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3000 Mile Oil Fraud

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Over the years, petroleum oil standards and performance have improved significantly, and European auto manufacturers have gradually increased their recommended drain intervals. Today, many European change intervals (10k – 20k miles) are double those currently recommended by the U.S. carmakers, even though many of the same motor oils are used in both markets.

Over the last 15 years, U.S. manufacturers have also increased their mileage drain recommendations. But despite the fact that manufacturers are extending new car drain intervals, and despite GM’s recent announcement that the average drain interval for customers using GM’s OLS (Oil Life System) is 8,500 miles with standard petroleum oil and that 30k mile drain intervals are achievable, the major oil companies are still sticking to their 3,000 mile drain recommendations. Yes, the petroleum oil companies are recommending less than half the drain intervals OEM’s say are needed, and only 10% of what is recognized as achievable!  According to Automotive Editor, David McFaull, in a feature article he authored in a December issue of Lubes ‘n Greases magazine, the dramatic waste created by these unrealistic recommendations puts the oil companies in an ethical dilemma.

Due to its long-term threat, McFaull names nuclear waste as the top pollutant today. But he actually compares nuclear waste to dumped, untreated, used motor oil, saying that even though it doesn’t have to be buried for thousands of years, dumping used motor oil comes at a very high environmental price. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, improperly disposed used oil is the largest single source fouling our nation’s waters. A single quart can foul thousands of gallons of water, and up to 200 million gallons are dumped annually.

Oil companies knowingly oversell petroleum oil, which wastes oil reserves and causes a major pollution problem. If everyone used AMSOIL lubricants, oil usage and used-oil-dumping pollution would drop by an estimated 87%!

McFaull states, “While the nuclear power industry would not support the production of excess uranium fuel, it is not inconceivable that the U.S. oil industry would support, encourage, and skillfully promote excess gasoline engine oil usage, despite the harmful effects of its waste product on the environment.” He said that, in fact, considerable evidence supports this conclusion.

AMSOIL is devoted to protectionThe McFaull article notes that AMSOIL INC is the only oil company making any attempt to promote the one single measure of quality that a consumer can understand… that is increased drain intervals. In fact the other oil companies have worked against increasing drain intervals in the U.S., which means more oil is being made, sold and ultimately disposed of than is necessary. Therein lies the ethical problem they are faced with. Is it right to produce, promote & sell more of a product than is needed, knowing that it will result in increased pollution?

McFaull asks, “Do lube industry managers have an ethical duty to develop and reveal information on their product that could reduce the pollution burden, even though it might reduce the size of their market?”

These are vital questions. As the quality of motor oils and the engines they’re used in have improved, the U.S. drain recommendations have not increased to match the oil’s capabilities. A.J. Amatuzio started AMSOIL INC. with the express purpose of making motor oils that were of such high quality, they could totally outperform the oils of the day. The first oil AMSOIL made extended drain intervals to 25k miles or one year: that technology was available forty years ago! Back then, the other oil companies were recommending 2,000 to 3,000 mile oil drains.

They haven’t come very far in forty years, have they?

Today, AMSOIL offers many oils rated for 1-year or 25,000+ mile oil changes, and even NO oil changes by adding by-pass filtration and doing oil analysis testing. Only AMSOIL has introduced military/aerospace nanofiber filtration technology to the automotive/light-truck market, providing 100k mile air filters and 25k mile oil filters that provide greater engine protection than has ever been available before. The other oil companies have NOTHING that comes close to what AMSOIL offers, and apparently they don’t intend to start.  This is evident in the way the API has “gamed” their Trademark “starburst” and “donut” label-licensing system to prevent high performance synthetics from being certified (licensed).

McFaull states, “(The API’s) stance treats consumers like ignorant yokels – ignores the high technical skills of the oil industry, the advances in engine design and material, the vast improvement in engine oil quality over the past decade, the impact of untreated oil flowing into the environment and common sense.”

You might ask why would AMSOIL be in favor of increasing the competition’s drain intervals?  Because it’s in the best interests of customers and of the environment.

The other oil companies have NOTHING that comes close to what AMSOIL offers, and 25,000 mile AMSOIL oil changes were used in the Million Mile Van. Are today’s petroleum motor oils really capable of longer drain intervals? Well, if doubled intervals are already used in Europe,  how can it be denied?

Lessons from the Million Mile Van

25000 Mile 1 year guarantee on AMSOIL's Premium Signature Series Synthetic Oils

AMSOIL INC. has no fear of increased competition from other oil companies on any level, whether it be performance, service life or value.  Why?  AMSOIL is specially engineered to last longer in service and perform better than any product on the market.  AMSOIL’s long extensive history of published test data has gone completely unchallenged by silent oil companies like Exxon-Mobil for more than three decades because the oil companies have always reproduced the same results in their own ASTM/API lab testing. In addition, the legacy of forty years of growth of loyal and excited customers prove the superiority of AMSOIL products.

3000 mile oil changes?

See what California’s Integrated Waste Management Board distributed to the public here.  Let’s GET REAL, and stop stealing people’s money!  How about a 25,000 mile oil and filter change?  Now you’re talking modern technology!

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If you want to buy AMSOIL Products, visit our vehicle maintenance page, or the AMSOIL On-Line Store or download a clickable pdf e-catalog