 2nd is an EAO52.  In both cases, you get EA nanofiber filtering efficiency of 98.7 percent at 20 microns, vs standard filter efficiencies as low as 51%.  You also get good filtering at 15 microns:  it’s been known since the published 1980’s GM research that 15 micron filtration provided a 70% wear-rate reduction from standard cellulose filter media (the primary filter media today is still cellulose paper). 
The performance difference is the amount of filtration media surface area, which is driven by filter size, as well as the designed flow pressure for bypass valve opening.  In many vehicles, OEM’s are shifting to even smaller oil filters as one piece of the puzzle in reducing vehicle weight and engine compartment size, to aid in higher fuel economy. The filter performance is identical, but the EAO17 is smaller than the EAO52. 
EA15K oil filters have the “15K” designation to show their 15,000 mile rating: these filters have a lot less media due to their physically small size, meaning they don’t have as much particle capacity before the bypass valve is diverting more oil around the filter than generally preferred by industry.  

How to Guard Against Ethanol’s Downside in Fuel

Don’t Ignore Ethanol’s Destructive Potential

Ethanol added to gasoline has long been marketed as if it is all-good, win-win.  But ethanol is a bit controversial because it has a destructive side that can really bite your wallet if you don’t guard against it.  Lets talk about the negative effects that ethanol can have on fuel-system components, especially in powersports and lawn & garden equipment – and what you can do to avoid those problems. But first, some background info.

What is ethanol?

Ethanol is an alcohol fuel derived from plant materials, such as corn, barley or wheat. It’s mixed with gasoline at different ratios to produce the fuel you buy at the pump. Most people see E10 at the pump, which is gasoline that contains up to 10 percent ethanol. Today, E15 is becoming more common. And owners of flex-fuel vehicles designed to run on increased concentrations of ethanol can opt for E85.

The upside of ethanol

Years ago, lead was added to gasoline to, among other things, boost octane rating and help prevent engine knock. It turned out lead poisoned catalytic converters and harmed the environment, so it was replaced by methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE). However, MTBE was shown to damage the environment if leaked or spilled. Today, ethanol has replaced MTBE as a more environmentally friendly means of boosting octane.

Fuel-system problems

That brings us to a major knock on ethanol – it’s propensity to degrade rubber and plastic fuel hoses and carburetor components. Ethanol can cause gaskets and fuel lines to harden, crack and then leak. It can also cause aluminum and brass fuel-system components to corrode and develop a white, flaky residue that clogs fuel passages.  The problems are extensive, widespread and costly in marine, powersports, and lawn care equipment.

Some marina personnel say that up to 65 percent of their repair orders are attributed to fuel-system problems.  Some lawn equipment professionals even recommend that:

  1. You should never buy used lawn equipment unless it is very cheap, because much of what’s sold has serious internal fuel-system problems that need repair.
  2. You should find a source for 100% petroleum gasoline, and use pure gasoline for all of your powersports, marine and other seasonal equipment.

Beware!  NEVER put E85 (85% Ethanol, 15% gasoline) into a vehicle that is not FLEX-FUEL and stated clearly by the OEM to be designed to permit use of E85.  Putting E85 into non-flex-fuel vehicles WILL cause damage that shortens the life of fuel system and engine components.

Ethanol isn’t to blame

Phase Separation in Ethanol Gas Fuels like E15

While ethanol has become a popular scapegoat for mechanics, especially in the marine industry, it isn’t the enemy – time is the enemy.

Why do ethanol related problems affect powersports and lawn & garden equipment more than your car or truck?  It’s because your boat or lawnmower can sit idle for weeks or even months. During that time, the fuel can absorb moisture since ethanol has an affinity for water. The more moisture available, and the more the fuel tank “breathes” in heating/cooling cycles (daytime/nighttime temperature changes), the faster it pulls water into the fuel.  That’s why ethanol related problems are so common and magnified in marine applications: as the fuel sits unused in the tank through daily heating/cooling cycles, the high humidity accelerates water absorption and fuel breakdown.

So why is this bad?  Water can break the molecular bond between gasoline and ethanol, causing the water/ethanol mixture to separate from the gasoline and fall to the bottom of the tank. This is known as phase separation, and you can see an example of it in the image above, with gasoline on top of ethanol and water on the bottom.

Phase separation causes several big problems. The engine can draw the ethanol/ water mixture into the carburetor or injectors, which accelerates injector-wear and also creates a lean-burn situation that can increase heat and damage the engine. In addition, the gasoline left behind no longer offers adequate resistance to engine knock since the ethanol that provides the increased octane the engine needs has separated from the gasoline. Burning low-octane gas can cause damage due to engine knock, especially in two-stroke engines.

Finally, if your boat, lawnmower or other piece of equipment sits unused, the water/ethanol mixture can slowly corrode aluminum and brass fuel-system components, not to mention rubber and plastic fuel lines and gaskets.  Since water is the lowest separation layer, it lays directly on the bottom of storage tanks and in the low points of fuel piping: where those tanks or pipes are steel, they will corrode, and where they are plastic they will degrade.  Eventually those components fail and require replacement, and it can happen with surprising speed.  That’s one reason why boats are required to use components made of USCG approved materials.

Driving your car or truck almost every day doesn’t allow enough time for phase separation to occur, which is why we don’t see these issues nearly as often in the passenger car/light-truck market.  But in outboard motors, weed-cutters, motorcycles, jet-skis and other seasonal equipment, the problems are huge.

While it’s true that OEM manufacturers can change designs to reduce deterioration in these weak spots, it’s often much easier said than done.  In fact it can take several years to achieve reasonable reliability and life.  And those design changes do nothing to reduce problems in older-design equipment.

Prevention is the best solution

Although some fuel additives on the market claim to reverse the effects of phase separation, there’s no way to reintegrate gasoline and ethanol once they’ve separated. Instead, it’s best to prevent it. Here are the main ways to avoid it:

  1. The best solution is to use non-oxygenated, ethanol-free gas in your powersports and lawn & garden equipment. It costs a little more, but using 100% gasoline eliminates the problems associated with ethanol.  Unfortunately, it’s become hard to find “straight” gasoline.  Otherwise, use the lowest Ethanol content you can find, such as E5 or E10.
  2. Eliminate or control the gas-tank “breathing”:
    – Use climate-controlled storage, which virtually eliminates the “breathing cycles” of the fuel tank, and reduces the air humidity.
    – Keep the gasoline tank in shade.
    – Keep the gas tank full.  Fill up when you are done using the equipment for that day or week:  that minimizes the volume of “breathing air” that the tank can pull in/out with the daily temperature swings.
  3. At the end of the season, or whenever it will be sitting idle for months, treat the gasoline and drain and purge the fuel system.

In most cases these approaches are impractical, inconvenient and sometimes unsafe.  But fortunately there is another, more practical solution: treat every tank of fuel and container of gas with AMSOIL Quickshot ®.  It helps keep water molecules dispersed in the fuel to prevent phase separation. It also cleans varnish, gums and insoluble debris while stabilizing fuel during short-term storage.  Quickshot is highly engineered to help you avoid ethanol-related problems and keep your equipment protected.  There’s nothing controversial about guarding your equipment and your wallet.

Written by:  Len Groom with Brian Dobben.
Len is a Technical Product Manager with AMSOIL.
Brian is a former OEM headquarters Senior Engineer with over two decades experience in automotive engineering, and he is an AMSOIL Dealer who started UltimateSyntheticOil.com out of his passion to educate people on the huge advantages of AMSOIL’s globally-recognized engineered expertise in automotive lubrication, filtration and service fluids. 

Kingdom and American Dual Citizenship

What is going on in America?

What should we do as men (or women) of God?

Only God can count how many godly American men have asked these questions, or how many times we have asked.  I believe God has been allowing many things in order to prepare America for her role in the end times and Revelation.  But now that America’s role has been prepared, clarity is coming.  The hour is late, and now that we are awakening, we must listen, armor-up and hurry to obey!  It’s time to rise up, men of God!  This is our moment, our time, to save America.




Voter Guides and Ballots





US Intelligence Veteran details new American Revolution – broad intel coalition stopping “Clinton coup” with counter-coup: indict & jail Hillary, Lynch, Obama and other key conspirators under Espionage Act.

“The Enemies Within” documentary exposes Socialist/Marxist DNC plot to take permanent control of USA

Chuck Norris: Christians – VOTE!

Before going further…  to every spiritual brother and warrior from Men’s Encounter and Five Star Men, welcome!  You are spiritual leaders and warriors, and you know that the war is intensifying and the battlefronts are expanding.  I’m going to provide some foundational answers to both of those two questions to explain what is going on, and what we should do.  I trust that you will pass along a link to this page, just as widely as God prompts you.

You can comment at the bottom, so we can collaborate.  (I’ll need to approve your first comment before it shows up – that lets me keep the spam and abusive trolls out.)

I also have extensive Pinterest Boards which have valuable, quick, educational posts on many things people don’t know or have been lied to about with propaganda (these open in new tabs):  Kingdom Citizen – American Citizen,  TruthStrike, and Islamofraud.  I highly recommend the recent movie Hillary’s America – The Secret History of the Democratic Party.  It has been remarkable to watch it twice, and wrestle with the magnitude of how the party of the Marxists and Slavers has re-imaged both itself and the Republican party.  It has been available only a few weeks on Redbox and often has to be reserved to get a copy… it’s been, as I understand, one of their top rentals.Visit Kingdom Citizen - American Citizen on Pinterest

But, wait. Why is this important topic here, as an obscure page on an unrelated website?

Good question with an important answer.  We need to be wise as serpents, correct?  What military commander openly reveals his communications and communication routes to the enemy, risking disruption?  The purpose of this page is to get out this critical message with the best chances to avoid the overt censorship that is being exercised in social media including Facebook and Twitter.  That censorship began a few years ago.  But in recent months and weeks, both of those platforms have increasingly suspended and blocked access to major accounts getting millions of visitors, because of non-specified “policy violations” that were actually nothing more than:

  • Informing people of critical information that’s being censored/blacklisted in the “mainstream” media.
  • Telling the truth about crucial issues that are being widely “misrepresented” with “false narratives” (in other words, they are being propagandized with organized boldfaced lies in the media).

In addition, earlier in October I personally witnessed an unusual and suspicious Facebook behavior on my own computer that I found alarming.  After typing in a lot of content over 15+ minutes, the Facebook page – only that tab – suddenly closed in my browser without any warning or error.  In fact, it was on the private 5 Star Men’s group page, and it directly delayed getting this information out.  In short, “free speech” for patriotic Christians is now monitored and restricted in many ways – so it’s important to bypass the norms.  But to keep this page to our main subject, I have detailed censored speech and related concerns on a page of Tips and Recommendations in Cyber Security for Wise Kingdom Warriors.

However it has become important that every Christian warrior should take wise cyber precautions to guard your family and those you know, and to support effective warfare of the Kingdom against darkness.  And that is the point.  This non-indexed page is housed on a privately owned domain with an encrypted https certificate, managed by me, monitored for hacking attempts and locking them out, on a politically harmless website that is focused on one of the most common global themes of everyday vehicle owners.  It is not themed for patriotic concerns or Christian political activism.  So at this point in America’s censorship environment, this location draws no political/religious attention, and the content can’t be easily silenced or censored by a faceless moderator.  So feel free to post and send people to this article page on an innocuous website.

Back to our main subject.

What is going on in America?  What should we do as men (and women) warriors of God?

Everyone knows or at least senses that America is at a pivotal point of dire danger.  Nearly every single one of the most respected, godly Christian leaders has been echoing this and warning that unless the Church steps in now, our nation will be lost.  Hundreds of Christians that you know have only DAYS left to decide how to vote, or whether they will even vote at all.  And like being in the hundred-mile-an-hour winds of hurricane Katrina, or Sandy or Matthew, we are all being bombarded endlessly with a barrage of insinuations, lies, focus-group-tested messages, and pleas of patriotic warriors who are asking to step up to the battle line for us.  Many of the most extensive and incessant campaigns are literally a pack of propaganda lies that are largely funded by direct or indirect foreign contributions (which are TOTALLY illegal) from such well-wishers as Islamic terrorist organizations, Iraq, Turkey, Russia, and even Cuba.

Here’s a tiny whirlwind picture of where America stands: The smallest Navy fleet since the 1920’s… pushing women into roles within all-male combat units… two criminals who should be disbarred are sitting on the Supreme Court bench issuing illegal commands… ordinary Christians in every walk of life being targeted for judicial system abuse, career destruction and financial ruin for simply declining to put their personal approval on evil… pastors being illegally ordered to turn over all of their sermons and sermon notes… elementary schools requiring students to learn Islamic chants and speak a lifetime “irrevocable” commitment to Islam, Mohammed and Allah as the superior, supreme greatest… a judge (Moore) removed from the bench fraudulently through abuse of power, by illegally claiming that his explicit following of Georgia state law was illegal… taxpayer-sponsored migration of foreign armies and gangs into thousands of US communities… foreign leaders, business owners and nations buying influence, weapons, approval, favors, US-homeland Uranium mines, military secrets and technologies (from the State Department), for bribes of donations and speaking honorariums made to an illegal “charity” scam and money-laundering operation (Clinton Foundation)…

The full list would be shocking in both length and content, as evidenced by the dozens of books published in the last five years which barely touch the vast scope.  I’ll get into the question of “what’s going on” in much greater detail, but I’m putting it off until further below (and into a separate resource?), because the immensity of answering that question could easily absorb an entire encyclopedia set (for those of you who know what those are).

“We need revival.”  As a preacher’s kid… I’ve come to believe that phrase is mostly a useless diversion to maintain our blindness.  America does need a revival, but it needs much more than that. America needs a restoration and a recommitment to the Kingdom of God. And the Kingdom of God must once again include America’s institutions of government, law, education, manufacturing, and the arts: these have been so deeply corrupted that there is no other answer but restoration to kingdom principles. The church has been hiding it’s light to our nation under their church roofs, and this has to change. The Enemy has been offering gold-painted dirt to America for many decades, and people are thirsting for the genuine treasures of God’s principles because they are increasingly desperate for something that works, something that can save the nation.

Revival isn’t enough.  Jesus came radically, taught radical ideas, and inspired radical faith with prayerful action. Franklin Graham says “we need a Christian revolution in America”.  He is absolutely correct, because a restoration will require a godly revolution – which we are called to.  But what does that mean?  We have many problems for many reasons, but in this dangerous moment and this desperate time we need razor-sharp clarity. That’s why I’m writing – to give you the perspective and facts you need, to understand what to do IMMEDIATELY.

Here is the key question:

In these days of looming disaster, at the hands of our Enemies who are already planning the celebration of their permanent takeover of our nation… what should we do as men (and women) warriors of God?   

Here are 3 Keys to how God’s Warrior Bride can enable God’s “Signature Move” of Snatching Victory from certain defeat   

There is an answer for America. God’s answer. His power to save is limitless and indefensible, and He promises to intervene. But His intervention requires something that only we can do. It will enable the Bride to shine brightly and resist the antichrist spirit until she is taken away.  But the enemy has created such confusion in the church, that the very same answer which has been impressed in us by the Spirit for decades has not been understood.  AWAKE now, and understand!

KEY #1:  God’s answer is 2 Chronicles 7:14, “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

It’s an “if/then” promise: if we do our part, God will do his. But the American Church has been confused about this verse through multiple generations. Creating confusion is always an objective in war against an enemy, because it produces either inaction or ineffective action, both of which prevent the power of a unified response.  So Satan has kept us confused on this promise of God.  The humbling and turning “from their wicked ways” has seemed puzzling, and undefined in how it practically applies… perhaps as a generic call to pray, or perhaps it’s tied to one important issue like abortion?  We try to be fervent for God.  Are we really so wicked, are we not humble, or is the issue with “the rest of the church”?

Despite past confusions, this verse is the powerful key to God’s intervention as he promised, compelling him to “hear from heaven and heal their land”.   For us to understand how to use this key, so that we can enable God’s intervention in America, we need to “have the mind of Christ”.  We need to “be transformed by the renewing of your minds”, which describes the process of stripping away the layers of deception and manipulation that have caused confusion, and letting the Spirit replace lies with truth and confusion with clarity.  Then we’ll know what to do.

KEY #2: In the beginning, long before we abandoned America to the enemy, Christians SERVED their communities and God with every facet of their lives. While some served in public offices, EVERY citizen understood a sacred duty to serve others by prayerfully considering and voting for who those “public servants” would be.  We stand guilty of an AWOL negligence of our sacred duties as dual citizens of America and of the Kingdom.  This is a dire and wicked sin which we have not humbled ourselves and repented of.

Dr. James Dobson is begging Christians to go vote, calling this the “point of no return” and saying “the fate of the nation depends on it”.  Because of the widespread rampant vote-fraud preparations, and the long early voting and absentee ballots, a massive Christian voter turnout is needed.

Throughout America’s history, from the days of the colonies until now, it has been the prayerful public service of Christians throughout the military, community and government institutions, that has been the functional and institutional backbone of America’s greatness.  All of the original Universities in America were founded to educate students on the certain foundation of Christ and the Creator God.  Even the great scientists who brought powerful advantages to America through inventions, patents and manufacturing, and farming breakthroughs, were all conducting research and experimentation on the basis of their firm belief in the Creator God who “does not play dice with the cosmos” (as Albert Einstein said).  “A firm reliance on God” wasn’t just a phrase in our founding documents.  Despite the fraud of “revisionist historians” in the last three decades, that phrase was one of thousands that reflected a nearly universal and almost unwavering civic community conviction of God’s power and the authority of his Word, and our personal and social obligations to the Supreme Judge of eternity.

Alexis de Tocqueville (the French Historian who published his 4-volume Democracy in America during 1835-1840) noted that he could not comprehend the remarkable power and spirit of America until he visited our churches and observed the fiery passion for God and truth, after which he concluded with great conviction that he had found the key to understanding the historical phenomenon of our nation: “America is great because America is good.”

In the same way, it has been Christian’s abandonment of public service to Satan’s servants and “useful idiots” (to quote Lenin’s description of naive, easily manipulated citizens) that has brought everything to ruin. But the church didn’t only abandon government institutions – we withdrew from almost everything, from the arts to science, from communications media to education, from the courtroom to the “Justice Department”.

With only marginal prompting by manipulative actors, most churches adopted the belief that God would only take your Christianity seriously if you went into missions/ministry/evangelism: everything else was seen as activities for “nominal” or 2nd-class Christians.  This belief, in a misapplied “spirituality” of not “being encumbered by the affairs of the world”, was a deception. It was very effective in inoculating the church against any useful response to the godly warriors and prophets that God sent to alert the body to what was happening throughout our culture and the very institutions of our government that our forefathers had carefully founded upon the authority and wisdom of scripture.   They cautioned that we would have to diligently guard our republic if we were to retain it. (No, America isn’t a democracy, but rather a republic which necessarily includes some limited democratic components.)

Note: if you graduated from a public high school in the USA during the last 30 years, it is not only likely but almost certain, that you have a very inaccurate, censored, incomplete picture of America’s founding history.  For example, in Jefferson’s private letter which referred to a “wall of separation” between church and state, it was an illustration that while the church could freely intermingle with government and guide it, the government was blocked by a Constitutional wall which protected (Christian) religion from any interference. But in the last 60 years, that single phrase from this letter has been deliberately, fraudulently used by the Supreme Court to claim the exact opposite of its meaning.  In parallel, Marxism and Socialism (a transitional control-gathering stage of creating a Marxist government) were both given disinformation makeovers.  Socialism’s inevitable economic wastelands were hidden from reality, while the 100 million casualties of Marxism’s bloodthirsty utopian wars against the hardwired nature of mankind were also erased from public awareness.

You were targeted with disinformation. Why? Because rewriting history is one of the early steps needed in order to enable Marxist takeover of a nation, and is also used extensively to stay in power.

David Barton is perhaps the foremost Christian historian in American history. He has written many books specifically to take us back to original source documents contained in the Library of Congress and private collections, revealing the truth of our foundings as a nation and who we really were.  It’s disturbing to see the extent of the lies we have been told.  Many years ago David Barton founded WallBuilders, dedicated to rebuilding an accurate understanding of the scriptural foundations of our nation’s laws and institutions, and the reverent bold character and vision of our founding fathers.

The American church (actually most of the churches throughout Western Civilization) bought into clever lies that enticed us to commit three great sins:

  1. Retreat from public service,
  2. Silent detachment from public discussion, and
  3. Excluding civic matters from our concerns, as being merely “secular” (i.e. non-spiritual) distractions from “kingdom work”.

Don’t discount the truth of these sins. It only takes a quick review of the Old Testament to see how God judged Israel and other nations again and again for corporate (community) sins. Essentially, the sins amounted to detached abandonment of their communities and voting, to accept what they knew as evil and wrong as if it were normal. Whenever nearly everyone accepted this silent approval of evil in a nation, God judged them all together.  And, he judged them by handing them over to the destruction and/or oppression, and/or enslaved control of another nation.  In other words, God permitted the enemy to remove their freedoms and steal their blessings, their inheritance, and all that they had worked for.

Heavy Revelation #1:

Romans 13 became a Satanic tool in America because of its success in getting the German church to separate itself and silently accept submission to the rise of clever, organized, treasonous evil.

USA Fact: we do not have “rulers” who we must submit to, but laws that ALL are responsible to, based on the authority of The Lawgiver, in a “government of the people, for the people, by the people”. In other words we don’t get to pass the buck about America’s condition on the day of judgment, because WE ARE the government. Yes of course we are to obey those in authority, but we have completely forgotten the legal, constitutional and spiritual caveats to that responsibility: no authority in America is absolute, but is given conditionally based on faithfully fulfilling duties according to the law.  In other words, an officials’ abuse of authority or dereliction of duty carries a civic requirement, a solemn duty for every individual citizen and for their community jointly, to immediately remove that official from their position pending a full investigation to bring appropriate charges against them.

Heavy Revelation #2:

As citizens of the United States of America we have a universal moral civic responsibility TO VOTE, and to vote in the best available way according to our discernment in order to guard justice, security, truth, peace and freedom of conscience, and to appoint government officials who will not shirk the duty of investigating, arresting, convicting and incarcerating evil. Our civic duty is not simply Voting, but to faithfully vote with these eternal considerations before God, according to the impacts on our community through the lens of eternity.

This solemn, inescapable duty of every American citizen of age is exactly what pastors preached across our nation for generations in the famous Sunday “election day sermons” which closed with prayers for personal insight and conviction, before the community left the church (or not) to vote on Sunday.  That is the reason why for many decades, most American elections were on a Sunday.  As a Kingdom Citizen, our responsibilities of dual citizenship are greater and carry a Divine mandate because we have been given more understanding, more power, more discernment: from us, much more is required than of just an American citizen.

Because we each have an individual responsibility before God, we cannot hope for others to investigate and have discernment and vote well so that we don’t have to. If we AGAIN take that broad, easy Satanic road of deception, we will regret it beyond our ability to comprehend now. America is at a cliff’s edge, being pushed off by a thousand bulldozers to the cheers of every evil empire. We are supposed to be the ones who appoint the crew foreman, the fuel truck drivers, and the bulldozer drivers. Will we show up in November 2016 and elect people who will halt the bulldozers and un-weaponize the equipment and crews that belong to us because they were bought with our taxes?

It is commonly argued that “our role” is to pray, as if obedient wise action is a spiritually immature lack of faith.  But this is a deceptive ploy: the skin of a truth, stuffed with a lie.  Of course we should bathe every aspect of our lives in prayer to God, but didn’t Jesus himself say “why do you call me Lord, Lord, but don’t do what I say?”  The enemy has enticed us to over-spiritualize prayer, as an excuse for the inaction of passive disobedience.  James essentially said show me your faith by your works, not by omitting the very actions that demonstrate your faith.  Didn’t the wallbuilders with Nehemiah work at building a wall, with swords strapped on?  Wasn’t it their unity, their faithful obedience, and their watchful determination that succeeded despite the superior positions of their enemies?  Would the result have been the same if most of them had excused themselves to attend to more “spiritual” activities?

How do we know what needs prayer when we have abandoned knowledge of it? How do we know what to pray against if we don’t know the forms our Enemy has taken, or the strategies he employs to destroy our communities and our state, and corrupt our courts? And if we don’t know what to pray about, because we don’t know what’s actually happening, how will we hear God urging us to serve our neighbors in a public role?

Detour into America’s homeland war-fronts:

I don’t want to detour long, but the fact is that many Christians are completely unaware of how our grim reality is rather similar to Nehemiah’s situation.  Like Jerusalem’s walls at that time, our borders are broken and un-protectable.   On our Southern border, our deliberately understaffed, policy-restricted and half-disarmed Border Patrol agency who caught a half-million illegal entries last year (a fraction of the illegal entries that they didn’t intercept) struggles to survive despite constant sabotage from Washington DC, in a desperate hope that Trump will win. (Having never endorsed a single presidential candidate, they unanimously voted to endorse Trump.)  It’s been confirmed that ISIS has a training center across the Mexican border and has been building access-routes, supplies, capabilities and strategies to create crippling effects and death within our borders. Evidence suggests that they can come and go across the US border nearly at will.  To paint a full picture of the dangers and the treason involved in our situation would take more than one book.  Fortunately some of them have already been written.

Point:  Just like Jerusalem in Nehemiah’s time, at the mercy of enemies and robber gangs, we desperately need a REAL WALL to guard against criminals and avowed enemies.  There had been many prayers offered in a span of years when God’s people were powerless to act, but the appointed time of God’s provision had come in answer to prayer, and now their obedient, faithful, determined work was REQUIRED in order to rebuild the wall.

Point:  Not a single one of them could build the wall.  Not a single one was responsible to do it.  But, it took the obedience of every one of them, and their work, to rebuild a practical and physical barrier against the enemy.

But America’s Southern and Northern borders aren’t our only missing walls that are an immediate and grave danger.  Many “walls” of our most vital laws and of our protective agencies have been dismantled, bypassed or denied.  This has been accomplished largely by extensive treason by Democrats, the party which was taken over by Socialist/Marxist/communist international globalists – a strategy which a young Hillary Clinton was instrumental in conceiving and selling to key radials.  In fact, many of the leading DNC figures could be accurately called “treason artists”.  But in the last decade it’s become a problem in GOP leadership as well, which explains the Republican congressmen giving Obama everything he wants. In “The Enemies Within,” Loudon says there are at least 100 current members of the House of Representatives and 20 members of the U.S. Senate who “could not qualify to obtain a basic security clearance to clean the toilets at any military base in the nation.”  The bigger shock is that this problem is so pervasive that if the same security clearance rules are applied, Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, and their closest aids and advisors could not qualify for a basic security clearance either.  

The broken wall of vote integrity.  Democrat leadership is deliberately permitting and creating illegal voting in order to create a permanent power stronghold for evil to control America.  For example, by issuing standard government ID’s to illegal aliens, and prohibiting any validation of citizenship, “The Enemies Within” have ensured that at least thousands and perhaps millions of illegals will be permitted to fraudulently vote, in direct violation of the law.  In fact the DNC hired a small army of illegal hispanics to canvass communities of illegals and register them to vote. Releasing of thousands of violent criminals, and giving them voting rights, is another ploy to steal legitimate votes.

Extending early voting to many weeks before elections facilitates more extensive “bussing” or car-pooling to vote across state lines multiple times as multiple people, but there are other less obvious problems – such as citizens who want to change their votes due to five active FBI investigations, with pending indictments of Hillary for Espionage Act crimes.  (WND reported 20 scandalous Clinton developments that happened over a 24-hour period in the first week of November.)  Massive absentee ballot printings, such as Ohio’s unprecidented ballot mailings to every single registered voter in the state, enable intercepting of many absentee ballots so that “every vote counts” – even if you turn up at the polls only to find that you have (somehow) already voted absentee.  George Soros provided funding to supply 50,000 uncertified electronic polling machines.  In recent years, some democrats have been convicted not only of vote fraud, but of possessing lists of elderly, mentally ill, and dead citizens who are known will not vote but are still on the voter rolls.  In 2016, some of those found guilty were applauded on DNC stages after their release from prison.

The recently released Project Veritas undercover investigative videos, whose account Twitter blocked and banned when the number of people learning of the videos skyrocketed, shows top DNC operatives revealing extensively coordinated illegal activities between the Obama administration, the Hillary campaign, and shadow-funded groups.  Numerous group leaders, with extensive direct ties and long historical involvement to the Obama/Clinton/Soros triad, explained in their own ripe words how they are tasked with every possible manipulation, including controlling the media messaging at Trump rallies; hiring violent people to start fights at Trump rallies; organizing cross-state multiple voting; accepting illegal foreign financial contributions to fund their dirty work; and much more.  They bragged of bussing in fraudulent votes for 50 years.  And much more.  Don’t believe the media spin – watch the videos yourself, and you’ll understand that it’s the DNC and their media operatives that are misrepresenting the facts.

Another wall of rubble is our US Intelligence agencies being rendering blind and impotent.  The FBI has been completely compromised and almost completely crippled.  Muslims who want America and Europe subject completely to Islam under Shariah law (which mandates erasure of the Constitution) have been placed in most of the key strategic positions within the DHS, where during Obama’s reign they removed over 120 training programs which educated agents in the inherent dangers and harsh realities of the totalitarian “religion” of Islam.  These appointments and strategy come via Muslims Valerie Jarrett Plame (top Obama advisor) and Huma Abedin (Hillary’s personal aide for two decades). For more than 6 years now, agents have been trained to ignore “peaceful” “moderate” Moslems: essentially conditioning them and requiring them to assess nearly any budding jihadi terrorist as a non-threat.

In reality, most Moslems inhabit a vast network of mosques and institutional infiltration organizations that are directly linked to terrorists and to the most virulent teaching segments of Islam which seek to support a global “hijra” (disguised migration of armies) to invade infidel countries and conduct covert strategies to take them over from within.  This has been accomplished purposefully by three key leaders including Huma Abedin (Hillary’s closest personal assistant), who we now KNOW is an espionage agent for the Islamic takeover of America.  Her family’s organization explicitly focused on organizing scattered American Muslims, pulling them back from assimilation and into mosques, and bringing in millions of Muslims to resettle here and overthrow the US from within.  Always, always, always, Islam seeks to take over governments and replace every nation’s laws with the barbaric Shariah that Islam mandates.

The massive hijra (“migration” in Arabic, it’s the “refugee crisis” scam in Western media) was enabled by Islamic countries, ISIS, and the Obama/Clinton efforts with Soros puppets in the EU, in order to speed up the global iron-fisted conquest of the entire world by Islam.  Globalists/Marxists value Islamic advancement for strategic reasons, including serving as self-guided KKK substitutes on steroids, who focus on disrupting society with fear to gain control, and on killing Christians and Jews who do not bow to their threats and commands.  While it is true that not one of the Islamic nations has agreed to accept a single “refugee”, it is not because they are “smarter than we are” in recognizing that some jihadists are “hiding” among the refugees.  Instead, it is because the entire Muslim world knows that they are deceiving all of Western Civilization into accepting millions of jihadi warriors under the “refugee” deception.  This is confirmed by many important facts, including the extremely low percentage of women and children among the “refugees”, and that the Muslim-only UN panel which reviews and approves all “refugees” has included less than 1% Christians – curious, since the most legitimate refugees are the Christians and Yazidi’s who are being slaughtered systematically by ISIS and other jihadist groups.

Oh, and there’s the pesky fact that Mohammed himself taught the tactic of hijra migration as a foundation for expansion conquest, and promised that all Muslims who migrated to infidel lands would be rewarded in heaven for their sacrifice.  Islam has conquered dozens of countries throughout history with this strategy, and twice posed such a grave threat to pre-American Europe that it was widely feared that Europe would fall to the “Islamic hoards”.  One of the most notable and compelling stories in the world’s history is how a small and unlikely group of devoted Christian defenders, the Knights of Saint John, or the Knights of Malta as they came to be known, were globally regarded as responsible for defeating massive Islamic armies and saving Europe twice.

This is why Merkle (and other EU leaders), Obama, Clinton have been adamant about the insanity of accepting millions of Islamic jihadists: they are deconstructing their nations by destabilizing and remaking the population (along with the government) using Islam, while retaining plausible deniability of guilt.

The broken integrity of the Justice Department, and its weaponization against Americans and justice.  The “Justice” Department has many severe scandals, some of them flagrantly paraded before all of America: supporting the Marxist BLM propaganda farce; accusing the police departments in city after city of having a racial bias problem despite their own investigations admitting that violent black criminals were properly shot by procedure, in self-defense, sometimes by black or latino officers.  Despite the head of the FBI stating repeatedly in testimony before congress that on point after point, what Hillary had testified to them, under oath, about e-mail communications, was “not true”, “not correct”, “not accurate”, and despite admission that she violated laws for which lesser citizens sat in jail, he nevertheless did not recommend prosecution.  His position shocked and outraged the entire FBI investigative team.

If not for recent Judicial Watch and Wikileaks exposure of e-mails, and the NYPD’s decision to nab Weiner’s laptop in order to get access to the Clinton-syndicate e-mails on it (650,000), the FBI would not have re-opened the criminal investigation into Hillary’s e-mail treasons and crimes.  Oh wait – maybe you didn’t hear much about that because it’s being blacked out in both the standard media an in social media?   That’s why Trump said she should never have been nominated or permitted to accept a nomination to run for the presidency.  Hillary has, in fact, committed numerous acts of treason in prior years including selling strategic military secrets to the Chinese for personal profit.  The “e-mail gate” just happens to be the biggest collection of her most irrefutable violations of The Espionage Act, for personal reasons, personal profit, and personal power.  Hillary and Bill’s clever pay-to-play mostly tax-free wealth, built by soliciting payments to the various Clinton Foundations, inspired the Pay My Foundation music video.  And the extreme extent of Hillary’s treasonous criminal corruption is a huge contrast to Trump’s self-built influence that carries no foreign campaign contributions, no lifelong chain of scams, scandals and dead-body lists, no adoration of a Marxist mentor whose most pivotal book was dedicated to Satan, and no commitment to globalists or Marxists to destroy America.  And that is why Trump has to be “unfit”, “unstable”, “deceitful”, “self-serving”, etc: to pretend that everything Hillary is, is why voters shouldn’t trust Trump.

Healing our Land – How to soberly consider the facts of our circumstances, but Act to Unlock God’s intervention:

I believe that this is our final 2 Chronicles 7:14 moment in America.  “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Here is how to humble ourselves, and pray, and turn from our wicked ways.  A central core of this humbling is to recognize and admit our ways which are wicked in God’s sight.  When we humble ourselves in admission of our guilt, it opens the door for us to pray and seek God’s face as to how to repent (turn away) from our wickedness.  The failure to fulfill our most basic civil/spiritual duty is the single largest sin of the American church body. This sin, committed by most American Christians whose heart God has written his law in and brought to life, is the true root of every other problem in America. Abortion has not continued because we have agreed with it, or because a court’s authority is greater, but because the church has failed in two key ways:  we have not spoken the truth with unity to our fellow citizens, and we have not determined to elect lawful and responsible officials and representatives.

In the past 30 years, nearly every single election which placed wicked people in key government offices (who caused recorded damage to our nation) was lost by margins so small that if only two percent more of Christians voted, the elections would have gone the other way.  Evil has been forcefully advancing in America for one central pair of reasons:  most Christians do not vote, and too many who do vote are ill-informed in the votes they cast.  The American church has a huge indictment which God’s Throne cannot ignore: the unsaved and the wicked are far more likely to vote than American Christians.

This election is probably the last chance for Christians to repent and obediently fulfill our duty in service to our communities and nation, in allegiance to God’s Kingdom within us. If we are to turn the course of America away from the cliff’s edge of judgment, it cannot be a small voting shift. Only a large, record turnout of Christians can stop the flood and prevent the coup that has been extensively plotted to steal America.  This is not because a huge majority of Americans is deceived.  No.  It’s because the level of corruption, treason, injustice, censorship, media lies and vote fraud have reached such a severe level, and are overtly bold because they are being enabled all the way to the White House and in every significant branch of the federal government.

So this is America’s plight: If we the Church do not turn the tide NOW in the November elections, America’s future will be lost to permanent election fraud and controlled by treason and espionage.

How do we repent effectively enough to turn the tide? Only with clarity and unity… and God’s intervention in response to our humble repentance.

Because if we continue in a state of confusion or of unawareness (either one is deadly), then our ignorant, disobedient, faithless inaction will doom us to judgment, and America with us. Is it impossible?  Satan wants us to believe that clarity and unity is impossible, but that’s a lie in two big ways…

First, clarity is based on shining the light into darkness so that the truth can be seen and the facts can be known, and on discernment to know where the light most needs to shine. As soon as the light of truth is shown well (as it will be in a few moments), clarity comes.

Second, unity is a matter of prayerful, repentant submission to God with love for one another: the Spirit of God anoints with unity. We can pray, and repent, and submit, and love.


Would it surprise you to know… that the Enemy has been lying? …that how to vote wisely is not confusing? …that one candidate is NOT just as bad as another?   Reality?  Discerning the best candidate to vote for in these times is… EASY. Yes, in fact today it’s VERY easy, partly because of the bold arrogance of evil when it believes its plots are so clever and so powerful that a decisive win is certain.  Several years ago, David Barton explained a bombshell to an annual group of patriotic Christians gathering in Washington DC, how a study had revealed that the church has believed lies in the voting choices.  Specifically, the study revealed that there is a “litmus test” which is 95% accurate in predicting whether an elected official will support fiscal responsibility, economic growth, lower taxes, personal property ownership, national security, honest Supreme Court adherence to the law, self-defense, free-speech, freedom of religion… or whether they will oppose them (while promising the opposite, of course).  What is the telltale secret marker?  It’s their position on the unborn!

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense.  When someone is “personally opposed” to abortion but “feels the abortion decision is between a woman and her doctor”, it’s pure deception.  They get campaign blood money from Planned Parenthood.  And let’s shine the bright light of reality into every corner: although it has shifted a little over the last two decades, an abortion decision is almost never “between a woman and her doctor”.  The real decision is being made by a scared and troubled young woman, who is unprotected and targeted by lies from a boyfriend or teacher or parent, and from the cold-blooded staff of a paid baby-killer operation who make big profits by deceiving and manipulating a pregnant woman to get hundreds of dollars from her pocket, plus post-procedure profits for the sale of fetal research parts.

The Simple Solution for Action: VOTE WISELY, ON GOD’S SIDE, ON TRUTH’S SIDE.

Time is short, and there is flurry of lies and facts contradicting each other on the television for every important race.  In fact, in many key races the Democrat candidate’s campaign is being funded not only by large national DNC coffers, but with infusions of illegal foreign money as well.  Who in the world has time to research and cut through the confusion?

What candidate should you vote for?  IT’S EASY:  Vote for the one who supports life, the one who wants to defund Planned Parenthood, the one who believes that every abortion clinic must meet basic decent medical rules in order to protect the health and life of their victimized women clients, the one who wants to see Supreme Court Justices appointed who will stop lying about a constitutional right to murder babies in the womb.

Evidently anyone who has the guts to publicly take such stands, out of conscience, or civility, or conviction before God, will also have the guts to do the right thing in other areas as well.

If you want to take the 95% accuracy higher or break a tie, look at their 2nd Amendment position on “gun control” vs self-defense against criminals and jihadists.

What about the Trump factor?  Trump isn’t perfect, and no-one will ever be, BUT:

  1. Trump is firmly against abortion.
  2. Trump is firmly for full restoration of 2nd Amendment rights.
  3. Trump has explicitly stated his intent, and listed admirable judges that he will appoint to restore justice to the courts and remove them from illegally legislating laws.
  4. He will restore and rebuild the military, starting by firing the Generals who advanced in rank as political hacks. (He is endorsed by an overwhelming record number of current and former top military officers.)
  5. He will secure our borders. (He is the first political candidate to ever be endorsed by the Border Patrol.)
  6. He will protect Christian religious liberty.
  7. He will re-establish a JUSTICE Department, and take America out of the control of the international communist cartels and Islamic Sharia supremacists.

That is a remarkable set of advantages in voting for Trump.  The late Phylis Schaflly believed so firmly in Trump’s ability to break the elite’s stranglehold over America that her book promoting Trump was published September 6th, the day after her death.  Trump’s final campaign video puts many things in perspective.

As God’s leaders rise and take a stand, they must not stand alone as targets. Lone leaders are targets, but determined and unified armies are formidable adversaries.   So leaders MUST issue a clear call to men who long to be forever known as men of God who played a role in restoring America. And they must also issue clear calls to other leaders that God is raising up. Along the way, they will all discover the Bride shining brightly under the flag of the Bridegroom, the Prince of Peace, and the King of Kings. And they will find a nation’s people turning to the refreshing waters of truth, spoken with bold and loving clarity. It is time for the church to take the role of servant leadership, and fight for the freedom, the truth, the justice, the forgiveness and the peace that America longs for.

If you need more clarity and understanding, get into the details down below.

If you want to research information yourself, download this valuable-article-links pdf which has hundreds of news article links, primarily to one of the 400 highest traffic sites in the world and the largest internet news site in the world… with free access.  It is a vast trove of descriptive links to news source information across a broad span of topics relevant to American community, government, education, military, police, faith, church, courts, marriage, news media, candidates and more.


On this site – Citizens Against Fraud page has Some of the Best Resource links, and why they are valuable.

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More Extensive Explanations and Details

[This is a work in progress, not complete…]

It’s so remarkably widespread that God’s fingerprints are evident: the most respected, iconic Christian leaders in America are all warning that this election holds the greatest dangers in our history. In their own various words, they all confirm that America hangs teetering on the cliff’s edge of totalitarian takeover. Some have noted that if America falls, the world is lost, and it’s likely accurate.

Franklin Graham says “we need a Christian revolution in America”. Like others, he expresses that America can only be rescued by a flooding army of praying and repentant Christians who overwhelm the voting booths in service to our nation in this time of desperate danger… Christians who exercise their consciences with discernment and with awareness of the deceptions being incessantly programmed into our citizens. Graham’s main focus is on what could be called Stage 2: Christians open to running for office, and supporting election of those who do.   It’s essential because this is the prayerful repentance that is required for God’s interventions, and because the truth of American history is CHRISTIANS who stood up for truth and justice at any price.  They were willing to give their lives for those causes because they furthered God’s Kingdom and safeguarded the freedoms of their families and fellow citizens against the corrupt treasons against freedom that had taken over all of known civilization at that time.  So I agree with what I’m calling Franklin’s Stage 2 emphasis.

But Stage 1 is a battle that will be won or lost in the cumulative result of every moment that Christians spend in the next several weeks, including voting and beyond.

If Christians do not wake up to the stench of our historic disobedience and abandonment of our citizenship duties to our neighbors and America, to our children and to the Kingdom, and if we do not repent and turn out in obedient service and massive numbers to vote with clarity and conscience, then America will fall into a nightmare. Our entire legacy of a nation under God, with religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, rights to vote and to own and to defend, will all be wiped out at breakneck speed. And whether sooner or later, this shift into Satan’s power will cost the lives of millions of Americans.


Take heart because there is an answer for America. It is God’s answer, and He is powerful to save. But for His intervention He requires something that only we can do. The answer will enable the Bride to shine brightly and resist the antichrist spirit until she is taken away. But without the perspective and understanding that’s required to remove the confusion that the enemy has created in the church, the very same answer that has been impressed in us by the Spirit for many decades will still not be understood.

God’s answer is 2 Chronicles 7:14, and it’s a classic “if/then” statement. If we do our part, God will do his. But the church has been confused about this, and the confusion has extended through multiple generations. It has seemed nebulous, undefined… perhaps a generic call to pray, or tied to one important issue like abortion. The confusion has left the church without traction to stir action.

But this verse is the key, and I believe I’m going to unlock it for you later below when the explanations will make more sense. If we continue in a state of confusion or of unawareness (either one is deadly), then our ignorant, disobedient, faithless inaction will doom us to judgment, and America with us.

So I beg you to patiently bear with me as I take you on a tour of the wall’s perimeter. I will be as concise as I can, but it is critical that you gain my perspective as one is highly skilled in analyzing complex interactive systems, and who has been “a watchman on the wall” for two decades… as a dual citizen of America and of the Kingdom.

Heavy Revelation: as a citizen of the United States of America you have a universal moral civic responsibility to vote in a way that guards justice, security, truth, peace and freedom of conscience. This is the solemn, inescapable duty of every citizen. And as a Kingdom Citizen, our responsibilities of dual citizenship are greater and now carry a Divine mandate because we have been given more understanding, more power, more discernment: from us, much more is required than of just an American citizen.

Because we each have an individual responsibility before God to vote, you cannot hope for others to investigate and have discernment and vote well so that you don’t have to. I assure you that if you take this broad, easy Satanic road to avoid the war of the Kingdoms, you will regret it beyond your ability to comprehend now. Why am I so unwavering on this? Because this failure to fulfill our most basic civil/spiritual duty is the single largest sin of the American church body. This sin, committed by every American Christian whose heart God has written his law in and brought to life, is the true root of every other problem in America.

The enemy has obscured all of this in dozens of layers of confusion and deception, and used thousands of distractions to prevent us from piercing them to discover the truth. But I will – I hope – make this easy. I will not only explain the complex, overwhelming armies and weapons arrayed against us. I will also strip naked the enemy’s crippling pack of lies that “it’s all so confusing, it’s almost impossible to know who to really vote for, they are all corrupt, and my vote won’t make any difference.” AND while doing that, I will show you how simple it is to know who you should vote for, with the 95% accurate litmus test of what a candidate actually believes and will actually do if elected.

Here’s the crucial reason YOU need to read through this, and prayerfully consider what the Spirit tells you in your heart:

No-one will ever run through their own neighborhood at 2 am, shouting and pounding on doors to warn of the unseen danger of a breaking dam, or a forest fire roaring toward the neighborhood, unless they themselves are certain of the danger and are aware of the small window of warning that will separate life from death.

Gaining the perspective of this “tour” of the State of our Union is essential to arm you to warn others so that you do not stand before God guilty of ignorance, disobedience, and silence. But it’s much more than that! The conviction and boldness of your alarm must convince others in the Bride of Christ to awaken and spread the word immediately, without delay, and to alert them to WHAT they have to know to direct people in choosing the right path to safety. Because it is not possible for you alone to spread the alarm to everyone in your valley’s community in a short time.

The lives of some people you know probably hangs in the balance. So please read this to the end. Their choice of a path into a deathtrap, or to life and safety, might hang only on the basis of your words and actions. And for some who ignore your warning, the realization will haunt them that you KNEW beforehand what was happening and the dangers that would unfold, and you TOLD them with accuracy while so many others were silent, wrong or ridiculing anyone that agreed with you.

Even among fools, “I knew it all along” is worthless to buy trust. So to have any effective second-chance to speak to them, you have to be on record explaining the early warning signs, telling them before events unfold. It’s their knowing you were right and cared enough to speak, that will spark trust in you. And God can use their trust to counter the flood of lies that will certainly sweep most away into the deceptions, so convincing “…that even the elect might be deceived, if it were possible.”

There is an alarming precedent for our situation in scripture, in Judges 19 and 20. In America’s major cities and in the power-halls of Washington DC, the lewd and corrupt have taken power, and any visitor or citizen who does not submit to their unlawful and detestable orders is being punished.   The level of treason and dereliction of duty from the men and women in the highest positions of power in Congress, the White House, and the cabinet branches, are so severe that they exceed the wickedness of Gibeah and Benjamin. We have been invaded and infiltrated by vile criminals and our greatest enemies to such an extent that America needs the equivalent of the global hunt for WWII war criminals, to be exposed and sentenced Nuremburg trials – not only to remove the guilty from power and punish them, but to expose to America the horrendous atrocities being committed.

The severity of this treason is the very reason that the DHS has been alleging verbally and in training and report documents, that the greatest danger to America is NOT from Islamic Jihadists (whose beliefs in their god and scriptures have justified their murder of countless millions in more than 500 battles during their conquest of many nations.) Instead, according to the DHS, the greatest danger to America is from deluded patriots, military veterans and Christians who believe in God, in the Constitution and in justice, who salute the flag, who support a strong military, and believe in parental rights… normal stuff, basic American honor and ownership.  Yet they admit that us normal Americans haven’t actually done anything.  So why make such an absurd assertion that we, the kind ones and peaceful ones who have never shot up a mall or theater or office, pose the greatest danger to America?

Here’s the real problem: they know it’s those very same people who believe in right, wrong, law and honor, and that public officials need to have good character and are not rulers to be bowed to but servants to be held accountable.  In Lenin’s words, normal common-sense Christian Americans are not “useful idiots”. So the real danger is to the power-hungry treason artists who have been fomenting sedition under guise of the “hope and change” mantra, while turning American government into a covert organized crime machine and weaponizing it against political opponents and law abiding citizens.  Yes, many federal government branches including the IRS have been given weapons to carry during Obama’s administration , but I’m referring to weaponizing policies, procedures, restrictions, and exclusions against law abiding citizens.  They know that when these normal Americans wake up from their blissful naiveté and find themselves gagging on a treasonously vile stench wafting across across America from the animated corpses of Marxism, they are going to be angry and demand resignations, investigations, honest trials and real justice. And they won’t take no, or stonewalling, or denial or Christian “forgiveness” ploys.

However, this real American majority can’t currently be easily coerced, threatened, murdered and buried in the night because they are not – gasp – unarmed and defenseless.   This is why the Progressive pursuit of erasing the 2nd Amendment is relentless, and it’s why America’s founding fathers warned that even such an attempt was a sign of deception and a warning of treason. Not one expert who honestly evaluates this situation doubts that if Hillary steps into office, or if Obama contrives to remain (as he has admitted he might do if Trump wins, in order to spare America from the dangers of Trump), then the 2nd Amendment will be effectively gone and law abiding citizens will be criminalized.

This is also why the violent and treasonous are acquitted, the murders of innocents are covered up while others are murdered to hide treason and prevent justice, and the truthful and courageous are smeared to be villains, haters, criminals, and are jailed or ruined because they followed the law and acted rightly. The push for LGBT supremacy with super-rights over everyone else is not because Progressives have great compassion for a downtrodden minority. It’s because that group is emotionally fragile, living in self-denial and self-deception, and is easily manipulated, and their lifestyle is God-condemned: they’re the perfect legal hammer to target Christians. It’s the same ploy the Satraps used to get Daniel thrown into the lion’s den.

So let’s go on your essential whirlwind tour, briefly overlooking the armies and weapons and strategies arrayed against us, so that you can comprehend the certainty and weight of what I am saying… and understand the solution.

The list of prophetic voices is long over these last 50 years. Francis Schaeffer in the early 1970’s saw the coming demise of America and Western Civilization, and devoted years of his life to write How Should We Then Live. To support effective communication of these vital truths, he produced an extensive educational film set, unprecedented before or since, and made many trips from Switzerland to America to urge us to learn from history. He and his son Frankie warned us repeatedly about what was happening and the key battles between the Kingdom and Darkness that Christians were not fighting but forfeiting to the Enemy at great loss and growing peril.

In his works, Schaeffer explained that God never segregated secular and spiritual because all of life and society are His, and that every great free nation of the world was founded by applying scriptures to the laws, constitutions and institutions of their nations. He explained the foundational Reformation cries of “sola scriptura”, referring to the supreme authority being only God’s Word, and “Coram Deo”, meaning that every single facet of life is observed and measured, being lived fully exposed and open before the Face of God. He revealed that every nation thrived to the extent that they guarded these truths, and suffered to the extent that they ridiculed, dismantled and abandoned them.

Students of Schaeffer’s works found them powerfully life-changing, as immensely wise revelations from God that lifted powerful deceptions from our eyes and taught us how to think and discern. Suddenly it became clear that all of history and the rise and fall of every nation, was nothing more than God weaving his planned purposes while the generations and nations wrestled with their personal and societal responses to the unchangeable laws of God’s creation and the unalterable authority of His word. So through Schaeffer, God molded and channeled the journeys of countless thousands of lives: Phyllis Schlafly and Chuck Colsen became voices of clarity, David Barton began writing, Dr James Dobson’s passions were shaped in directions he might not have chosen, and all formed pivotal organizations.

However the vast majority of pastors, board members and denominational leaders remained huddled in the easy, clean safe-zone of “spiritual” concerns, focusing exclusively on foreign missions, personal evangelism and individual ministry, but mostly trading church members, blindly following that oh-so-spiritual deception that abandoned America to the Progressive’s takeover of evil. Focused on the illusion of unity offered by avoiding the entire “divisive” nature of politics, church leaders blindly refused to engage the battle and end abortion. They refused to investigate and debunk evolution. They would not refute lies in the media, or textbook censorship and alterations of historical fact.

Rather than rightfully handling the Word of God and applying it to the challenges of community, society and governance, they accepted the teachings and admonitions of the wicked that they needed to stay out of public affairs. With minimal urging, they accepted the German mistake, and morphed isolation by redefining it as the more mature and devoted service to God. Very few perceived the truth that the “spirituality” of their isolation from the integral mechanisms and institutions of our communities, schools, courts and government institutions, was simply a trap. It was a migration of the poisonous false doctrines that rendered the German churches impotent and allowed Satan’s powergrab to span all of Europe. And so they swallowed a poisonous disobedience that allowed public deception to spread with ease throughout American institutions.

Yet the church has remained ignorant. Right under our noses has paraded a takeover of espionage by the militant liars, fake scientists, transformational educators, revisionist historians, and political treason-artists, all of them tied together in the unity of their seething hatred of God and of his people who believe and speak truth.

But God reserved a number of key leaders who continue to boldly speak into the vacuum of church leadership and government/social institutions. God even raised up unlikely yet powerful voices such as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, who witnessed millions of Americans responding positively, being realigned to reality by many revelations that they realized in their spirits as truth. Others includes bedrock Alan Keyes, Ben Carson, and surprise entries such as Rabbi Cahn.

Just one day after her September 5th death, Phyllis Schlafly’s final book was released, cementing her early revelation that Trump was the first choice to appear that could break the deceptive puppetry of the elite globalist’s Marxist/Socialist stranglehold on American politics: The Conservative Case for Trump.

Never in American history has there stood such an overwhelming array of control, deception, confusion, fraud, violence, conspiracy and treason. As in Nazi Germany, it is only through the near total ironclad control of the media as a coordinated propaganda machine that the unthinkable has quietly become reality. The Media Propaganda Machine enabled Obama to enter the White House and stay for a second term. It censored and ignored hundreds of ways that key government departments became weaponized and targeted on law-abiding citizens, while hiding and shielding the treason and illegality. It deliberately enabled outrageously bold-faced lies to be made, supported, and treated as fact. The commercials, the news, social media, fact-checkers, pundits, they are all linked, funded, aligned and coordinated by the Clinton/Obama/Soros alliance.

Obama recently defied computer security advisors, military advisors, industry groups, the law, and the Congress by deliberately letting internet control contracts lapse and be turned over to foreign control by the UN. The UN has long wanted internet control for censorship purposes, and Hillary has agreed with a resolution which makes it a crime to speak against a religion (to apply only to Islam, of course).  Since this espionage/treason of internet control turnover cannot be undone, electronic warfare will multiply like an avalance. Within weeks the internet has already become a weapon on a scale warned about for a decade but never seen: harmless internet connected devices have been hacked in millions of homes and businesses, and like a hundred truckloads of termites dumped around one house, the devices were programmed and targeted to take down major websites and cause massive internet outages across the US.

The chaos and losses caused by this new electronic war front across America’s homeland will become one of the two key reasons that the government “has no choice” but to approve and rapidly apply complete control and censorship of the internet. Resistance to this foreseeable tyranny will crumble progressively, not only because opponents are secretly identified and silenced, but because of the armies that have been encouraged, imported, hidden, shielded and funded with our tax monies to create violence and terror across the nation.

Unfortunately none of this is speculation. It is classic Marxist takeover strategy, pumped with steroids and turbochargers, and is the only logical explanation for the thousands of deliberate derelictions of duty throughout the major federal agencies and in Congress. It is no accident that thousands of components of America’s national and local security have been removed, crippled, or rigged to fail under pressure: these are impossible except through extensive long-term planning and a vast left-wing network of corruption. At the same time, many secret preparations have been made to establish the national security force that Obama said we needed, that he said should be bigger and more well funded than our military.

There are three armies plotting and conducting homeland warfare against us: gangs, criminal Marxist treason artists (“Progressives” who took over the Democratic party back in Abraham Lincoln’s time), and Islamic supremacists (committed to bringing America to utter defeat and subjecting our nation under the barbaric Sharia laws of Islam).

Tips and Recommendations in Cyber Security for Wise Kingdom Warriors

Cyber-security is huge, and everyone thinks of hackers or thieves.  But perhaps even more threatening is cyber censoring, blocking, filtering, active personal data mining and dossier-building.  Overt censorship is being exercised in social media including Facebook and Twitter. In recent months and weeks, both of those platforms have increasingly suspended and blocked access to major accounts getting millions of visitors, because of unnamed non-specified “policy violations” like:

  • The_Earth_seen_from_Apollo_17Informing people of critical information that’s being censored/blacklisted in the “mainstream” media.
  • Telling the truth about crucial issues that are being widely “misrepresented” with “false narratives” (in other words, they are being propagandized with organized boldfaced lies in the media).
  • Presenting highly credible information which is difficult to refute, that goes opposite to the “narrative” in the news media and PC (politically corrupt) speech rules and “truth” rules.

In addition, earlier in October I personally witnessed an unusual and suspicious Facebook behavior on my own computer that I found alarming.   I was “on a roll”, under inspiration from the Holy Spirit, writing away on a comment on a private Christian men’s group FB page – about this very subject of Christian responsibilities as American Citizens.   Somewhere 10 to 20 minutes into my typing/editing, that FB tab in my browser closed in an instant.  Everything I had typed… lost.   None of the four other browser windows or 50 other webpage tabs, or three other FB page tabs were affected.  No browser errors.  No freeze-up.  No warning.

As a long-time “power user” I’ve NEVER seen that behavior before in a browser.  It struck me as being characteristic of a planned, commanded program response – not a program error.  And I realized that if someone wanted to write a program script that occasionally saved typed entries and monitored posts being typed in near-real time, and scored them according to content and length criteria, that they could use a certain score-point threshold to trigger forced closure of that website tab.  That possibility may or may not be the reality of what happened, but it is consistent with the censorship direction that FB has been deliberately taking, and it is an easily accomplished scenario that is far more believable than many of the Orwellian things that are reliably documented to ACTUALLY be going on.

So, this is a privately owned domain with encrypted https certificate that cannot – at this point in the censorship environment – be silenced.  It’s politically innocuous, and I’m setting this page to not be indexed by the search engines.  So feel free to post and send people to this article page on a politically harmless website.

A final related caution:  for all practical purposes, Google IS the NSA, and numerous sources have confirmed that the feds are building a cradle-to-grave dossier on everyone.  The purpose of citizenry dossiers, throughout global history, is always to sort citizens into categories for purposes of dictatorial monitoring and control, beginning with warnings/threats/coercion, progressing to the permits your business can’t get (or has revoked), the scholarships that your kids will not be awarded because they are on an exclusion list, and the medical treatments that your family won’t get or will be assigned to incompetent medical personnel, and perhaps your even getting on an isolation quarantine evacuation to a remote camp during a “national medical emergency”.  The possibilities are endless, and most of the effects will be invisible and impossible for ordinary citizens to investigate and prove.

The excuse for illegally compiling personal information on every America citizen is always related to either terrorism or crime concerns.   However, after more than a decade of this, it has become very clear.  The target for the data is law-abiding American citizens, and they are gathering EVERYTHING that they don’t need and everything they have no right to without a warrant.  As many times as they have been prohibited by Congress and the Courts from gathering all your data, yet they persist without penalty, they clearly have criminal intent for it.  As the editor of Wired magazine pointed out a few years ago, the technology, software and spyware is a totalitarian dream that’s ripe for exploitation.

In addition, despite ever more sophisticated hacking and data and ransom theft from China, Russia and Islamic jihadi, the government has deliberately done NOTHING of consequence to stop or restrict this.  Doing nothing in the face of attack (like pretending that jihadists motives for killing a dozen people) is a standard Marxist/communist ploy.  Letting it get worse gives them another excuse to ask for or take more power.  This is the reason behind the insanity of the Obamacare website, which deliberately had not one design element or feature that the entire business and financial sector automatically builds in for cyber security.  It was intentionally constructed to have horrible, nearly non-existent security so that every American’s health and financial data could be hacked and their identity stolen. And experts testify that it is so bad that it’s impossible to ever secure it: the only real option is to create an entirely new website to modern security standards.

The point is this.  Everyone should take wise precautions for the sakes of your family, those you know, and the effective warfare of the Kingdom against darkness.  Assume that everything that passes out of your home electronically will be used criminally.  My suggestions after years of research (though admittedly many talented IT guys might provide better insights):

  1. Wise precautions are not just for you, but for your family, and to protect others in the Kingdom, so that they are not hindered in what God assigns them to do.
  2. It’s ok to have a Google account, but don’t use it more than needed.  Definitely don’t use your gmail for any non-business or non-politically-corrupt exchanges.
  3. Don’t use a phone with the Android system.  Google owns and controls the Android OS for many reasons.  Android forces you to back up into “the cloud”, and they harvest everything in your phone. So whatever notes you have about someone in your contacts, they do too.  And since they have your contacts cellphone numbers, they can easily map how often you are in close proximity – and where.  (At one point, about 2013 and prior, if you hunted very very hard you could find a weakly documented, unsupported way to sync and backup an Android device to your computer, but I don’t know whether that still exists. It was clear that Google’s search was deliberately not finding anything to let you sync and backup to your computer.)  In contrast, iPhones do let you opt out of the Cloud, and allow you to backup and sync to your own computer.  Still no real guarantee there when it comes to iTunes interface, but it’s more protected than Android.
  4. Don’t back up to a cloud.  If you must, do the absolute minimum (if its even permitted).
  5. Don’t use the Chrome browser.  Unfortunately if you have ever had it on a computer, you can’t really uninstall it because it’s intended to be permanent spyware.  The real solution is to get your OEM system disks and software disks lined up (order disks if you need to, and print out your licenses for purchased software as a backup precaution),  manually copy your personal data (pictures, documents) to an external drive.  [Only use a backup program if you’ve set it up to make a separate backup of just your personal files, AND you’ve confirmed first the it does correctly perform a restore of files.  Then, reformat your hard drive and do a new installation of your operating system (OS), software programs and files.
  6. Stay away from Windows 10 if at all possible. This is designed for spying as well, and Microsoft is now deliberately including deceptive tricks to get you to do or approve what you aren’t realizing you did.

When Will AMSOIL Publish New Oil Comparison Testing?

For the moment, during the lubrication test standards turmoil and delays, AMSOIL has taken a more stable approach to showing superiority.

Question:  When is AMSOIL going to publish new White Paper comparisons for gear oil, and motor oil?

The last White papers were performed in 2007 and 2009, and they are why I changed all my gear oils and motor oils to Amsoil. I was impressed as they were certified legal test documents signed by Amsoil and a outside company. But AMSOIL and other companies have new products.  When are new test results coming?

ANSWER: Keep in mind that I’m an AMSOIL Dealer, and do not work for AMSOIL.  But having spent about 20 years in engineering and engineering management inside the automotive industry, I, too, would like to see updated gear-oil and engine oil performance testing.  This may not be entirely accurate, but here is my speculation:
I know that AMSOIL has invested heavily in expanding their ability to do both R&D and a lot more competitive performance testing. However, I suspect that a lot of the available bandwidth for this testing has been absorbed in a variety of product update needs created by both the expansion of much more stringent EPA requirements into nearly every engine segment, and the increasing horsepower and towing/weight capacities of commercial vehicles and medium duty pickup trucks while delivering higher fuel economy and lower emissions.

For the moment, during the turmoil and delays in lubrication test standards, instead of head-to-head test comparisons of short-lived petroleum oil formulations which are performing questionably in newer engines, AMSOIL has taken a more stable approach to showing superiority.

The landscape began shifting in automotive engines long before 2007, but shifted into 3rd-gear acceleration for a number of reasons. The biggest factor is probably the fraud-science emissions changes from the takeover of the EPA that turned it from a science and technology base to a global political agenda weapon:  look at Volkswagen having to deal with what is probably the fallout from their miscalculation that the EPA fraud would eventually see the light of day and diesel emissions regulations would return to a factual-science basis.

You may want to sidetrack into “global warming science” or “climate change” fraud, and then come back.  It may seem like a distraction into politics, but it’s actually a valuable real-life lesson on how severely that fraud and criminal agendas on a large scale can impact not only us everyday Americans maintaining our vehicles, and not only a whole nation, but the entire world.

[NOTE:  “Climategate” is one of the most valuable books any American can read.  And www.wnd.com is the largest and last independent internet news agency that is actually practicing journalism, informing the public of the facts rather than manipulating them according to the paid politically-corrupt agenda. It’s free access, and the Progressives, liberals, and fake Republicans hate it like they hate Trump – which is why you don’t know it’s been in the top 400 global-traffic sites for over a decade.  Read it while you can, before the truth is turned off. And go vote as an informed citizen.  Because if real informed citizens don’t vote with a vengeance and realign both Congress and the Presidency, America will probably be lost forever.]

The heavy new demands on engine design – for the sake of emissions and fuel economy – pushed envelopes that increased demands on engine oils to an extent and in directions that had previously been considered to be in the “never-gonna-happen” category. These issues ratcheted up into high tension with the growing revelation that about 4.5 million engines in the ’98 – 2004 range had issues with fatal levels of sludge buildup due to an unanticipated severity in petroleum oil breakdown that had been driven by EPA regulations put into play in the 1990’s. And key engineers as well as executives in both the petroleum and automotive industries were faced with the reality that they were being pushed into a realm of lubrication performance demands that had never been studied within the range of consumer vehicle use, and that both industries were potentially facing multi-billion dollar class-action lawsuits for engine and/or lubricant failures. If you want to get deeper, I wrote more about this recently in an update to the 5W-20 page, and in the looming “super-knock” problem. in turbo-gas-direct-injection (T-GDI) engines.

I also suspect that this automotive-OEM/petroleum-oil dual-partnership in the technical battle against the effects of the dictates of centralized planning politicians in the EPA (criminally throwing the laws out the window, virtually handing vehicle regulatory emissions requirements over to the socialist/marxist CARB group, ignoring the created technical boards and Congress-mandated processes that have served the automotive industry well in responsibly advancing performance based on costs and consumer demands) is creating a far higher level of uncertainty, testing requirements, and revised technical directions before releasing the approved version of new engine oil classifications out of the SAE, API and ASTM committees.

The game-changing impact of all this is that new product life cycle has become far shorter, and is so volatile for the unknowns in both technical and regulatory aspects that no-one knows how short the life-cycle really is… but everyone knows that there will be a lot of reformulations coming out, even though many of the changes will not be announced on the oil bottle packaging.

And that brings up a legal problem related to the value of publishing competitive testing. With the last research White Papers, AMSOIL eventually had multiple oil companies contact them with legal concerns, warning them that their comparison testing results were (or would soon be) invalid due to claims of improved performance in new product formulations. Consequently, AMSOIL had to first retire these to archives after only three or four years, then was pressured to require AMSOIL Dealers to not have them available on their websites for download. And this was before things got as volatile as they are now. So for AMSOIL to do a competitive span of comparison testing like they did in the previous White Papers, AND publish the test data, they could be faced with having to retire the White Papers for use within a span of only months.

Based on this perspective, my suspicion is that AMSOIL is both building their testing capacity and focusing on other time-critical performance testing in less volatile market segments like marine outboards and snowmobiles. Meanwhile, they are probably hoping for the volatility to die down enough in the technical and regulatory uncertainties of the automotive/truck engine oil and gear lube markets, to be able to justify the investment (in both money and staff time) of producing future White Papers that can actually be used for a couple of years before they have to obsolete it and eat the stock of printed copies that they cannot sell or distribute.
… or so I speculate. You can find AMSOIL’s current and archived testing here.

Fuel Contamination with DPF Systems

 DPF-Burdened Diesel Engines Are Fighting a Fuel-Contaminated-Oil Battle and LOSING !

It’s Time to Armor-Up Your Turbodiesel with AMSOIL.

Chart of Synthetic Diesel Oil Viscosity Performance at 4% Fuel Dilution

At 4% fuel dilution, AMSOIL delivered. The competition failed.

Diesel fuel is a natural solvent, and quickly reduces the motor oil’s life expectancy and effectiveness.  In diesel engine oil, a fuel dilution rate of 2 percent is abnormal and anything over 5 percent is excessive.  Fuel dilution leads to reduced oil viscosity, reduced oil film strength, increased engine wear (particularly in the cylinder/ring area), increased volatility, weakened lubricant detergency, accelerated lubricant oxidation, varnish formation, acid formation/corrosion and low oil pressure.

Factors such as frequent starts, excessive idling, short trips and cold starts have contributed to moderate levels of fuel dilution in diesel applications for years. But recent issues created by modern Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF’s) and other emissions management strategies have brought the fuel dilution problem to a whole new level.  For example, increasing fuel dilution levels are documented in 2007+ Caterpillar C13 and C15 on-highway engines.

In addition, the DPF regeneration process in 2007 to present GM, Ford and Dodge diesel pickups has also been identified as a major cause of troubling levels of fuel dilution.  Except for the 2011+ LML Duramax engines, all 2007+ OEM engines employ an “active” regeneration strategy that includes in-cylinder injection of raw diesel fuel during the piston’s exhaust stroke.  Some of the fuel is wiped/washed past the rings and directly into the crankcase, diluting the oil.  This periodic washing of raw fuel into the oil makes it even more prone to viscosity loss and places the engine at greater risk of abnormal wear.

AMSOIL’s premium CJ-4 Synthetic Diesel Oils stay within viscosity grade, even when diluted with 4% fuel – which has now become common in some vehicle conditions. Even though no oil can provide a decrease in your oil-dilution rates from regeneration over-fueling, AMSOIL CAN and DID provide superior protection for higher levels of fuel dilution than was previously encountered in normal diesel engine operation.  AMSOIL’s engineers understand the huge negative impact of fuel dilution problems on engine longevity due to DPF active-regeneration (as noted in the leading paragraph), so they made sure that AMSOIL’s diesel oils continue to maintain viscosity and other essential properties at higher fuel dilution rates, long after other oils have failed.

What oil’s in YOUR turbodiesel engine?  Here’s how to pick the best engine oil(opens in new tab)

(Published in 2009, the G2752 test report was archived due to one or more oils being reformulated, so that the performance results may have become inaccurate for revised formulations. However, the DPF active-regen fuel-in-oil problem is very real in diesel engines, especially when the truck is primarily a non-loaded commuter or idles extensively.  The report still illustrates AMSOIL’s history of superior lubricant engineering that provides a much wider margin of performance above minimum OEM requirements, which deliver valuable advantages under unexpectedly adverse conditions, preserving the life of your engine, transmission, differential.  Click link to open full G2752 test report in a new tab.)

(Brian Dobben – former OEM Headquarters Senior Engineer)

For detailed model-specific info on DPF engine oil fuel contamination, and other insider engineering tips for Dodge RAM, Ford, GMC and Chevrolet turbodiesel pickups…


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Oil Seal Gasket Leaks from Changing to Synthetic Oil

Is There A Risk of Gasket Leaks or Seal Leaks When Changing to Synthetic Oils?

A former OEM headquarters senior engineer gives detailed answers to common questions about potential engine oil leaks when changing to synthetic oils.Is your motor oil devoted to engine protection?

Can a change to synthetic engine oil cause gasket or seal leaks?  First, let’s summarize.  The short answer is no: that is a myth. However, gaskets and oil-seals are two entirely different things. Gasket leaks are never caused by engine oil. But under certain circumstances synthetic oil can more clearly reveal an existing oil-seal leak, sometimes called a “false seal”.  A far more common result of changing to a true synthetic motor oil is to eliminate oil-seal leaks.  In fact, AMSOIL synthetics are rigorously designed to be not only compatible, but even MORE beneficial to seal materials than conventional oils.  So will changing to a true synthetic oil more likely help you, or, cause problems?  If you understand what’s happening and what to look for, you can usually know whether you have a rare case with genuine risk of having an oil leak problem, or whether you can just be another thrilled customer who discovered the secret of AMSOIL.  Below, we’ll uncover the realities so that you can decide for yourself.

Gaskets are the easier subject, so let’s address them first.

Synthetic motor oils cause gasket failure?  (LOL, no, not in this solar system!)

A gasket is not the same as a “seal”, although it does provide an engine sealing function.  A gasket is a thin material placed between two smooth component surfaces, which get strongly and evenly clamped together by bolts or screws.  By design, OEM engine gasket materials are impervious to all standard motor oils (Group I, II, III, and IV).  Gasket leaks are caused by mechanical damage to either the gasket or the clamping/sealing surfaces, by improper assembly or improper gasket selection, by loose or damaged bolts, or by high-compression engine modifications (to increase horsepower).

A few years ago, a respected ASE-certified mechanic recommended to one of my brothers that he should not change his recent-model Cadillac over to synthetic because there was visible indication of very slight “seepage” at a gasket, and that if he installed a synthetic it could cause gaskets to fail – “and a head gasket failure is an expensive repair”.  I shared this with an automotive engineer at GM headquarters, the OEM who designs and makes Cadillacs.  His response nearly dripped with derision: “What does using a synthetic have to do with a head gasket failure!?!  I’d like to hear the logic behind that one!”

Similar wild stories are widespread, shared by “experts” who may or may not be well-intentioned.  Typically the anti-synthetic stories seem to be rooted in either the petroleum oil companies anti-synthetic propaganda years ago (before introducing their own “synthetic”), or from a well-intentioned mechanic who mis-diagnosed the cause of a customer vehicle’s problem.  (I personally know one of these mechanics.  He’s respected in his tiny country-town community – population under 500 – but he has no interest in logically discussing obvious weaknesses in his conclusions.)

However, other motives for bashing synthetics can occur when a mechanic has been paid to work on an engine. Perhaps he has created a small oil leak by not following good practice with gasket installation, or by using cheap replacement gaskets which do not meet the OEM design requirements for that engine application.  In such cases, the mechanic may not want the owner to change to a synthetic oil which might result in a more obvious leak which he would be responsible to repair.  Or perhaps he feels that there is a leak risk from his poor workmanship, such as not replacing torque-to-yield (TTY) bolts as required in order to have proper gasket-clamping force.  In such a case, he might give a caution about synthetics so that he can later blame the use of synthetic oils if a gasket leak develops.

[However, a few synthetics on the market are Group V: esters can chemically attack some plastics, and some seal or gasket materials including RTV.  This issue has likely contributed to the belief that synthetics can cause oil seals or gaskets to leak.  RTV is sometimes used in aftermarket shop work in place of a sealing gasket, or combined with a gasket either to help hold the gasket in position during tricky installations, or to ensure sealing of a damaged or re-used gasket.  Since AMSOIL does not use Group V base-stocks, AMSOIL synthetic engine and gear oils are fully compatible with all standard gasket and seal materials.]

Weak-gasket failures are relatively rare.  But a weak gasket may exist from a manufacturing flaw, for example, or from a borderline engine or gasket design, from damage during the original engine assembly or during engine repair work, or from overpressure caused by engine modifications.  A weak gasket can fail at any time.  But just because that failure occurs a few days/months after changing oil brands does not mean that the oil had anything to do with it.  That’s called “pure coincidence”.

I once had a valve-cover gasket that leaked oil, and after I changed the engine over to AMSOIL it leaked even more.  When I removed the valve cover, I discovered that the valve cover had been removed before and that the flat machined sealing surface of the engine had been gouged in that spot: the gouge was a leak-path which had nothing to do with the type of engine oil, but was cleaned out by the synthetic so that it could leak more.  By cleaning the gouge, and simply adding a gel gasket-sealant in the nick area before replacing the gasket, I minimized the leak to a very low level that didn’t cause problems.

What about oil-seals with Synthetic Engine Oils?

First, do you actually have an oil leak now?   This is important because if there is no leak, there is no concern when changing to a high performance Group IV (PAO) synthetic, or even a pretender Group III petroleum “synthetic”.  The reality in summary?  If there are no oil-drips in the driveway, and if inspection under the vehicle, in the engine compartment and on top of the engine does not show any surfaces wet with oil, then for all practical purposes you have no oil leak to worry about: changing to an AMSOIL synthetic engine oil is risk-free, and nothing but huge advantages. In fact, true synthetic oils are one of the three biggest secrets in automotive maintenance.

[Caution: see Q&A below for the one exception to synthetic oil compatibility – Group V ester synthetics. This caution does not apply to AMSOIL products.]

Further below we’ll define oil-seal leaks in more detail, but first you need a simple background on oil-seals.  Most oil-seals are essentially round pliable rings (made of an elastomer material) which seal around a shaft hole, keeping the oil inside the engine while allowing the shaft to move.  For example, valves slide back and forth inside valve seals, and crankshafts rotate inside the seals.  A “main seal”, “front main seal”, or “rear main seal” usually refer to seals around the main engine crankshaft which transfers all the rotational power, created by the pistons, out of the engine and into the transmission and wheels.

When an engine runs with petroleum oil, the sludge and varnish deposits that occur (from using petroleum oil in the hot engine) will accumulate around your pistons, rings, seals, valvetrain, and in oil passages.  These deposits on a seal will block the seal material’s access to the engine oil, causing the seal to very slowly shrink and harden from engine heat.  Ironically the same deposits can eventually help to seal older engine seals from the oil leaks which the deposits have caused.  This type of “sealing” from petroleum oil deposits is a sign of invisibly growing problems such as piston ring sticking, sludge deposits in valve covers, oil passages and oil pans which can lead to decreased oil pump capacity output and restriction of critical oil galley passageways over an extended period of time, plus many other issues.

Key point: Most oil-seal elastomers are not designed to function isolated from oil. In fact, most oil seals need continuous oil contact, and are designed to benefit from oil washing in two ways: from cooling effect, and from seal-conditioners in the oil’s additive package.  So these petroleum varnish and sludge deposits are definitely detrimental to the proper function and longevity of your engine.  Removing those deposits and preventing reoccurence is important for long life of every engine, including its oil seals.

AMSOIL cleans piston ringsReality? A good synthetic motor oil is ideal rehabilitation for shrunken seals, and can maintain healthy seals almost indefinitely.  For example, because AMSOIL Synthetic oils are rich with top-quality cleansing detergents, and do not break down to form deposits, these engine oils are able to clean out the engine to restore normal, healthy function and prevent serious further deterioration that often occurs from petroleum oil buildup. These benefits occur throughout the engine, from piston rings to oil passages and oil seals.

The Million Mile Van is a good example: it ran standard oils for the first 68,000 miles of its life, and ran the rest of the million miles with AMSOIL synthetic engine oil.  It never had an oil leak

You may have heard the myth that synthetics cause engine seals to leak. Good Group IV (PAO) synthetic motor oils absolutely do not cause seals to leak, but they may more clearly reveal an existing leak path, caused by petroleum oil deposits, due typically to one (or both) of two conditions:

  1. a failed seal which is in need of mechanical replacement, or
  2. a shrunken seal

[See Q&A below for the exception to synthetic oil compatibility with engine seals: Group V (ester) synthetics. This caution does not apply to AMSOIL products. There are only a few Group V synthetics on the market.]

Let’s review each condition.

A failed seal is because either the seal lip is worn down, or the seal is hardened and cracked from old age and heat exposure. (But again, most of this deterioration is caused by the seal being isolated from the motor oil, due to sludge and varnish buildup.)  In reality, the “worn down seal lip” is usually more shrunken than it is worn, meaning that rejuvenation is likely able to restore proper sealing. It is true that if you have an antique engine (over 25 years old), and the seals are original, the seal design is usually not as good as modern engines: old seal materials were more prone to cracking when shrunken and hot.  In such cases, although the presence of oil-wet surfaces might mean that you have a cracked seal, the greater problem is that there are likely damaging levels of internal oil sludge and/or varnish which need to be removed in order to preserve the remaining engine life.

A shrunken seal condition is more likely if you have a ten-year “old” engine that has been running petroleum oil for several years. If, for example, it leaks around the rear-main oil seal, then chances are it will initially leak more with a change to a true synthetic oil.  But that synthetic oil change is typically the beginning of better engine health, not the end of the seal’s life or of the engine.  What do I mean by that?  Our engineering answers to these reader’s questions nicely illustrate what most often happens in these situations:

Q: What about my leaking main seal (for engine oil)?

A:  If it is “seeping” oil slightly, that typically means that it’s got deposits on the other side that are keeping the seal-conditioners in the oil from getting to it, and so it’s drying out and shrinking.

I had that problem – a classic one – on my ’94 Taurus SHO (Super High Output) with the Yamaha 3.2L engine.  It was leaking enough to keep the bottom of the engine and transmission wet with oil, and occasionally put a drop or two on the driveway, with 60,000 miles on it. Now, “everyone” in the national SHO Registry owner’s club seemed to agree that you MUST replace that leaking Yamaha seal, including the top American mechanics who are recognized SHO experts. Because, they said, there was no other option, and it would just continue to get worse.  But I didn’t change the seal.  Instead, after researching the subject more, I just changed to AMSOIL’s 5W-30 (ASL)  because I knew it would probably help. And in the first couple thousand miles, it leaked more. (Right on par, as I expected, due to cleaning the deposits out from around the other side of the seal.) Then over about 5,000 miles that oil leak got smaller and smaller. After 10,000 miles you could barely tell there was a leak. (Typical results of AMSOIL’s superior seal-conditioning performance.) By the time my SHO had 80,000 miles on it, the underside looked like there might have been an oil leak sometime, or maybe one starting, but you sure couldn’t tell where. That was exciting, and impressive, and it saved me a lot of money.  The rear main seal leak was gone – it was cured by AMSOIL engine oil.  And ~100,000 miles later when I sold it, it still wasn’t leaking.

Please note that engines with more than a few years on petroleum oil should be properly converted to AMSOIL to minimize or avoid risks.  This is especially critical if your engine is one of the 4.5 million engines known to have oil sludge buildup problems.  For best results when changing to AMSOIL, we recommend using this easy AMSOIL engine conversion process if your engine is more than two years old or more than 30,000 miles.

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Q: “I’m concerned.  I have a lot of miles on my engine, and some people say don’t change to synthetics with high mileage.  Can you explain about Cracked or Leaking Seals in more detail?”
A:  There has been a lot of fear-selling of seal & gasket-leaks in the market, mostly originating from petroleum companies and quick-change oil franchises who get maximum profit from consumers NOT using the superior synthetic oil technologies.  It’s interesting that when a vehicle is new, “they” say that you don’t want to change to a synthetic because of warranty (fear)… and when it’s out of warranty you don’t want to change because now your engine has “higher mileage” and it might (gasp!) develop “problems” if you use synthetics.  It’s pure consumer manipulation: a psychological pickpocketing scam.  Fear is a powerful marketing technique, especially when it’s aimed at keeping you locked into familiar habits with safe, familiar results: it’s easy to tap the fear of unknown risks.

In order to move past baseless fears and discuss the realities to consider, we first need to answer a basic question:
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What is “an oil leak”?
An oil leak is NOT a slight discoloration.  If you have a discoloration around a seal or gasket, that is NOT a leak. Unless you have a show-vehicle that will be judged in competition and you are bothered because it won’t clean or it reappears after you clean it, you would be crazy to even think about “repairing” that.  Discoloration spots like this can occur from a single drop or smudge of oil from outside the engine, and this is a common result of normal oil-level checks (a drop or two from the dipstick) and oil changes: when the engine is being refilled with oil, anyone in a hurry or who doesn’t frequently change oil will typically spill a little oil somewhere into the engine compartment, and oil that isn’t completely cleaned up can be blown around in the engine compartment when the engine starts and the fan and belts are turning.

Discolorations never turn into leaks because you change to a high-quality true Group IV synthetic oil, like AMSOIL.

When there is slight seepage of oil around a seal, which is common from shrunken seals, it is not a reason for worry when converting to AMSOIL, but is actually a good warning sign that you SHOULD SWITCH to an AMSOIL synthetic engine oil: after a likely period of slightly more seepage, AMSOIL’s rejuvenating reconditioning of the seal will restore proper function, and the leak will gradually diminish to less than originally.  Eventually, it may completely disappear.  This can take up to 15,000 miles depending on the seal material and the condition of the seal. But in our experience, leaks are usually reduced to below pre-AMSOIL levels by the time it’s driven 7,000 miles.

A true engine oil leak is when an engine surface and/or underbody surface area is always wet with oil.  Then the important question is this: where is it leaking from, and how much is it leaking?  If it’s leaking enough to get a large engine surface wet with oil, but it is not dripping in the driveway, or if it leaves a drip every day or two, this is typical of a shrunken and/or worn seal condition.  If you can watch consecutive drips on the driveway, leaving a growing spot, you better check your dipstick weekly because THAT is when you are more likely to have a cracked seal or some other mechanical problem.  IF you have a cracked seal, then anything different that you do with your oil can cause much faster leaking, and we DO NOT recommend that you change to a synthetic oil. Instead, have a mechanic look at the engine to identify the problem and quote a repair: then change to a synthetic after you have repaired the problem, in order to prevent more internal engine damage.

There is some slight risk on old engines with high mileage on petroleum oils, that an oil seal is cracked from being extremely dried out, and is being mostly “sealed” with sludge deposits.  Some feel that because this low risk exists, that they should not switch to AMSOIL Synthetic Engine Oil because a cracked seal will “begin to leak” a lot more. (But if it is not leaking now, then it is probably not cracked!)   However, it is these deposits which are often the primary cause of seal wear and cracking, because they prevent the oil from cooling the seal and prevent the oil’s seal conditioners from keeping the seal soft and lubricated.

Our opinion, as automotive engineers, is that when a slight seal-leak condition exists, it often indicates a high level of sludge and varnish deposits in the engine which are decreasing engine life, and as they continue to build up they are accelerating engine wear and creating an ever-higher risk of rapid or sudden engine failure.  It’s similar to the risk of cholesterol deposits closing off your arteries and causing heart attacks under stress conditions.

If a small oil leak turns into a bad oil leak immediately after changing to AMSOIL, it is likely that the AMSOIL has revealed a cracked seal.  But if a cracked seal leaks badly after switching to AMSOIL, and you have to replace it, it’s also an indication that you’ve dramatically extended your engine life by switching to AMSOIL.  And that’s great!  No-one wants the expense of replacing a seal, but it’s a problem that will only get worse, and it’s cheaper to replace a seal than to replace the engine!

See more recent Q&A e-mails below, from exchanges with our engineering staff:

REALITY CHECK – Summary on Seal and Gasket Compatibility:

AMSOIL protects turbochargers 3 to 4 times better than Royal Purple and Mobil 1

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are made of completely pure, ideally designed synthetic base-stocks, blended with the highest-performance additives available, and are fully compatible with all engine gaskets and seal materials.  In fact, because they are more painstakingly designed than petroleum oils, AMSOIL synthetic oils help maintain seal integrity better, rejuvenate shrunken seals, and extend seal life far better than conventional oils.  However, AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils are recommended for use in mechanically sound engines!  Most “leaks” are slight seepage that does not drip oil and is only significant in car-show judging.  If you have a vehicle that is actually leaking oil badly, then it may be best to repair the seal prior to converting to AMSOIL.  And it’s a smart move to replace that seal and switch to AMSOIL – seal problems often indicate high levels of internal engine deposits, and replacing the seals is a lot cheaper than replacing the engine.

Only you or your mechanic can investigate and determine your engine condition and the type of oil leak that may be present in your vehicle engine.  Because of this, there is no way that Ultimate Synthetic Oil or AMSOIL can guarantee leak-free oil seal or gasket integrity of your engine after changing to AMSOIL.  But this information should better equip you to interpret what you see or are told, and make an informed decision about whether you should change to a synthetic oil.


 Synthetic Oil Questions and Answers:

These e-mailed/posted questions were answered by our degreed automotive engineers.
(None of them are employed by AMSOIL, Inc.)


E-mail Comment:  I was researching synthetic engine oils online.  These claims (see below) would indicate that Amsoil is actually not the best option for synthetic oil, as it is not esther based.  Your thoughts appreciated.

Glenn J.
June, 2016

A:   Glenn –  I really appreciate your question, and the quotations you provided.  They make me think that I should modify/enhance the content on a couple of my pages.  Those quotes are essentially broad-sweeping “news-bite” generalizations across all synthetic oils from all manufacturers.  As such, they provide no details, nor do they explain numerous caveats, or assumptions underlying certain statements, or exceptions, or downsides. Further, they are likely slanted to a specific type of application, and/or a specific brand.  As you’ll see below, the omission of certain key information points toward the likely category/group of the original information source.  I have tackled each comment section below [as bracketed italic comments to the specific statements being made]. These, of course, are my own opinions/perspectives as an automotive engineer and studied AMSOIL dealer – not in any way an official AMSOIL perspective.

I’m also going to add this to a website post about seal and gasket compatibility, because it can be important for people to realize these differences about synthetic oils.

Quoted Sections that Glenn provided [with comments added like this] about Synthetic Oil Types

Not all synthetic oils are equal [That’s very true.] Some give better protection and last longer than others, depending on whether they’re formulated with Ester or PolyAlphaOlefin (PAO) stock. Synthetic oils made from the ester class are much more expensive, but are more durable and hold up under hotter temperatures. [This is true as a generality, but does not account for the specific PAO molecular structural design, nor the type of ester. Nor does it put the “hotter temperatures” into perspective in actual application use: there is no value in holding up under hotter temperatures, for example, if the PAO oil does not see temperatures beyond its endurance limit in that actual engine application.]

Synthetic oils have different base stocks, which comprise some 90% of the oil. [Again, a generality, which can in reality vary from 75% to nearly 95%, depending on many factors.] The base stock is the actual lubricant The other 10% or so is the additive package. The relative ability of oils to lubricate is determined by the components of the base stock. There are two principal classes of base stocks used in real synthetic oils: synthesized hydrocarbons (PAOs) and organic esters. [As explained below, these are classed in the lubrication industry as Group IV and Group V oils, respectively.]

The base stock materials used today in many popular synthetic oils are made of carbon and hydrogen molecules. These are synthesized from ethylene gas molecules into PolyAlphaOleflns (PAO). Almost all the synthetic oils sold in the stores are made with PAO base stocks. PAOs provide better viscosity characteristics, are more resistant to oxidation and have much better low operating properties than petroleum oils. [Good so far: those generalities are accurate except to note that PAO’s can be created starting from a number of different types of feed-stock.] PAOs are cheaper synthetic oil base stocks, [they CAN be, but not neccessarily] and aren’t as durable as the ester class of synthetic oils.

[Those last eleven words are an overly broad generality with several exceptions and caveats. As I alluded above, “durability” is tied closely to temperature, but also to other factors. In fact, the durability of a PAO in a car or truck engine is most closely tied to the design and uniformity of its actual molecular structure – there is quite a bit of variation on this in the market, so that the differences are best measured in the results of the standardized ASTM tests that the entire oil industry and OEM’s use for development and testing of oils. Further, the esters (Group V) are a broad category with a considerable number of variations. The REALITY is that a well-designed and uniform PAO structure is going to hold up well enough in the vast majority of applications that the durability of the additive package, with the synergy of all its components, is a greater limiting concern than the base stock – which hints at why AMSOIL’s test results are, overall, better than any other oil, while delivering longer drain intervals than any other oil on the market. It takes exceptional expertise and committed, determined business decisions supporting excellence of performance, to deliver an oil with both a robust high-performance base-stock, and a robust high-performance additive package.]

Some of the popular brands of PAO oils include Amsoil and Mobil-1.  These are known as a Group IV oil.

ESTERS (Polyolesters)
Organic esters are made by reacting certain acids with alcohols, forming acid esters. There are alcohol diesters and Polyol esters. [Each of these two categories represent many, many variants.] This process uses expensive materials and results in lubricants that cost many times more than PAOs. [Another overly broad statement – the truth is that the cost ranges overlap, and both Group IV and V oils have relatively cheaper or more expensive types/designs.] Only esters are durable enough to withstand the rigors of jet engine operation [Though I’ve never dabbled in jet engine lubrication, THAT is where the issue of very high operating temperatures becomes paramount in base-stock oil performance] and they are used in racing and high performance cars. [True, but it goes both ways, and a more accurate generalization is that PAO’s are used in racing and high-performance cars and trucks far more often than esters.] These oils can cost $8 dollars or more a quart. [This statement dates the information to roughly 10-20 years ago.] Redline is an example of an ester synthetic oil. These are known as a Group V oil.

Additionally, Glenn, there are two very important issues which are not “addressed” in those statements, although perhaps the better word is “disclosed”:
  1. Seal compatibility and gasket compatibility are an important difference between Group IV and V base-stocks:  Group IV oils are fully compatible with OEM seal and gasket materials, while Group V are generally considered to NOT be compatible with many traditional seal and some gasket materials. This issue is one reason why “synthetics” have a reputation for causing seal and gasket leaks… and it is an issue that I need to address in a revision to my blog article on seal and gasket leaks.  [Which I have created this page, above, to do!]  In racing engines that use Group V oils, the engine builders are using high-performance seal and gasket kits that are compatible with the different and more chemically aggressive nature of Group V oils.
  2. Toxicity is seldom mentioned or discussed in consumer literature that favors Group V oils, but it is a very real downside to Group V oils.  Toxicity and seal compatibility are the two reasons why AMSOIL does not use Group V base-stocks.  Instead, AMSOIL has focused their efforts on getting PAO’s to perform at or above ester levels – other than the higher temperature range of esters which is actually not needed in automotive combustion engines.
Also, remember that “the devil is in the details”.  In fact, either good or bad can be hiding in the unspoken, undisclosed details. For example, a little bit of an ester can go a long way in enhancing certain performance aspects to approach that of a full-ester base-stock… yet at a low level it would have little impact on toxicity or seal compatibility, and would just be considered part of the additive package… it would affect the tested performance, but not the classification of the base stock oil.  Wink
Also consider these final important questions: 
  1. What does the actual full battery of ASTM test data say about the balanced performance of a synthetic engine oil?  These standard ASTM lubrication tests form the basis of the SAE Service Grades and of engine oil development throughout the industry.  So if other oils perform better than AMSOIL, why don’t they publish their ASTM test performance results?
    (Check out THIS full testing of 9 synthetic engine oils including Red Line and AMSOIL:  http://ultimatesyntheticoil.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/G3115-OilStudy5W30Synthetics.pdf )
  2. Since “durability” is a shapeless, relative, undefined term unless it’s given specific context, let’s get specific in the real world:
    How long or how many miles does an oil stay within all required performance specifications for a new oil?
    There is a powerful reason that AMSOIL’s Signature Series Synthetic engine oils are the only ones on the market rated for 15,000 miles / 1 year severe duty service, and 25,000 miles / 1 year under “normal” service conditions.  Since they outperform essentially all other oils, and do it for these long service intervals with typically very low oil usage rates in most engines, it’s obvious that AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic engine oils hold up very well in vehicle engine operating temperatures.  In that context, “armchair” debates about PAO’s vs Esters become largely irrelevant.
    Carefully consider these points:

AMSOIL engine oils are carefully engineered to perform at such a high world-class level that they are guaranteed to still reliably continue to meet good design performance standards at these long mileage intervals.  If ANY other motor oil is factually more durable or robust than AMSOIL, then

  1. where is the published battery of ASTM test data results, and
  2. why are shorter drain intervals recommended, and
  3. why is their performance not guaranteed at all, for any drain interval?

The stark reality is that in nearly all cases the “better than AMSOIL” claims are not backed by a single one of those three!  Isn’t that called “three strikes and you’re out”?

The equivalent would be a group of high-school swimmers showing up at Olympic team trials, boasting that they’re as fast or faster than Michael Phelps, but not a single one can back their bragging with a certified race time, not a single one is willing to bet money and then race the clock, and none of them claims to race further than 50 meters max.  This analogy is so realistic in fact, that I wrote an article to explain how Phelps’ gold medals prove AMSOIL’s dominance.  Like Michael Phelps, competitive AMSOIL pretenders have long been bluffing and spouting hot air – but when it’s time to post data, they are nowhere to be found.

AMSOIL Engine Oils are Devoted to maximum protectionI trust this is helpful.  And again, thank you very much for the insightful question, Glenn !

Best regards,

Brian Dobben – BSMET
Mechanical Engineer,
Welding Engineer,
Automotive Engineer, Lubrication Specialist
Former Senior Engineer – Chrysler/Dodge/RAM/Jeep/Fiat headquarters
LeTourneau University Alumni
AMSOIL University Alumni
Society of Manufacturing Engineering

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You will not get any of these benefits with conventional petroleum oil !!!!!

When you compare….

there is simply no comparison to AMSOIL synthetic oils.

ASMOIL High Performance American Innovation

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UltimateSyntheticOil promotes the AMSOIL Filtration and Lubrication Gold Standards in the United States and Canada If you want to buy AMSOIL Products, visit our vehicle maintenance page, or the AMSOIL On-Line Store or download a clickable pdf e-catalog