Brian Dobben with Silverado 2500HD Duramax Allison 4x4 turbodiesel pickup
Brian with his 2500HD Duramax 4×4

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T-1 Certified AMSOIL Dealer
2005 AMSOIL University alumni


Who we are, & why we exist:


Ultimate Synthetic Oil AMSOIL Dealer USA and CanadaDMT Technical Engineering Services


DMT Technical Engineering Services – Mission: 

To help you achieve maximum, optimal results in your total family fleet or company fleet and equipment, by progressively shifting 15-50% of your total costs into profits, with no fees, no charges, no downside. 

Our goal for retail vehicle service centers is to help you progressively shift into higher profitability and expand into a far more loyal customer base than your competitors can enjoy.  (Note: in the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area, we are in need of additional vehicle service centers who we can send new retail consumers and small business fleets.)

My automotive OEM-headquarters and systems-supplier expertise includes extensive experience in troubleshooting and optimization within complex manufacturing processes and fleet operations, and a heart for America’s soul of Kingdom ministries and her economic heartbeat of ethical small-business ownership.

A few examples of the impact we can deliver:

[These are realistic engineering results, created by leveraging our expertise in applying technologies of benchmark superiority, using basic PM and RBM principles.]

  • Cut your rebuild/replacement costs by 30-80% in equipment or components you periodically rebuild or replace due to wear (chainsaws, generators, engines, differentials, bearings, etc). 
  • In fleet capital equipment costs, we commonly enable slashing downtime by 50% while extending service life over 50%.  In most cases you can double service life while also enjoying superior reliability. Additionally, average fleet fuel economy improves 4 to 9% when engine, transmission and differential fluids are all changed.
  • If you have an equipment history of occasional or periodic failure in demanding service conditions, LET US KNOW!  We excel in eliminating these pains FAST.  In just days or weeks, we can enable you to easily implement solutions to cut your failure rate by 50 to 90% (multiplying service life by 2 to 10 times).  Eliminate the stressful and costly fire-drill shuffling of staff & equipment, the road-trip recovery plans, exhausted employees, frustrated-customer apologies, lost contracts and late-delivery contract penalties.  Please don’t put up with these pains – we can shift your world! 
  • For remote field equipment maintenance, we can cut your workload and costs in half and STILL improve equipment performance and lower its operational costs. 
  • For mission-critical system components (example: paint-chain drive-power gear boxes), we can substantially lower gear-box operating temperatures and energy consumption while doubling service-life performance.  

How is it possible to deliver such phenomenally superior performance to boost your bottom line?   

All vehicle and equipment warranties are secure when using AMSOIL. Plus, AMSOIL warrantees their product performance even long after OEM warranties expire.
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We deliver through a blend of superior expertise, superior technologies, “insider” knowledge, and an old-world philosophy of profiting through your savings by delivering measurable reductions in your medium and long-term operational expenses, and indirectly enabling you to deliver better customer service.  In other words, we select and deliver highly engineered, robust benchmark-best technologies, to create real advantages in your everyday working equipment and operations. 

Skeptical?  No problem!  We challenge you to be a true, wise skeptic by testing the results of our advice: give us the opportunity to resolve your toughest problem, or one fleet test-vehicle for you to convert and monitor.  We don’t charge for our advice and recommendations because we are confident that you will value the results we deliver. *

*Regarding equipment or fleet oil sampling analysis, we provide advice/evaluation/recommendations at no cost, but do not maintain a laboratory or provide free testing.  We set businesses up (no fees or purchase requirements) to directly purchase recommended lubricants and filtration at the most steeply discounted commercial (or retail sales) account pricing structures, with additional discounts in purchase volume and shipping-costs.  This includes access to one of the most qualified oil analysis laboratories, but their services are optional and recommended for operations which do not yet have an oil sampling analysis program.  For established oil analysis programs, we recommend continued use of your existing laboratory unless customer-service, testing capabilities or competency in high-performance lubrication/filtration technologies are concerns.

 Filtration and Lubrication Gold-Standards


I’m a mechanical and welding engineer with 25 years experience in industry, and 16 years as a Senior Engineer and Engineering Manager in automotive that included an OEM headquarters and several Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.  I’ve been a successful engineer because I know there is no substitute for the detailed work of carefully gathering data, verifying and analyzing it, and measuring actual results and trends in real use.  My extensive lubrication research included a 600-page electronic book, written by an automotive lubrication engineer.  Then I tried AMSOIL products in my own vehicles, & found they’re very real: masterfully engineered products which perform at a level far above what I had thought possible.

Here’s what happened:  When I bought a 2002 diesel pickup truck, I started researching how to make my investment last at least 10 years and 500,000 miles as a 5th-wheel tow vehicle… never imagining how EASY it should be to hit 1 million miles without major engine or transmission work.  When I hit the subject of lubrication and filtration – wow.  Here I was, with a Mechanical Engineering degree, working for years in automotive, and I was learning a TON of info that I never suspected.

I was shocked at the important information being censored from both the general public and from vehicle technicians.  I was upset.  And I wanted to tell people the truth… to make a difference for people who don’t have the education, expertise, or the time & knowledge to hunt down the truth. 

So, I attended AMSOIL U, where they put me on brain overload for a week, and I got the other side of the story that petroleum companies don’t want automotive engineers to understand!  And eventually I put this website together to let you educate yourself on THE THREE MAIN SECRETS of vehicle and equipment maintenance, and how to get the most benefit from those secrets.  

To get the biggest benefits from these three secrets, visit the ultimate vehicle maintenance page. (Fleet manager resources include the diesel and fleet page, and the Christian ministry and business vehicle maintenance resource.)

15 years later, we’ve come a long way.  I left OEM headquarters where I was a senior engineer, wanting to pioneer a larger impact in other industries.  In DMT Technical I’ve developed a mission and vision to help many more companies and families abandon antiquated inferior petroleum/paper marketing manipulations, and adopt high-performance technologies with big win-win benefits.

I am personally assuring you that AMSOIL’s product claims are based on accurate test data results from independent certified labs following the benchmark industry-standard ASTM test procedures, and reflect the actual results that I have seen in use in my personal vehicles and in my friends and customers’ cars, trucks, vans, and motorhomes.  The typical fuel economy improvement I’ve seen from changing engine oil is 2 to 6%, and 4 to 12% from changing all drivetrain fluids.  But in a few cases, I have documented up to 20% fuel economy improvements.

                                                         —  Brian Dobben, BSMT

Because of AMSOIL’s commitment to quality, I save time & money.  I save money on fuel, on oil-changes, on repairs, and on vehicle replacement, and I help the U.S. economy and the environment, all by using AMSOIL products.  But I don’t want to keep the news to myself.  I feel a professional and moral obligation to tell everyone why they need to be using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants.  With my Authorized AMSOIL Premiere Direct Jobber Dealership, I can better help families, fleets, business owners and ministries save time and money by using AMSOIL lubrication and filtration products.

Consider the advantages of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and filters: saving time and money with extended oil drains; boosting fuel economy up to 12%; reducing engine and component wear by 25-95%; cooler operating temperatures; doubling, tripling, even quadrupling the life of your lubricated mechanical systems & components.

I encourage you to investigate – you can start with the info here on my website. Please request my recommendations for your vehicle and goals, and try the products I recommend.  If you’re responsible for a vehicle fleet, pick two or three vehicles to convert to AMSOIL and monitor them carefully (I recommend oil analysis) to determine your savings.  Ask your toughest questions like other skeptics have done, because you’ll get solid engineering answers from an engineer, not marketing answers.

Rest assured that AMSOIL doesn’t make outrageous product claims: they present conservative recommendations on oil-change frequencies and tell you to have an oil sample analyzed periodically if you’d like to extend your oil changes even further.  And AMSOIL’s superiority in lubrication is more credentialed than Michael Phelps swimming in an Olympic pool.  If you’re like me, you’ve been deceived by 3,000 mile oil change recommendations and have wasted a lot of time and money on antiquated petroleum fossil oil and paper filtration.  I say “Welcome to the truth.  Welcome to modern technology.  Welcome to the clearly superior AMSOIL products, that reign as the undisputed global benchmark for over 40 years.”

We look forward to working with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

P.S.  Yes, we know AMSOIL is still a “secret”, but we’re changing that – one person, one company at a time.  Now YOU are one of those people.  So welcome to the fast-growing AMSOIL family!

Best regards,

Brian Dobben , BSMET
(Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering Technology)
Automotive Engineer, Lubrication Specialist
Former Senior Engineer – Chrysler headquarters
LeTourneau University Alumni
AMSOIL University Alumni
Society of Manufacturing Engineering
American Welding Society
Authorized Amsoil Dealer – T1 Certified

Contact me:
Phone:  (800) 240-0365

p.p.s.  Notice anything unusual about this website?  Where are the ads and pop-ups?  Where are the videos to get you to buy a pdf guide or report?  There aren’t any, because this is a free educational resource that I hope you will use to help you, your family, friends, and company.  If you will stick with me for a few minutes, I will explain how important this is…

A 25,000 mile oil change shouldn’t be surprising, but it is – partly because North American automotive experts don’t discuss the European oil change statistics.  The AVERAGE oil changes in Europe are 10,000 to 20,000 miles, and there is a proposed oil standard for 30,000 mile oil changes which even some OEM’s including GM have acknowledged is feasible.  For Americans, that’s so far from our normal expectations that it’s hard to comprehend.

But… is it really that hard to believe that technology has advanced in lubricants and filters, just as it has in computers, phones, and TV’s?  Synthetics are to lubricants and vehicles what HD LCD’s are to TV’s and living rooms.  Would you rather buy one of your great grandparents’ fuzzy 19-inch cathode-ray-tube televisions that consumes three times the electricity, instead of a 60″ 4k UHD LCD?  No?  Then how does it make sense to buy a recent model vehicle and put petroleum oil in it?

That hints at the real problem: since the big petro-oil players who control the lubricant market and media money can’t pump synthetics out of the ground, they don’t want anyone to know that petro-oil is hopelessly outclassed by the leading oil technologies that have COMPLETELY shifted to engineered, purpose-built, pure ideal-lubrication-molecule synthetics.

How is a 25,000 or 35,000 mile oil change possible?  If the engine oil doesn’t break down, the additive package is still effective and balanced, and the wear particles are being filtered out, then changing oil is only a waste of money.

OK, what kind of oil?  You must have a full synthetic oil with a high-quality additive package that’s designed to hold up under high-stress, high-mileage conditions. (Group IV or V are true purpose-designed, constructed-molecule high-performance manufactured lubricants that don’t break down, while Group III petroleum “synthetics” are lower-value, higher profit lubricants which can NEVER deliver top dollar-value, top protection, or top performance). Then you need great oil filtration to take all wear-particles out of the oil, and the cheapest and best way to do that is with a nanofiber air filter and nanofiber oil filter.  (For detailed info on nanofiber filtration technology, click here.)AMSOIL is devoted to protection

If you combine the best high-technology oils and filters, it’s easy to go 25,000 miles on an oil & filter change (or at least 15,000 miles for severe duty).  But you don’t have to use long drain intervals in order to use leading-edge synthetics – many people are satisfied with 10,000 mile oil changes and 90% wear-rate reductions.

The beauty is that AMSOIL technologies give you all the advantages and let YOU choose, while giving you an extra-large margin for when life’s historical vehicle moments suddenly happen. Using AMSOIL synthetics, you no longer need to panic when:

  • …you are four hours down the road on a week-long vacation pulling the trailer, and suddenly realize that you forgot to change the engine oil. No big deal.
  • …after running over trash on the road, your engine starts sounding funny, running hotter and having less power, and when you check the dipstick you realize the only remaining oil is a thimbleful that’s slowly dripping onto the ground under the engine. Darn. It’s not your best day, but at least a cracked oil pan hasn’t ruined your engine and you’ll have a great story to share.
  • …the temperature dropped to -30°F last night and you forgot to plug in your block heater. Oh well. It may take another 5 miles for your heater to start blowing warm air, but at least the engine will start and have oil pressure on the gauge.

So why censor these facts?  In a nutshell, the vehicle OEM’s and big oil companies (with their oil-change franchises) all share a common goal: get maximum profit from their customers’ pocket.  On the other side of that fence is ONE company, ONE product line that stands head and shoulders above everything else: AMSOIL, a 40-year-old company dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best synthetic lubricants in the world.  And they do.  Seriously.

The evidence is formidable:

AMSOIL not only showed the U.S. trademark office that AMSOIL Synthetic Oil was the first historically, but also convinced them that AMSOIL is the first in quality and performance… and no other competitor objected!  So the U.S. government trademark office approved and verified that the AMSOIL trademark, “The First in Synthetics“, is accurate in both meanings of the phrase: they were the first to offer synthetic vehicle lubricants, and they are first place in lubrication performance and quality – as proven by extensive industry-standard laboratory test data over many years.  When the opportunity was given to object to AMSOIL’s claims, none of the oil companies responded because they knew AMSOIL’s performance.  For years AMSOIL has often included test data graphs right on their labels, naming the “big” competitors on their charts – like Rotella, Syntec, Mobil 1, Penzoil…  The data proves AMSOIL’s embarrassing superiority.

Do you race?  Would you like to win more often and spend less time and money on rebuilds?  Then you need to be using AMSOIL greases, tranny fluids, differential oil, filters, and motor oil.  That’s the racing secret: Despite all the racing sponsor decals plastered across the cars and stands, it’s AMSOIL lubricants in roughly 90% of the vehicles that dominate in professional motorsports racing – in almost every racing category from NASCAR to Sno-cross and champ-boats.

Extended Oil-Drain Intervals:

AMSOIL pioneered the entire concept in 1973 by introducing their fully synthetic oil with a 25,000 mile drain interval.  It’s AMSOIL that already had a 35,000 mile oil to EXCEED the new proposed European motor-oil standards for 30,000-mile oil changes.  It’s AMSOIL inside thousands of vehicles on the road (like my Duramax diesel pickup) with over 100,000 miles between oil changes using the bypass filtration system. And while they’re getting extended oil drain intervals, they’re also getting measurably better fuel economy and far less mechanical wear than from other lubrication & filtration products.

Why synthetic lubricants?
Every NASCAR team uses synthetic lubrication, and so does every jet engine in the world.  Because a good synthetic will ALWAYS outperform petroleum (“mineral oil”) products, by design: it’s engineered for the specific lubrication needs, does not break down easily in high heat, and has no impurities or contaminates to compromise its’ performance or life.  Yes, synthetics are far superior to “dinosaur oil” lubricants.  And within synthetic lubricants, there is only one leader.  AMSOIL is 5 to 15 years ahead of their closest competitors, and the gap continues to widen.

So you’ve heard of AMSOIL before?  OK, but do you really know AMSOIL?   Most people assume AMSOIL is only known for excellence in the products that they’re familiar with. Myself, I think of automobile lubricants. But some people think of motorcycles, snowmobiles, racing boats or NASCAR when they hear “AMSOIL”. Others think of diesel fleets. Some think of lawnmowers and gas weed trimmers. If you ask a member of Canada’s national forest service, they’ll probably say chainsaws (they use AMSOIL Sabre Professional 100:1 Pre-Mix in their chainsaws, because the patented technology enables a 100:1 mix ratio oil to outperform 50:1 mixes, for less money.)

Not only did AMSOIL start making the first synthetic oil on the market for automobiles, they’ve also had the first synthetic lubricant in every U.S. market category – including 2-cycle, diesel, marine, racing, hydraulic fluid, gear oil, and grease.  Whenever AMSOIL engineers feel that they can produce a better product with improved technologies, they do it.  So they are always coming out with newer, better products.  AMSOIL is actually the world performance & value leader in EVERY major lubrication category.

AMSOIL is also the ONLY company with 25,000 mile oils, the only company to introduce nanofiber automotive filters, and the ONLY lubrication company who backs their product performance with a guarantee.  In short, AMSOIL has no real competitor.

How can AMSOIL do it?
Unlike their competitors, AMSOIL does not design products by refining crude-oil only as much as absolutely necessary to meet a target market price with a planned volume, short repeat-purchase interval, and planned profit margin.  Why not?  Because that approach is automatically and forever doomed to compromise quality and performance.  Strange as it may be to business majors, AMSOIL was determined from the beginning to craft ideally-designed lubricant molecules to make the best performing products possible, and still trusts their Dealers to explain how their extended drain intervals make AMSOIL products the LEAST expensive lubricants on the market in use.  (Not to mention having the lowest wear rates and highest fuel economy.)  Theirs is the world of proven, engineered performance – not infomercial marketing deceptions.

Brian Dobben - former Senior OEM Engineer Amsoil Synthetic Oil dealer - premium oils and filters

A word about integrity and purpose:

I worked full time in the automotive industry as a senior engineer and engineering manager in companies who led their niche in quality worldwide.  I was a senior engineer in OEM headquarters, working beside the engineers who made the lubricant decisions for the OEM’s global vehicle brands. I became an AMSOIL dealer and give up a lot of my personal & family time in order to help YOU, so that you don’t continue to suffer from the lubrication deceptions that are so common.  And I tell you about Preferred Customer membership (giving up “my” retail profit), and don’t charge for fleet and small business recommendations, specifically so that you know I’m not being deceptive and trying to get your money.  I want you to know that helping you is more important to me than profiting from you.

These aren’t crazy infomercial claims – they’re simply the measured and recorded performance results of more than 30 years of engineered excellence, from the world leader in both lubrication & filtration technology.  No-one else offers 25,000 or 35,000 mile engine oils, no-one else offers the modern breakthrough of nanofiber filtration technology, and no-one else guarantees their product performance.  That’s why I firmly believe that there are no better products in existence.Become an AMSOIL Preferred Customer to save up to 25 percent, earn points, get exclusive promotions, and win free gear

My wife and I are passionate about AMSOIL products.  I use AMSOIL, my friends use AMSOIL, my PhD neighbor uses AMSOIL and became a dealer, and even my boss and his kids use AMSOIL (an engineering manager in the nuclear/petro-chem support industry is pretty sharp).  As a mechanical engineer with over 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, I stand by the performance of AMSOIL products.

What about AMSOIL’s integrity and purpose?  Their  introduction of nanofiber technology for oil and air filters sums it all up nicely: take long-life 6-month/12,500 mile oil filters and replace them with superior 12-month/25,000 mile filters that will initially cut their filter sales in half, and then sell these exclusive, more expensive, best-on-the-planet filters for only 20 to 50% more than the old filters.  Think about that for a moment.  That’s not dog-eat-dog marketing.  That’s the Golden Rule at it’s best, and trusting that in the long run their customers will continue to reward them by telling others and helping their market-share to grow.

How can you know that AMSOIL’s test data is honest and true?  That’s easy.  In addition to printed brochures, AMSOIL has often included the data right on product labels and packaging boxes listing the major brands by name on the charts.  AMSOIL has been paying independent labs to do competitive testing for DECADES, the published data is prosecutable as fraud if it’s false, and AMSOIL’s competition also does regular product testing.  Yet no-one has EVER challenged the accuracy of AMSOIL’s data.  Instead, competitors don’t publish their testing results and don’t discuss their performance compared to AMSOIL.

If you are on a trip and need to top off your oil but can’t find any AMSOIL, yes, Mobil 1 Extended serves well for that purpose. But while Mobil 1 is better than any petroleum oil, it simply isn’t as good or as cost-effective as AMSOIL synthetic technology. And it never will be, because competing against AMSOIL’s superior technology will probably never be a business goal for Mobil 1.

Even Exxon-Mobil admits these facts in a backhand way: Exxon-Mobil’s official website devotes a complete webpage to a user’s direct question and request for data, asking whether Mobil 1 or Amsoil is a better oil. They published this frequent question on their own website with a dedicated page, and optimized that page for “Amsoil” search traffic.  The Mobil 1 user, Greg Galbreath, makes a very pointed request for test data demonstrating that Mobil 1 is as good or better than AMSOIL. Yet their 4-sentence marketing answer in 2006 completely avoids the question, links to a taxicab fleet video talking about how much better Mobil 1 is than regular petroleum oil, and gives no comparative data for AMSOIL at all.  And a 2015 search on their website still shows no other information on AMSOIL after nine years.  So it can only be that Exxon-Mobil, as a more than $300B company, has openly avoided answering this important and frequent question, and has never legally challenged AMSOIL for false advertising, because AMSOIL’s published ASTM test data is true and irrefutable!

What kind of fuel economy improvement will you see from AMSOIL lubricants?  Hard to say because there are so many variables (see the Ultimate Fuel Economy Guide), but I can tell you some specific examples.  I carefully track every one of my vehicles, by habit.  My truck got 8% with just diesel engine oil and differential oil.  My ’94 Taurus SHO picked up 10% after changing the engine oil and transmission fluid.  My friend, Phillip Southworth, got a 20% fuel economy improvement with his 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette van – by changing only the engine oil – netting over a $600 annual fuel savings for about $115/yr in oil and filters.  And my evangelist friends Larry and Corinne Silverman who live and travel in a 37 foot gas-engine motor-home also got a 20% fuel economy improvement after changing over all lubricants (transmission, differential, engine oil, and wheel/axle grease), and now regularly exceed 10 mpg with a high of 13.3 mpg.  Can you imagine how happy Phil and Larry and Corinne are with 20% fuel-economy improvements using AMSOIL?
AMSOIL provides 75% Better Protection 400x300_75ASL

Please understand that while most people and fleet managers report 5 to 10% improved fuel economy after changing all the drivetrain lubricants, I cannot guarantee what performance improvements you’ll see in your specific application.  However, I give you my solemn word that I’m recommending these products based on hundreds of hours of personal research and personal use in my own vehicles.  I firmly believe these products will perform as claimed (or better) – to produce great benefits to you.   Skeptical?  No problem – I’ve already covered most concerns.

Be the hero. Tell your friends and family and co-workers when you see the benefits of AMSOIL products in your vehicles and equipment, because an opportunity this big is rare!  Share this info and tell them about Preferred Customer membership that lets them buy at wholesale and get it shipped to their door – they’ll owe you big-time, and will respect you for it.

How do I know?  Because AMSOIL has one of the highest customer-loyalties of any group of products in the world, and 75% of AMSOIL dealers took that step because of their stunning experiences as AMSOIL users. I share one of the most common comments from among the hundreds of thousands of AMSOIL customers: “I wish I had known about AMSOIL years ago!”

I’d appreciate it if you referred people to my website, but the important thing is that you don’t keep your savings to yourself: your friends and family deserve to know the AMSOIL secret!  They deserve to be able to spend less money on their on oil, gas, and vehicle repair & replacement costs, and spend it on their families instead! 


Brian  Dobben

P.S. This is unrelated to lubrication, but here is another valuable expose’ on important facts being censored from the public:
A View on Science: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design

And a special page on Informed Citizens Against Fraud

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